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Sandra Lynn "Sam" Sorbo (October 18, 1964–) is an American actress, author, and talk radio hostess.


  • The Leftists have been honing their craft for so long that they're very adept. That’s how they influenced the culture. They became very adept, and they are coordinated with the rest of the media. They're really good at getting their point across. And why did they enter the storytelling room? Two reasons: one is because stories change the world. That's why Jesus spoke in parables. Stories engage emotionally, viscerally… they engage the core of the human being. So storytelling is really the way to move people.
  • Our freedom is completely intertwined with our Christian faith. And so as we lose the faith in our culture, we lose our freedom because they don’t have the same value as they did, and so we will squander them because they’re completely intertwined, and it’s a very powerful thing. People who have no faith have no concept of what that is, so they’ll squander it freely.

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