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Saints Row 2 is an action-adventure video game set in an open world environment. It is developed by Volition, Inc. and published by THQ for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.


The Boss: That's sweet, Donnie. I missed you, too.
Donnie: Oh, shit!
The Boss: [Annoyed] You haven't seen me since your boss shot me and stuffed me in the trunk of a car, and the best you can say is "Oh, shit!"?
Donnie: You're supposed to be dead!
The Boss: That'll work. Now walk to the car.
Donnie: How did you know I'd be here?
The Boss: You're predictable.
Donnie: What do you want with me?
The Boss: You're gonna do some pro bono mechanic work.
Donnie: What do you mean, "pro bono" work?
The Boss: [Shoves Donnie's head against the car roof.] I'm through answering questions. Now get in the fucking car.

Jessica: Babe, just let it go.
Maero: Who the fuck do the Saints think they are turning me down?!
Jessica: Sweetie, it's not a big deal, just kill 'em. Hey, Donnie! Where've you-
Donnie: Maero, I'm so sorry!
Maero: What'd you do, Donnie?
Donnie: It's the Saints! They-
Maero: [Sternly] What did you do, Donnie?
Donnie: They made me rig up some of our boys' trucks and-
Donnie: I didn't have a ch-
[Maero grabs Donnie by the neck and lifts him up in the air.]
Maero: You had a choice, Donnie. You chose your life over the rest of us!

Maero: They hit my boys when they were on the prison bus!
Dane Vogel: Between your girlfriend and your gang, I'd say you're a magnet for tragedy, Maero.
Maero: You think this is fucking funny?!
Dane Vogel: No. But I do think it's your problem.
Maero: [Angrily slams his hands on Vogel's desk] MY problems are YOUR problems. Or do you need some fresh air to remind you?
Dane Vogel: No, my problem is that I have a sideshow freak messing up my paperwork. Your problem is that you have a team of security guards with assault rifles pointed at your back.
[Ultor Corporation security guards move into view; they look identical to a SWAT team.]
Maero: Your security guards look like a private army.
Dane Vogel: Call them what you want; the point is, they have big guns. I'm sorry you couldn't protect your friends, I really am, but Ultor's done doing you favors. Come back here again, and I'll have you shot on sight.
Maero: Go fuck yourself, Vogel.
Dane Vogel: I've enjoyed our time together too, but I think it's about time we moved on. Gentlemen, would you please show our guest out?
[The Ultor security team leader gestures for Maero to leave; seeing he is heavily outgunned, Maero reluctantly starts to walk out.]
Dane Vogel: Oh, Maero! I almost forgot. I had some of my men seize the arms shipment you had coming in on that freighter.
Maero: What did you say?
Dane Vogel: Ultor has already appropriated the boat carrying your goods. It seemed only fair we should be compensated for letting your boys out of jail. You can go now.
Maero: That boat is never gonna make it to shore.
Dane Vogel: [Waving dismissively] Goodbye, Maero...

[After Shogo Akuji tries to kill Johnny Gat at Aisha's funeral for humiliating his family once again, Shogo is lying against a headstone. Johnny is furious and speaks in a low, deadly voice.]
Johnny Gat: Get up.
[Shogo rises and raises his fists to fight Johnny; Johnny easily beats him and punches him down hard.]
Johnny Gat: Get up.
[Again Shogo tries to rise, and again Johnny punches him, harder.]
Shogo Akuji: Please, stop...
Johnny Gat: Not so fun when you're fighting someone who isn't tied to a chair, is it?
Shogo Akuji: I didn't kill her!
Johnny Gat: You ordered it. [Motions to Shogo]
[Shogo tries yet again to get up; now Johnny twists him around and breaks his leg, and punches Shogo hard enough that he falls and breaks the headstone in two]
Shogo Akuji: [Becoming desperate] I'm sorry...
Johnny Gat: [Coldly sarcastic] Well, that brings her back, doesn't it?!
[Johnny grabs Shogo and drags him to a coffin waiting to be lowered into its grave; the Boss follows]
Johnny Gat: You couldn't even let her have a burial, you fucking piece of shit!!
[Johnny angrily tips the coffin; a dead woman falls out, her eyes meeting Shogo's; Johnny throws Shogo into the coffin, slams the lid, and lowers the coffin. He picks up a shovel and begins throwing dirt into the grave; the Boss does the same.]
Shogo Akuji: [Inside the coffin] No! Kill me, dammit, but don't do this! Don't do this!

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