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Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken is a 2023 computer-animated action-comedy film, produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Universal Pictures. The film's plot follows a shy but kind 15-year-old girl named Ruby Gillman who is desperate to fit in at Oceanside High, but when she breaks her mother's rule about going into the sea with any would-be friends, she discovers that she is a direct descendant of battle-hardened krakens who have protected the land and sea from mermaids for generations, and is also destined to inherit the throne from her commanding grandmother, the Warrior Queen of the 7 Seas. The film also stars Lana Condor, Toni Collette, Annie Murphy, Colman Domingo, and Jane Fonda.

Directed by Kirk DeMicco. Written by Pam Brady, Brian C. Brown and Elliott DiGuiseppi.
Discover the hero just beneath the surface.(taglines)



  • I just wanna be Ruby Gillman, normal teenager.
  • This whole time we have been hiding from monsters, it turns out I'm the monster.
  • [to Brill] I don't even know you!!
  • I think... I am having a panic attack!
  • Grandmamah. I want you to teach me how to use my powers.
  • I'm not gonna hide… anymore!
  • [in trailer] It's time... to go big!
  • I'm just Ruby Gillman, normal teenager.
  • [to Nerissa] Stay away from my mother!


  • I know it's a lot to take in, but you're not alone. I turn into a giant kraken too. [Ruby: What? What?!]
  • Stay away from my daughter! [Grandmamah: You mean my granddaughter?]


  • The women in our family have the mighty power to turn into giant kraken.
  • Princess Ruby has finally returned home to be my successor.
  • Camouflage. Super speed. Body armor. Let's see what you're capable of.
  • You have powers beyond your imagination.
  • [in trailer] No matter what the challenge, a kraken will always answer the call.
  • The ocean is a mysterious world. Humans know more about the surface of Mars than the floor of the ocean. And the sea creatures who live there? Well, even the ones you have imagined, you imagined them wrong. Take the mighty, giant kraken. Bloodthirsty monster, sinker of ships. Where are you even getting this? Krakens are majestic creatures and noble protectors.
  • Mermaids are selfish, vain narcissists.
  • Daughter? Nerissa never had a daughter.




  • [to Nerissa] Leave my sister alone!


  • Love you, too, rando!
  • I'm a mother-flippin' mermaid!
  • [in trailer] I know your secret. You're a kraken, hiding as a human. And soon, everyone will know the truth. Kusjes!
  • Hellooooo? Is Mrs Gillman home? Knock-KNOCK!!!
  • You’ll never win, Ruby Gillman! You're just a DUMB teenager! You know what’s really pathetic? That you thought someone like me would EVER be friends with a MONSTER LIKE YOU.
  • I'm Chelsea.
  • I am gorgeous!






[After Agatha tries to find Ruby and finds her behind the lighthouse]
Ruby: Oh, no.
Brill: Wow...
Aggie: Brill, stay. [closes and locks the car door] Ruby Gillman, come out here. I can still see you. We need to get you home right now.
Ruby: [whimpers] But... I'm a... a monster.
Aggie: Oh, honey, you're not a monster. Not even close. [Ruby looks at her mom, silence] I don't want to yell. Can we just talk? Please, just... [sighs] Just talk to me. [Ruby extends a hand to the ground. Agatha hops on Ruby's hand and Ruby lifts her so she is face-to-face with her mom.] Hey, there's my girl.
Ruby: Please don't be mad. I should have listened to you, but I kind of...
Both: Went into the ocean.
Aggie: I know. But right now, I just want to keep you safe, honey, and that means getting you home.
Ruby: Mom, look at me... [crying] I won't even fit inside our house anymore!
Aggie: Hey, hey, hey. Shh. You'll get small again. It just takes a little time. I'm here. I'll wait with you. I'm not going anywhere.
Ruby: [sniffles] I'm really glad you're here, Mom.
Aggie: Do you remember when you found that whale on the beach?
Ruby: [laugh] You mean Clarence J. Whifferton?
Aggie: How could I forget Clarence J. Whifferton? You stood next to him with a hose for 7 hours until the tide came back in.
Ruby: Oh, yeah. [sniffles] I asked you if I could keep him.
Aggie: Where would we even have put him?
Ruby: We had a hose. A garage. Come on. I would have taken care of him.
Aggie: I know you would have.
[When Ruby calms down, she begins to shrink and transform back to her normal size.]
Ruby: Yes. I'm normal. Well, almost. Thank you. [Agatha hugs her]
Aggie: Trust me, it's gonna be okay.

Ruby: Dad, this isn't a good thing. Sam, I'm going to strangle you with my tentacles. And, Mom, I can't. I just can't right now. [angrily walks upstairs]
Brill: Ah, she forgot to do me.
Ruby: [to Brill] I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU!!!

Grandmamah: For generations, krakens have protected the seas. Keeping us safe from the most power-hungry and dangerous creatures of all.
Ruby: The mermaids?
Grandmamah: Yes, the mermaids!
Ruby: But people love mermaids.
Grandmamah: Of course they do. People are stupid.

Gordon: Time for the Gordon special. Surprise! It's a bomb!


  • Discover the hero just beneath the surface.


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