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Saints Row is a 2006 video game about a street gang that completely fell apart to gain street reputation and regain control of the streets of Stillwater.

Directed by Christopher A. Stockman. Written by Steve Jaros.
Welcome to Stilwater. A little slice of hell. (taglines)


Johnny Gat: I'm gonna skullfuck that whore.
Player: (long pause) Hope you don't mind Hepatitis.
Johnny Gat: (shocked that the mute character spoke) What the fuck, did you just talk buddy?
Player: Yeah I did talk Johnny! How in the hell did you not hear me?

Dex: So, what's in here? Guns, money, some uncut shit? SHOES?!
Luz Avalos: Actually, they're this season's new--
Luz Avalos: That's not true.
Player: (Points gun at her.)
Dex: (At the player) Let it go, man, no reason to piss off Manuel.

Johnny Gat: I got a plan
Dex: Your definition of a plan is taking the biggest hammer you can find and smashin' everything in your way.
Johnny Gat: Well, that sounds like a pretty good plan to me!
Dex: A real *dumb* plan, as your whackass robo-leg proves.
Johnny Gat: Ah, fuck you.
Dex: Next time you try that cowboy shit you may not walk away at all.
Johnny Gat: No, seriously- fuck you.
Dex: Look, I've got a plan that will put hurt on the Kings and minimum risk on you.
Johnny Gat: How much murder do I get to do?
Dex: None!
Johnny Gat: Your plan blows.

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