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Salwa Bughaighis in 2011

Salwa Bughaighis (ca. 1964 - 25 June 2014) was a Libyan human rights activist, revolutionary and lawyer, member of the National Transitional Council.


  • They knew that women were very effective and very strong in this revolution, but they think that now, the role is for the man.
  • These are people who want to foil elections... Benghazi has been always defiant, and always will be despite the pain and fear. It will succeed.
    • Salwa Bugaighis in phone interview by al-Nabaa network interrupted by gunfire, 25 June 2014: Quoted in: Chris Stephen. "Libya in shock after murder of human rights activist Salwa Bugaighis," The Guardian, Thursday 26 June 2014 16.42 BST.

Interview with Salwa Bugaighis, 2012[edit]

In: Interview with Salwa Bugaighis, Libyan Human Rights Lawyer[dead link], at, by Warren Hoge, March 27, 2012

  • There is struggling inside, the people, but they are really happy. And I’m not worried about what I am seeing in the street, protesting, many demonstrations—they are trying, and they want to make sure there is freedom.
  • All the people are free to say what they want to say, but we have to learn, there’s always limits. You have to respect the privacy of the others; you have to respect the other opinion. Because during 42 years, there is just one thinking, Qaddafi’s thinking, and Qaddafi’s theory. So, it is difficult to let the people to respect another opinion. Everything is new.
  • I want to say the first thing that Qaddafi, he thinks that we are six million human beings, nameless. That’s how Qaddafi is looking at us. In our country, when Qaddafi’s regime, there’s no names, can mention except Qaddafi’s names. No heroes, even athletes or singers. We knew after the revolution that there was an office to try to disappear the stars. If there is any names, singers, we have the experience that there were singer idol in Beirut, big event between all Arab countries, and he won and after that when he come back to Libya, and we didn’t hear about him, he disappeared.
    So, now I want to tell you that the whole population needs rehabilitation from Qaddafi’s regime. Comprehensive repression for all the people, all the details, chaos, turmoil that he tried to put the country through during the 42 years, so he tried consolidating power in his hands and demands the various state institutions.

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