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Saints Row 2 is an action-adventure video game set in an open world environment. It is developed by Volition, Inc. and published by THQ for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.


Shaundi: Hey, I got you a present.
The Boss: A light bulb? Just what I always wanted.
Shaundi: Come on, you think I'd just give you a light bulb? [Smashes the bulb against the stair railing]
The Boss: A face-shredder? Just what I always wanted.

Maero: They hit my boys when they were on the prison bus!
Dane Vogel: Between your girlfriend and your gang, I'd say you're a magnet for tragedy, Maero.
Maero: You think this is fucking funny?!
Dane Vogel: No. But I do think it's your problem.
Maero: [Slams his hands on Vogel's desk] MY problems are YOUR problems. Or do you need some fresh air to remind you?
Dane Vogel: No, my problem is that I have a sideshow freak messing up my paperwork. Your problem is that you have a team of security guards with assault rifles pointed at your back.
[Ultor Corporation security guards move into view; they look identical to a SWAT team.]
Maero: Your security guards look like a private army.
Dane Vogel: Call them what you want; the point is, they have big guns. I'm sorry you couldn't help your friends, but Ultor's done doing you favors. Come back here again, and I'll have you shot on sight.
Maero: Go fuck yourself, Vogel.
Dane Vogel: I've enjoyed our time together too, but I think it's about time we moved on. Gentlemen, would you please show our guest out?
[The Ultor security team leader gestures for Maero to leave; seeing he is heavily outgunned, Maero reluctantly starts to walk out.]
Dane Vogel: Oh, Maero! I almost forgot. I had some of my men seize the arms shipment you had coming in on that freighter. It seemed only fair we should be compensated for letting your boys out of jail.
Maero: That boat is never gonna make it to shore.
Dane Vogel: [Waving dismissively] Goodbye, Maero...

The Boss: Hello, Donnie.
Donnie: Oh, shit!
The Boss: [Annoyed] You haven't seen me since your boss shot me and stuffed me in the trunk of a car, and the best you can say is "Oh, shit!"?
Donnie: You're supposed to be dead!
The Boss: That's better.

[After Shogo Akuji tries to kill Johnny Gat at Aisha's funeral, Shogo is lying against a headstone. Johnny is furious and speaks in a low, deadly voice.]
Johnny Gat: Get up.
[Shogo rises and raises his fists to fight Johnny; Johnny easily beats him and punches him down hard.]
Johnny Gat: Get up.
[Again Shogo tries to rise, and again Johnny punches him, harder.]
Johnny Gat: Not so fun when you're fighting someone who isn't tied to a chair, is it?
Shogo Akuji: I didn't kill her!
Johnny Gat: You ordered it. [Motions to Shogo] Get up.
[Shogo tries yet again to get up; now Johnny twists him around and breaks his leg, and punches Shogo hard enough that he falls and breaks the headstone in two]
Shogo Akuji: [Becoming desperate] Please... I'm sorry...
Johnny Gat: [Coldly sarcastic] Well, that brings her back, doesn't it?
[Johnny grabs Shogo and drags him to a coffin waiting to be lowered into its grave; the Boss follows]
Johnny Gat: You couldn't even let her have a decent burial, you piece of shit!
[Johnny furiously tips the coffin; a dead woman falls out, her eyes meeting Shogo's; Johnny throws Shogo into the coffin, slams the lid, and lowers the coffin. He picks up a shovel and begins throwing dirt into the grave; the Boss does the same.]
Shogo Akuji: [Inside the coffin] No! Kill me, dammit, but don't do this! Don't do this!

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