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S.W.A.T. is a 2003 American action film about the Los Angeles Police Department SWAT team being assigned to safeguard an international fugitive. It is an adaptation of the 1975-1976 TV series SWAT.

Directed by Clark Johnson. Written by David Ayer and David McKenna.


[Jim Street and Brian Gamble are in Captain Thomas Fuller's office, facing punishment for their stunt with the bank robbery]
Brian Gamble: That woman is alive because of what we did.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Yeah, alive and suing the city for millions. The Chief said if he's gonna pay, somebody else does, too, and it sure as hell isn't gonna be me.
Brian Gamble: C'mon Fuller we get...
Capt. Thomas Fuller: [Interrupting] *Captain* Fuller.
Brian Gamble: Captain Fuller, we get two seconds to make a decision! You get two months to sit there and tear it apart?!
Velasquez: SWAT means "Special Weapons *And* Tactics". Where were your tactics out there?
Jim Street: Saving a woman from getting shot. That's where are tactics were.
Gamble: Every cop in this department knows that we did the right thing.
Fuller: Sometimes, doing the right thing isn't doing the right thing.
Sgt. Howard: What the hell does that mean?
Fuller: [stern] Sergeant... [turns to Street and Gamble] You disobeyed a direct order, end of story. You're both off SWAT.
Velasquez: Captain. They're two of our best officers.
Fuller: Well I'm not sticking them back in the field after a stunt like that.
Gamble: [Becoming angry] Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know that saving lives was goddamn stunt!
Fuller: [Becoming angry too] Hey, you've got a big mouth, and apparently you're quick on the trigger, and *that* is why your ass is in a sling!
Velasquez: Captain Fuller, if you're really gonna put them off SWAT at least keep them in the division. Give'em a shot at getting back.
[Everyone pauses. Fuller looks at Velasquez, then back at Street]
Fuller: Fine, stick'em in the gun cage. Get'em out of my sight.

[Brian Gamble and Jim Street argue over the aftermath of the bank robbery that has threatened to get them dismissed from service]
Brian Gamble: Let's get the hell outta here, huh? I need a cocktail.
Jim Street: I'm staying.
Gamble: [In disbelief] You're what? Wha-? After that?
Street: A couple of months, Fuller will find some new asses to chew out, and we'll be back on the team.
Gamble: Fuller is the cockroach in this department, brother, and he's not gonna give us any second chance.
Street: What are you gonna do, piss away all the hard work you did to get here?
Gamble: Piss WHAT away, Jimmy? The cage? C'mon man, we're better than that and you know it. Gonna come with me? Well, a real partner wouldn't have to ask that, would he?
Street: A real partner would step up to what he did at the bank.
Gamble: Yeah, I saved the hostage.
Street: You disobeyed the hold.
Gamble: No. I saved that hostage.
Street: [shouts] You disobeyed the hold! You made the decision yourself, and you shot a hostage, Jesus, Brian!
Gamble: [shocked] Wow, you sound a lot like Fuller. Is that what you two were talking about in there? You rat me out, you cut a deal to get back on the team, Jimmy?
Street: Did I cut a deal?
Gamble: Yeah, did you?
Street: How many times have I covered up for your goddamn stunts?
Gamble: [shrugs] That's what a partner's supposed to do... [picks up badge] You just picked a paycheck over me, bro. [tosses badge to Street]
Street: You just picked yourself over everything else.
Gamble: You wanna stay here, be Fuller's bitch? You go right ahead, but I can't do it, nope, can't do it. Goddmanit goddamnit god-[slaps locker in anger]-damnit, Jimmy.
Street: Partners for five years, this is how you wanna end it?
Gamble: Nuh, uh. I didn't end it. You sold me out to the press.
Street: You know, I never realized until now how full of shit you are. [tosses badge back to Gamble, who comes over and grabs Street by the shirt in anger]
Gamble: Fuck you and SWAT. [pushes Street back and breaks a mirror behind him]

[Michael Boxer and TJ McCabe chance upon Jim Street]
Michael Boxer: I just want to know what you did to my little sister.
Jim Street: She's 28, Boxer, okay? And trust me, she's not so little.
TJ McCabe: [laughing] Oh no, you didn't...

[Hondo monitors the team as they play poker by sniper rifle]
Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson: [Deke shoots a card] Ten of spades. Spade flush. Not good enough.
Jim Street: Hondo, isn't that a straight flush?
Hondo: [reads cards through binoculars] Hold the phone. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten of spades. Straight flush. Deke!
Deacon "Deke" Kaye: [smiles as Hondo evaluates his shots] Beats four aces in Compton any day!
Michael Boxer: I think that works in Orange County too!

[Deke Kaye is impressed with a prototype device Street introduced to the team for a takedown]
Deacon "Deke" Kaye: We need to sell that shit on eBay.
Jim Street: I only have one.
Deke: We'll split the profits fifty-fifty, corner the market. Break 'em down like a shotgun - The Polish Penetrator!

[Chris Sanchez notices something while the team drives on the way to Hawthorne Airport]
Chris Sanchez: Did they build an airport downtown in the past two days?
Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson: I don't think so, Sanchez, why?
Sanchez: That Learjet on your right. It's flying real low.

[Hondo sees TJ McCabe lying in the disabled Learjet]
TJ McCabe: How's Boxer?
Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson: What do you care?
McCabe: C'mon, Hondo, just give me that.
Hondo: He's going to make it.
McCabe: Good.
Hondo: Just couldn't resist, could ya? So what do you wanna do?
McCabe: Goddamnit, Sarge. [commits suicide]

[After dropping off Montiel, the team receives a report of a stand-off on the way back]
Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson: Technically, our watch has been over for 12 hours.
Jim Street: [dons radio gear] So? [looks at Hondo]
Hondo: [understands] Yeah... What the hell. [prepares weapon] Mount up!


  • Even Cops Dial 911.
  • You're either S.W.A.T. or you're not.


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