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Ruby Gloom is an animated television series based on a clothing and stationary franchise. The show is produced by Nelvana and began airing on October 13, 2006 in Canada. It stars the features of Sarah Gadon, Emily Hampshire, and Peter Keleghan.

Season 1[edit]

Iris Springs Eternal[edit]

Ruby: Misery! It's raining on your parade!
Misery: At least it's not acid rain...

Ruby: Mind if we turn off the alarm, Misery?
Misery: No, although it is kind of comforting.

Unsung Hero[edit]

Misery: This is more fun then the day I almost lost four toes in the Gloomsville ice storm!
Ruby: ...We had an ice storm?
Misery: Everything worked out that day, ten toes at last count!

Skullboys Don't Cry[edit]

Ruby: Misery! How did your hair get that way?
Misery: I was doing an up-do and it up and went. Augh, my hair should be declared a no-fly zone.

Season 2[edit]

I'll Be Home for Misery[edit]

Morose: Children... cheerful, playful, children... Why? WHY?!

Mayhem: Scaredy seen dinosaurs? Here one day, gone next! Me not know why. Scaredy knows?
Scaredy: Hmm. I have an inkling.
Mayhem: [excited] Ah...!
Scaredy: Ah! I mean, no! Scaredy not know! Not know at all! Haha... My tea is getting cold, excuse me.
Mayhem: That what dinosaurs do before they go missing... RUN AWAY FROM MAYHEM!

Iris: My swing!
Frank & Len: Our space!
Scaredy: My sanity! thank you.
Mayhem: Here, birdy!

Last Train to Gloomsville (Part 1)[edit]

Iris: Are we leaving yet? Are we leaving yet? Are me? Are we? Are we leaving yet?
(Skull Boy, Misery and Poe look at each other.)
Iris: Right, train isn't here yet. Don't worry. I wouldn't be one of those obnoxious kids asking the same thing over and over and over! That's not me!
(A train is heard in the background.)
Iris: Oooh! Is that the train I hear?! Is it? Is it? Is it the train?!

Frank: Hey, wait a second! This isn't right! I'm supposed to get the window!
Len: But you said I could first!
Frank: I'm manning the camera, how am I supposed to get a good shot of us with the Waka-Waka bird if I'm not closer.
Len: Okay you're right...
(Frank and Len turn around then sit back down, making no difference whatsoever.)
Frank: Ah, much better.

Last Train to Gloomsville (Part 2)[edit]

Len: Where were you on the night of... tonight?!
Frank: I was right here, Len.
Len: Can you prove it? More importantly, do you have a witness?
Frank: Augh...

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