Samir Geagea

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Samir Geagea

Samir Geagea (born 25 October 1952) is a Lebanese politician. The leader of the Lebanese Forces Party, he was released from 11 years in solitary confinement on 26 July 2005. Geagea was however given a pardon and not declared innocent. He still plays a major role on the Christian political scene in Lebanon today.


  • Lebanon is our country, and in it we are staying (as a minority christians).
  • You have come out of the big prison which you had been put in and you have taken me out with the same act from the small prison which I had been put in.
    • Upon being released from Yarze prison, as quoted in an Associated Press report "Ex-Christian Warlord Released in Lebanon" by Zeina Karam (26 July 2005)
    • Variant translation: Now that you (Lebanese people) have come out of the great prison to which you were confined, you have released me from the small prison in which I was put.

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