Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat

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Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat is a Chinese-Canadian-American animated television series based on the children's book of the same name by Amy Tan which aired on PBS Kids, produced by Canada-based animation studio CinéGroupe and Sesame Workshop.


Harvest Festival Race/The Foolish Magistrate's New Robes [1.06][edit]

[Dongwa is not pleased that he gave up his snack for their grandparents' anniversary special]
Sagwa: What a disaster...
Dongwa: Yeah, all that wasted shrimp.

Fur Cut/Magistrate Loses His Post [1.07][edit]

Baba: Oh, no need dear. I've-I've already attended to my grooming. [pan on Baba's messy back, with Sheegwa laughing]

Dongwa: What? Rain spirit dragons don't spit fire.
Sagwa: Well- well this one did!

The Foolish Magistrate's Aching Tooth/Sheegwa and the Blizzard [1.10][edit]

Fu-Fu: Me?! You go after him!
Dongwa: Oh no, you go. I'll wait here so I can pounce on him when he comes out. [headbutts Fu-Fu towards the room and laughing slyly] Works every time.

Luck be a Bat/Tea for Two Monkeys [1.26][edit]

Sagwa: Can't you fit through the bars?
Fu-Fu: [opens robe, reveals Balloon Belly] Nah, too many dumplings.

All Grown Up/The Cat and the Wind [1.34][edit]

Baba: [takes a piece of grass] It's a duck call. [quacks]
Dongwa: Oh, sure Baba. Like a duck is ever gonna think that's real.
[a real duck shows up, with Dongwa getting startled and hangs onto Sagwa]

The Return of the Rat/Great Balls of Fire [1.38][edit]

Sheegwa: I tried to tell you! It's not a real cookie. Ba-Do made it out of clay.
Rat: CLAY?! Is that one of the food groups?!


  • Sagwa Miao (voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel)
  • Sheegwa Miao (voiced by Jesse Vinet)
  • Dongwa Miao (voiced by Oliver Grainger)
  • Baba Miao (voiced by Arthur Holden)
  • Mama Miao (voiced by Ellen David)
  • The Foolish Magistrate (voiced by Hiro Kanagawa)
  • Tai-Tai (voiced by Khaira Ledeyo)
  • Ba-Do (voiced by Kathy Tsoi)
  • Luk-Do (voiced by Leanne Adachi)
  • Huang-Do (voiced by Rosa YeeRosa Yee)
  • The Cook (voiced by Raugi YuRaugi Yu)
  • The Reader (voiced by Russell Yuen)
  • Fu-Fu (voiced by Rick Jones)

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