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Ruthless is a 1948 film about an obsessive rich man who has the urge to gain more money.

Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer. Written by Alvah Bessie, based on the novel Prelude to Night by Dayton Stoddart.
Power...and Money Were His Gods!  (taglines)

Mallory Flagg[edit]

  • [about Horace] Vic, he wasn't a man. He was a way of life.


Vic Lambdin: It's been a long time - a long time. But it doesn't seem long enough for all the things I can remember.
Mallory Flagg: From what you've told me, this man gives one a lot of things to remember him by.

Mrs. Burnside: Be brave. Be a man.
Horace Vendig: I don't want to be a man. Never! I wish there weren't any men in the whole world.


  • Power...and Money Were His Gods!
  • Why must you destroy everyone who helps you?


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