Sadruddin Khan Azurda Dehlawi

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Mufti Sadruddin Khan Azurda Dehlawi (12 December 1789 — 16 July 1868) was an Islamic scholar, leader of the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and poet during British era. He was Grand Mufti Delhi and worked for the rebellion against British government.



  • Those who couldn't bear the weight of precious pearls and jades,
    Those whom a gold jhoomar seemed a weary weight,
    Those who couldn't carry the mantle, though of muslin made,
    Those who found the gauze veil hard to keep in place,
    These delicate dames, alas, are made to carry loads,
    They trudge along a few steps, then founder on the road.
    Those who felt irked with garlands, so slim they were and frail,
    Those who couldn't sleep at night with hands henna-laved;
    Those who whould lose their sleep at the slightest cause,
    If their sheet was slightly ruffled, couldn't sleep at all;
    Even the luxury of a pillow is to them denied,
    With a stone beneath their head, they would spend the night.
    Thus demented and dismayed, I'm forced to seek the wilds,
    With a stone to break my head, to beat my breast and die.
    Why shouldn't Azurda wander in the raging wilds.
    When he finds Sahbai the poet, without a fault, crucified!
    • Masterpieces of Patriotic Urdu Poetry, Poem: Dirge of Delhi (Shahr Ashoob), p. 55

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