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Rupert Boneham

Rupert Boneham (born 27 January 1964) is an American mentor for troubled teens, a reality television star known for his appearances on Survivor, and the 2012 Libertarian Party candidate for governor of Indiana.


  • The game is giant, but my marriage is even bigger.  I love my wife, and you will hear me say to others, “We might have to get rid of Laura, maybe,” but there is no way I would ever write my wife's name down--I don't see it.  I already told Laura, “If you have to, because I know I'm gonna be a lot bigger target than you,” if Laura has to write my name down, it's more than fine, it's more than fine.
  • Politicians often talk about “creating jobs” as though they can magically invent them from thin air.  A “government job” or a job subsidized by government funds requires the salary for that position to be drained out of the private sector through taxes.  Moving wealth from one place to another is not actually 'creating' anything.
  • I've been married to my wife for fourteen wonderful years.  But like many couples out there, we've had our hardships, we've had our trials, but nothing like the LGBT community has to go through.  It pains me to see my family and friends blocked from the same rights, privileges, protections that my wife and I are granted just because we are legally married.  What does it say to the youth of Indiana when a whole segment of our society is treated like second-class citizens?  What does it say about the future of Indiana?  When we promote bullying and discrimination in our laws, how can we stop it in our classrooms?  As many of you out there know, I am working hard to become Indiana's next governor, and as governor, I promise to fight and block HJR6, to fight to repeal Indiana DOMA.  I will fight for the LGBT community, I will fight for all Hoosiers.  It's time to stop the hate, it's time to stand for equality.  It's time, Indiana.  It's our time.  Thank you.

Rupert on the Issues (2011)[edit]

Rupert on the Issues,

  • Unfortunately, we have a system today that allows politicians to buy things for other people using money that doesn't come out of their own pocket.
  • State Government needs to understand that they work for the people and that the people do not work to support government.
  • The right to be secure in your home so long as you are doing no harm to others is a founding principle of this country and that includes being secure from unwarranted invasion, search or seizure by government agents or bureaucrats.
  • We have also watched the Federal Government grow in power and scope.  Our nation was designed to foster 50 hotbeds of innovation and experimentation.  Sadly, the Federal Government attempts to micromanage everything from Washington D.C.  For example, the Federal Departments of Agriculture and Transportation are currently attempting to require anyone operating farm equipment on their own property to have a Commercial Driver's License (CDL).  This places an undue burden on family farms.  For the first 220 years of the Federal Government's existence, our farming communities have managed to operate farm equipment without the government's interference.  Laws that hurt Hoosier jobs must be nullified.
  • While technology has helped us be more efficient when elections are run, those same elections should be secure and auditable.  Many county clerks would like to put printable receipts on their electronic voting machines, but they do not have the funding.  These print-outs would provide the voter and the county a paper trail in case of close recounts.  This will help eliminate voter fraud.
  • Every election we hear about the trouble with our public education systems.  Despite all of the attention and lip service this critically important issue receives, we continue to see vast opportunity for improvement.  I have personally seen the devastating effects of failing schools.  They impact our children in profound ways.
  • A parent knows an individual child's needs better than a set of guidelines will.  A group of parents and teachers in a community will almost always know what's best for that community's students, than that of state board of education.
  • Competition is good.
  • Abortion should never be used as a method of birth control, but the consequences of making it a black market procedure are too high.  My stance is that it should be Safe, Legal, Rare and Privately Funded.

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