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Somanahalli Mallaiah Krishna (born 1 May 1932) is the Indian politician who served as Minister of External Affairs from 23 May 2009 until his resignation on 26 October 2012. He has been noted for his opposition towards the Libyan Civil War and the economic sanctions against Iran.


  • The Chinese foreign minister Yang Jia Chi was in Bangalore Tuesday for a bilateral meeting. We are both quite satisfied with the extent of goodwill between us. We are working toward further cordiality between the two countries. The Chinese minister lingered at the dinner in his honor and such gestures indicate the level of relationship between our two countries.
    • Regarding the border issues of China and India, October 29, 2009. [1]
  • That is the wishful thinking by some interested parties. India and China are going to be the powers that will shape the 21st century. China knows it. India is conscious of it. Together, we can make a distinctive contribution toward global development and shaping of global disputes.
    • Describing China and India, October 29, 2009.[2]
  • Well they have taken a few steps. They have arrested few persons and they are being tried by court in Pakistan but India feels that isn't enough. I think they will have to do more on this front.
    • CNN interview, where he was questioned about Pakistan that if they have took any steps which could satisfy India, Feb 17, 2010. [3]
  • India calls upon all parties to abjure violence and the use of threat and force to resolve the differences. I think the need of the hour is cessation of armed conflict, air strikes will lead to harm to innocent civilians, foreign nationals and diplomatic missions and their personnel who are still in Libya.
    • Condemning the military intervention in Libya, March 21, 2011.[4]
  • We have to look at the Iran issue beyond the issue of energy trade. In the first place, we have to think about the security and stability in the Gulf region. India has vital stakes in the Gulf region. Six million Indians live and work in the Gulf region and beyond. It is one of the critical destinations of our external trade -- over $100 billion in exports, and over 60% of oil imports, and a major source of remittances.
    • Declining Hillary Clinton's request that India should stop trading with Iran, and describing the need of Iran for India, 9 May, 2012.[5]
  • I am making way for youngsters.
    • Words after he resigned, 26 October 2012.[6]

Quotes about S.M. Krishna[edit]

  • We strongly support increasing contact at the high level between Pakistan and India. We think the trip was a good thing, and we were pleased to see the visa progress that they made, which supports progress that they had made in the past on economic issues.
    • Victoria Nuland, the spokeperson of US State Department, praising the Krishna's visit to Pakistan, 12 September, 2012.[7]

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