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Rush Hour is a 1998 martial arts/buddy cop film about a Hong Kong police officer forced to work with an LAPD detective in stopping a mysterious crime lord.

Directed by Brett Ratner. Written by Jim Kouf and Ross LaManna.
The Fastest Hands In The East Meet The Biggest Mouth In The West. taglines


Sang: The drop will be made tonight, 11:00pm. The amount will be $50,000,000.
Carter: $50,000,000?! Who do you think you kidnapped, Chelsea Clinton?!
Sang: In U.S. currency. Nothing bigger than a 50.
Carter: All right. All right. Cool. Cool. Cool. $50,000,000. No prob. No prob.
Sang: I want 20,000,000 in 50s...
Carter: [writes it down] 20,000,000 in 50s.
Sang: 20,000,000 in 20s...
Carter: 20,000,000 in 20s.
Sang: And 10,000,000 in 10s.
Carter: And 10,000,000 in 10s. You want any 5s with that?

Cab Driver: [points a gun at Lee and Carter] Don't move! [ Lee and Carter put their hands up] Drop your guns.
Carter: Hey man look, FBI? [shows his badge]
Lee: Oh, um...I'm policeman! I'm just showing him how to take a gun from a suspect. [Carter is stunned at discovering Lee speaks English]

[Carter has picked up Inspector Lee, who suddenly turns the radio]
Chief Insp. Lee: [hears Surfing USA] Beach Boys.
Det. James Carter: Oh, hell, no. You didn't just touch my goddamn radio.
Lee: The Beach Boys are great American music.
Carter: The Beach Boys'll get you a great ass-whoopin'. Don't you ever touch a black man's radio, boy. You can do that in China but you'll get your ass killed out here.

[Carter arrives at Consul Han's residence]
Carter: Hey man, you seen a little Asian dude about this height with a steering wheel on his arm?
Secret Service guy: Go screw yourself.
Carter: What did you say?
Secret Service guy: Go screw yourself.
Carter: You get your sensitive ass up there and let me in! Get out of the way!

Lee: I am not responsible for your assumption.
Carter: You full of shit, you understand me, you full of shit.
Lee: Not being able to speak is not the same as not speaking. You seem as if you like to talk. I like to let people talk who like to talk. It makes it easier to find out how full of shit they are.
Carter: [beat] What the hell did you just say? "I let people talk, blah blah blah" so I'm the one full of shit?
Lee: We both full of shit.
Carter: You full of shit.

Lee:[Singing "War"] What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Good God you all.
Carter: It's not "you all" its "y'all".
Lee: Yahl?
Carter: Y'all!
Lee: Yaal!
Carter: Man you sound like a karate movie. Y'all!

[Chinese food seller handing Carter some Chinese food.]
Carter: Damn Chen, some greasy shit? You aint got no better food like some chicken wings, some baby back-ribs, some fries or something?
Chen: Chinese food! No soul food here!
Carter: I ain't say nothing about no soul food. I said ain't you got some better food? I don't want that greasy shit. How you gonna sell a big box of grease?
Chen: Fung geneo bunkwain.
Carter: I'm a chilly what?
Chen: I'm no punk bitch!
Carter: I aint no punk bitch either!
Chen: I'm no punk bitch!

[Carter and Lee board a flight to China]
Carter: Man, how long is this flight?
Lee: Fifteen hours.
Carter: Fifteen hours? What are we gonna do for fifteen hours?
[Lee shrugs, then puts on headphones]
Lee: (singing) Huh!
Carter: (Carter turns in horror)
Lee: (singing) War! Uh! Good God "yaw."
Carter: Aw, hell no! Stewardess, get me another seat! Stewardess!


  • The Fastest Hands In The East Meet The Biggest Mouth In The West.
  • Pals Forever. If they can get past today.
  • They come from different cultures. But on a case this big, they speak the same language.


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