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Sivanandamandiram Narayanan Sadasivan (1926–2006) was an Indian author. Sadasivan wrote various books on public administration, the social history of India and management. He managed the activities of the Kerala Institute of Public Administration at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.


  • The satyagraha was a triumph of the progressive forces, a spontaneous humanistic upsurge, a great wave of social resurgence and a whirlwind that sounded the final warning to the perverse and obstinate orthodoxy all over India to voluntarily put an end to its age-long repression. . . . Vaikhom was the biggest and longest mass movement ever organized in India for social freedom and members of all communities promptly responded to the appeal . . . to participate in it.
    • S.N. Sadasivan, quoted from Malhotra, R., Nīlakantan, A. (2011). Breaking India: Western interventions in Dravidian and Dalit faultlines

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