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Sam Pitroda in 2009

Satyan Pitroda (Hindi: [sɔt̪jɔnaːraːjɔɳɔ ɡɔŋgaːraːmɔ piʈroɽaː]) popularly known as Sam Pitroda (born 4 May 1942) is a telecom engineer, inventor and entrepreneur. He was born in Titilagarh, Odisha, India to a Gujarati family.


  • [India cannot] “jump on an entire nation” (Pakistan) just because some people from there came and did something.”
    • About the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Quoted from Indian Express, Rahul Gandhi’s negative campaign didn’t work: Senior Congress leaders on eve of CWC [1]
  • OK 1984 happened, so what?
    • About the 1985 Anti Sikh riots. Tavleen Singh : "(Rahul Gandhi's) current Guru Number 1, Sam Pitroda, added to Congress problems by making one of the most thoughtless, offensive remarks I have ever heard. Accosted by TV reporters last week and asked about the 1984 pogrom against the Sikhs, he said..."
    • Sam Pitroda, Quoted from Tavleen Singh, May 12, 2019, If Modi becomes PM again, it will have a lot to do with Congress misjudging the national mood [2]

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