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Sanctuary (2007-2011) is a webseries originally aired in 2007 that was later picked up by Syfy. The show centers on Dr. Helen Magnus and her team of specialists while they run the Sanctuary, an organization founded to help Abnormals.

Season 1[edit]

Sanctuary For All (Part 1) [1.1][edit]

Helen Magnus: Any questions?
Will Zimmerman: Just one. How come there's no organ music?

Will Zimmerman: You ran me over.
Helen Magnus: You got in the way.

Helen Magnus: Let’s just say I’m someone who's chosen to embrace the full spectrum of our reality. There are things in this city - in this world - that no one wants to admit are real.

Helen Magnus: Your instincts told you that the boy was anything but normal. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here. Inside these walls are beings that make his qualities pale by comparison. "Sanctuary for all" is not an empty motto.

Helen Magnus: Fair warning, Dr. Zimmerman, you’re about to leave the world you know behind.

Helen Magnus: This isn't a zoo, and it's certainly not a prison.
Will Zimmerman: Yeah, but some of these things, they look dangerous as hell.
Helen Magnus: We have a dual obligation: to study the miraculous, and to protect against the perilous.
Will Zimmerman: Yeah, but... the dangerous ones. What’s the point of even keeping them?
Helen Magnus: Every creature expands our knowledge. We learn from the deadly as well as the benign.
Will Zimmerman: How many more are there?
Helen Magnus: Hmm...many.

Helen Magnus: I work with sentient beings, each worthy of the same respect that humans, even animals, receive automatically. These creatures are the key to the evolution of our race, past and future, and yet we revile them, destroy them. And worst of all, pretend they don't even exist. But they are out there, Dr. Zimmerman. Lost, like the child you saw tonight. Misunderstood, hunted... and they need our help, your help.
Will Zimmerman: [sighs] I- I still don't understand why you would come to me.
Helen Magnus: Because I need someone who can see beyond the surface, see the world as it really is.
Will Zimmerman: I profile criminals, not monsters.
Helen Magnus: [laughs] You can't see the irony in that statement?

Helen Magnus: Good doctors come and go, but the great ones have always seen beyond the boundaries of science, beyond the known. The great ones dare to believe in the unbelievable.

Sanctuary For All (Part 2) [1.2][edit]

Helen Magnus: Many of the survivors of this disaster moved on and had children.
Henry Foss: Yeah, if you can call them that.
Helen Magnus: [irritated] Your sensitivity is breathtaking.
Henry Foss: The kid sucks brains! Not that I’m being judgmental.

Ashley Magnus: I’m just going out to get some, uh... feminine products.
Henry Foss: Yeah, feminine like a crate of Uzis?

Ashley Magnus: You know, my mom can be pretty dark and weird, but she's good at this.

Will Zimmerman: Turns out that a John Druitt was one of Scotland Yard's prime suspects in the Ripper Case in the 1880s.
Helen Magnus: Yes, he was my first patient.
Will Zimmerman: Which means... either one or both of you can travel through time, either that or you're more than--
Helen Magnus: I am 157 years old.
Will Zimmerman: [sighs heavily] How is any of this possible?
Helen Magnus: When you work at the frontiers of science for as long as I have, the rewards and curses are...unexpected

Will Zimmerman: You know, I was hoping that at least you would be normal.
Helen Magnus: Sorry to disappoint. Is there anything else?
Will Zimmerman: Is there a health plan?
Helen Magnus: No, but I can promise you the adventure of many, many lifetimes. Shall we begin?

Fata Morgana [1.3][edit]

[Helen and Ashley exchange hand signals]
Will Zimmerman: I got "I'm going in" and "go around" but what was that wiggly one you did?
Helen Magnus: "Either we work together or we die." Let's go.
([webisode version] "I'm cutting off your allowance." Let's go.)

[on the phone]
Ashley Magnus: All good, Mom. The city is now minus one ugly, poodle-eating chameleon guy.
Helen Magnus: Are you hurt?
Ashley Magnus: No, not a scratch.
Helen Magnus: I'll redo your bandages when you get home.

Will Zimmerman: Ladies...I'm pretty sure we have rules about... floating and stuff.

Will Zimmerman: You know, I'm gonna play to my strengths. shoot people.
Ashley Magnus: Okay.

Cabal Squad Leader: My Keepers are keyed to find them, no matter where they go.
Helen Magnus: Your Keepers are dead all over my house. Do you have any more?

Helen Magnus: These women are under my protection; they're not leaving with you or anyone else, for that matter.

Cabal Squad Leader: Put them in separate trucks. I'd be careful what you do next; the people I work for aren't the forgiving type.
Helen Magnus: Neither am I. Tell them this is far from over. Now get off my property.

Folding Man [1.4][edit]

Will Zimmerman: You got in? How?
Helen Magnus: Now where would a girl be without her secrets?
Will Zimmerman: That's... not an answer.
Helen Magnus: I know.

Helen Magnus: There’s an expression among creature hunters: if you could teach a lion English, you still wouldn’t be able to understand him.

Will Zimmerman: You know, there was this case that I worked on at the agency that never got solved but had a very similar set of circumstances.
Helen Magnus: Austin, Texas, 2005.
Will Zimmerman: How do you know about Austin?
Ashley Magnus: Are you serious? She knows when you switched from boxers to briefs, man.

Oliver Braithwaite: I heard about the Sanctuary ever since I was a boy. A good place; where people like ours are treated like human beings.

Will Zimmerman: This whole place is full of those who are different.
Malcolm Dawkins: What does that make you: the zookeeper?

Will Zimmerman: I'm a hero.
Ashley Magnus: Actually, on a scale from zero to hero, you're more like...
Helen Magnus: Ashley...
Ashley Magnus: ...Almost respectable.

Kush [1.5][edit]

Helen Magnus: Abnormals aren’t like humans. They don’t play by the same rules.

Allison Grant: I should've guessed this would be no match for the great Helen Magnus.
Will Zimmerman: Exactly, never doubt the boss.

Helen Magnus: Oh, please tell me that that is tea.
Will Zimmerman: Gods are on vacation. It's coffee. Here.
Helen Magnus: Pass.
Will Zimmerman: Come on, it'll help you keep warm.
Helen Magnus: I have standards, Will. Drinking coffee? Well below them.
Will Zimmerman: Man, you're a Brit to the core, aren't you?
Helen Magnus: And proud of it.

Will Zimmerman: This is the world's worst cup of coffee.
Helen Magnus: Rule Britannia.

Helen Magnus: Believe me, I've been in far worse situations than this.
Allison Grant: You have?
Helen Magnus: Absolutely. There was a town of zombies in Uganda, and of course I ran out of ammunition just as night fell. A deep sea capsule I was in was trapped underneath a gigantic mutated squid, and there was an escaped lunatic who was able to turn himself into a giant ape.
Allison Grant: Thanks. You just made all that up, didn't you?
Helen Magnus: Only two of them.

Will Zimmerman: I keep thinking there must be some way of telling, you know; a way of knowing if the person's really them.
Helen Magnus: For the moment we'll just have to rely on the little things.
Will Zimmerman: Like the fact that the real you wouldn't insult me by giving me false hope.
Helen Magnus: Or the fact you keep offering me that horrible brown sludge to drink.

John Druitt: Did you ever love me? I mean, truly love me? You know I'm just an element of your subconscious mind, so feel free to be completely frank.
Helen Magnus: When I first knew you at Oxford, I loved you with my entire being.
John Druitt: Those were passionate times, gone too quickly...followed by very dark days.
Helen Magnus: You destroyed my heart, John. Even though I understood why you had changed, your ailment, the hatred you felt towards me, and then the way you would harm our daughter.

Nubbins [1.6][edit]

Helen Magnus: Eric paid with his life to bring this creature back. We owe it to him to preserve it.
Ashley Magnus: I think we owe it to him to kill it.

Ashley Magnus: Henry? Have you had a chance to check out my nubbins?

Helen Magnus: We have a rather odd situation on our hands.
Will Zimmerman: Isn't "rather odd" sort of your stock in trade?

Will Zimmerman: I'm... ah...I'm gonna go to bed.
Helen Magnus: Sweet dreams.
Will Zimmerman: Don't forget to put out the fire.
Helen Magnus: I never do.

Henry Foss: Threat level 'holy crap'. Check.

Helen Magnus: Haven't you noticed it?
Will Zimmerman: Are you asking me if I've been feeling... randy?
Helen Magnus: I've made you uncomfortable.
Will Zimmerman: No, as a matter of fact, you've... you've aroused my curiosity.
Helen Magnus: Oh. Well, turnabout is fair play.
Will Zimmerman: Awkward.
Helen Magnus: Poor thing.

Henry Foss: Nature abhors a vacuum. That's because she's never seen mine.

Henry Foss: Women and geeks first. Oh, no, wait, that's all of us...

Ashley Magnus: Doesn't anyone have some good news?
[Henry enters the room.]
Henry Foss: I've got wood.

Henry Foss: Hey! Listen. I know you're all about saving the whales and everything, but these guys just happen to be a pack of vicious over-sexed hyperthyroid invsi-rodents!

The Five [1.7][edit]

Nikola Tesla: Helen Magnus. Kiss me and I’ll save your life.
Helen Magnus: And if I don’t?
Nikola Tesla: [scoffs] It’s been over sixty years, just plant one on me already, will you?
[Nikola turns his face to the side. As Helen moves in to kiss his cheek, Tesla turns back and catches the kiss on his lips. Helen shoves back with irritation.]
Helen Magnus: Nikola Tesla. You always did know how to get attention.
Nikola Tesla: And you’re still boring as ever when it comes to giving a lecture. But to business: Cabal agents are all over the building. If we don’t leave now, things are going to get...rather bullet-ridden.

Nikola Tesla: [to Helen] My god, you look so sexy with a gun.

Nikola Tesla: This is fun, isn’t it? Just like old times, back in London? When was that, forty-two? Forty-three?
Helen Magnus: I prefer not to think about it.
Nikola Tesla: Come on, Helen. Every major spy agency in the world was looking for me. I needed your help. And besides, what’s a faked death among friends?
Helen Magnus: Whose hare-brained notion was it to supply every allied government with plans for your death ray weapon?
Nikola Tesla: Well, I thought they’d all share and that peace would break out. I did. I had my Nobel speech all memorized.

Nikola Tesla: Well, I did die a lonely, impoverished, pitiful old man. Thanks for the funeral, by the way. I heard it was quite nice.
Helen Magnus: I faked your death to save your life, so that your work could continue. I think I’m owed an explanation as to your whereabouts since then.
Nikola Tesla: Hey, perfecting the use of electricity and radio waves? Hard acts to follow, okay?

Helen Magnus: Why would the Cabal see you as a threat?
Nikola Tesla: I’m a vampire. Some people are threatened by that.

Nikola Tesla: The Ancient Ones...They were intelligent, gifted, powerful...until a bunch of church folk decided that our race was impure, evil. And not only did they hunt them down, killed them off, but they turned our species into a cultural joke.

Nikola Tesla: When vampires ruled the earth, it was a golden age. Science, art, architecture, all advanced. And after they killed them off what happened?
Helen Magnus: The Dark Ages.
Nikola Tesla: And now everybody thinks that we're allergic to garlic and we can turn into bats at will. It's beyond insulting.

Nikola Tesla: Irony is, I once owned the patent to that weapon. I never should have sold it to Edison, cheapskate that he was.

Helen Magnus: You’ve always been like this, haven’t you? Selfish and arrogant, putting your own desires before everyone else’s.
Nikola Tesla: I brought you here for two reasons: Because only you can help me finish what I’m working on and because I love you.
Helen Magnus: Yes, so you keep... what?

Nikola Tesla: Back at Oxford, the others used the Source for power and for greed, but you… You altered yourself out of a pure desire for knowledge. You’re the only scientist, perhaps the only person I’ve ever really admired.

John Druitt: We were part of something, something we called The Five. A small group dedicated to expanding our knowledge of the physical world by the most unconventional means.
Ashley Magnus: How can you be old like her?
John Druitt: Unlike what you’ve been told, your mother was not born with a genetic abnormality. No, she chose to become something different. We all did. We were so curious to know what humans could become. Evolve into, given the chance.
Ashley Magnus: Who were the others?
John Druitt: Besides your mother and myself was Nigel Griffin, Sir James Watson, and Nikola Tesla.
Ashley Magnus: As in... the...?
John Druitt: Yes, the same. Though I still say he leeched off Edison and cheated Marconi. But I digress.

John Druitt: After each of us was injected, we received unique... gifts as a result.
Ashley Magnus: Yeah, seen yours in action, thanks.
John Druitt: Griffin’s molecules became photosensitive, Watson’s mind grew to new heights, and Tesla’s reaction was the most dramatic. His genetic disposition brought forth vampiric traits which had lain dormant in his genes. But your mother? Well, her gift was the most simple and elegant.

Helen Magnus: We’re going to have to fight our way out of here. No killing.
Nikola Tesla: Said the woman with the gun to the vampire.

Ashley Magnus: Baldy, you invaded our house. You fed me to a giant iguana. If that’s not enough to make you my enemy, then what the hell is?

Helen Magnus: Guess I can tell you that, at Oxford? No one liked you.
Nikola Tesla: Aw. Was it because I was a genius?
Helen Magnus: No. Because you were an obnoxious ass.
Nikola Tesla: Well, look who's still standing.

Ashley Magnus: [about Druitt] He’s my father, isn’t he?
Helen Magnus: [quietly] Yes. He is.
[Ashley nods and blinks back her tears as she turns to look out over the city. Helen regards her silently for a moment before turning toward the view.]
Helen Magnus: Never shown you Rome, have I?
Ashley Magnus: There was never time.
Helen Magnus: I have a lot to make up for. [holds her hand out to her daughter] Shall we?
[Ashley takes her mother's hand and they look out over Rome]

Edward [1.8][edit]

Helen Magnus: I'm reminded of Hieronymus Bosch. His paintings were rife with abnormals.
Will Zimmerman: Was Bosch a friend of yours; high school sweetheart or something?
Helen Magnus: There is such a thing as "before my time."
Will Zimmerman: Really?
Helen Magnus: Cheeky monkey.

Helen Magnus: Imagine a caterpillar arresting its metamorphosis before it becomes a butterfly.
Henry Foss: You really think it was a butterfly that brought down that snake creature?

Henry Foss: I guess I thought about some butterflies. Wow, I can't believe I just said that.
Helen Magnus: Neither can I. Doesn't sound like you.
Henry Foss: I guess you can say I'm a changed man.

Requiem [1.9][edit]

Will Zimmerman: The people that you've met, the history that you've witnessed, how do you relate to anybody? Dinner parties must be hell.
Helen Magnus: History is just that, Will; it's history. We've all experienced it. I just have more under my belt than most people.

Helen Magnus: Kraken? Please, that's a complete myth.
Will Zimmerman: Glad I didn't say 'sharktopus'.

Will Zimmerman: Our whole life is a B-movie.

Will Zimmerman: You invite questions, and then when you don't like where they lead, you just walk away.
Helen Magnus: That's hardly fair.
Will Zimmerman: You just called me "Dr. Zimmerman" and left the room.

Helen Magnus: I've buried a lot of friends, colleagues, lovers; more than you can imagine. You asked me earlier how I could relate to people? Well... dinner parties are hell.

Helen Magnus: I have lived longer than any human has a right to. In the end, all I can hope is to choose how it ends. Being taken over by an undersea parasite is not on the list.
Will Zimmerman: And what is?
Helen Magnus: Just be creative, if the time comes.

Helen Magnus: I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to profile me, aren't you? Like a common criminal; Well, here's a little secret for your box... [leans close and whispers in Will's ear] ...I'm not so common.

Helen Magnus: I know you want to kill me, and don't tell me it's because I asked you to, because that's not what friends do to each other!

Helen Magnus: I think I should kill you now.

Helen Magnus: You weak, pathetic little bastard. Do you think this is what I wanted? This life? I have suffered for so long, totally alone, and, honestly, Will... no one lives forever.

Warriors [1.10][edit]

Will Zimmerman: [to Helen and Ashley] Okay, favorite album.
Ashley Magnus: Nevermind
Will Zimmerman: What? Is it that personnal?
Ashley Magnus: [laughs] No, Nevermind. Nirvana. You?
Will Zimmerman: Joshua Tree, obviously.
Helen Magnus: Sergeant Pepper and Rhapsody in Blue.
Will Zimmerman: That's two.
Helen Magnus: Over the course of two lifetimes. Gershwin played it for me when he was writing it.
Will Zimmerman: [sarcastically] And no doubt, you've watched the sun come with the Beatles.
Helen Magnus: Just one of them.

Helen Magnus: You were born in Devonshire in 1829. Your wife was Patricia Heathering, and you... you were the leading scientific light of your day.

[1800s; Gregory is standing in front of a door, and Helen descends the stairs to join him]
Helen Magnus: You are the most talented medical researcher I have ever known and yet you keep your most important work hidden from the world, from me. If you truly believe that I have potential, Father, please... help me achieve it.
Gregory Magnus: Once you enter this door, you are on a path that cannot be reversed.
[Helen goes through the door and looks around in wonder.]

Ashley Magnus: You know, I don't know you from Adam, but my Mom says you're her Dad and that makes you my... my grandpa. And that gives me the right to tell you that you're one cranky, ungrateful sack.
Charlie: Hey, you be careful young lady!
Ashley Magnus: My mother worshiped you! She makes it sound like you were the smartest man in the world.
Charlie: Not smart enough, apparently.

Helen Magnus: We all have the impulse for violence; the true measure of a species, indeed, of a person, is in our restraint.

Instinct [1.11][edit]

Ashley Magnus: I say we tranq them, stuff ‘em in a crate. Wake them when we’re done.
Zach Spencer: You know, I’m right here. I can totally hear you.

Helen Magnus: It’s incredibly valuable intact. If we can’t do it without more collateral damage, I think we should try.
Will Zimmerman: And if not?
Helen Magnus: People are dead. If we have to, we kill it.
Ashley Magnus: Okay. Good. We have a Plan B, I feel better.

Amy Saunders: What’d you find out?
Zach Spencer: Um, it made a nest and it’s supposedly older than the dinosaurs or something and, oh, it’s from Japan.
Amy Saunders: About them.
Zach Spencer: Oh! I don’t know, they’re cool, they’re smart, and the blond one is totally hot.

Helen Magnus: We winged it with a couple of tranqs.
Amy Saunders: You think it’s unconscious?
Helen Magnus: To be honest, I think we just made it angrier.

Helen Magnus: That’ll be the police. Good timing, as usual.
Ashley Magnus: Ah, them we can handle.

Amy Saunders: I figure the best way to deflect them is to put something together that doesn’t show anything incriminating, that keeps you guys and that… thing… out of it.
Henry Foss: That’s everything on there.
Amy Saunders: I can re-edit it to look like a community square dance if you give me enough time.

Henry Foss: I’m just saying. Chicks love dudes who go on missions.

Helen Magnus: Have a good career.

Revelations (Part 1) [1.12][edit]

John Druitt: Not often I use a front door; quite the novelty.
Big Guy: You're not welcome here, Druitt. You know that.

Helen Magnus: You have frostbite.
John Druitt: It's certainly not a reflection on your hospitality.

James Watson: You haven't changed a bit.
Helen Magnus: Since last Fall in London?
James Watson: Since Spring of 1886.
Helen Magnus: Coming from such a keen observer, I'll take that as a compliment.

Will Zimmerman: So you don't mean that your Dr. Watson really is Sherlock Holmes?
Helen Magnus: Not the literary figure, of course. But, yes, Conan Doyle did model the character after James' brilliant deductive mind.
Will Zimmerman: So why did he get relegated to the sidekick in the stories?
Helen Magnus: At Watson's insistence; he preferred to let Holmes take center stage while he played the fawning acolyte in the wings.

James Watson: Most men's failures haunt them for a lifetime; mine have haunted me for two.
Will Zimmerman: What failure?
James Watson: The Ripper Case; it confounded me like no other.
John Druitt: You came close, James. You don't know how close.
James Watson: Night after night, I poured my insights out to you, never knowing that the target of my manhunt was the man who dissected my suppositions.
John Druitt: I was in the grip of something I couldn't control. I think you know that.
James Watson: The fact remains, you gave the lie to all my bravado. You shattered my belief that I could see beyond what a mere mortal could.

James Watson: In a life devoted to justice, sir, it is a constant burr on my backside that you have avoided it.
John Druitt: Justice is meted out in many ways. You're not the only one haunted.

James Watson: Why are you here, Druitt?
John Druitt: To save the world as we know it. And, time allowing, reassert my superiority in our battle of wits.

James Watson: Same old Helen. "I'm just going to jump off this cliff and hope that I sprout wings."

Henry Foss: Well, you can't send Druitt alone. The guy's all hearts and flowers one day, the next day, he's turning a working girl into a canoe.

Will Zimmerman: And what's your power? Just showing up for the meeting after 135 years?
Helen Magnus: I'd like to see you do it.

Helen Magnus: No offense, Henry. But you don't graduate from Eagle Scout to James Bond overnight.
Ashley Magnus: I was green as Gumby, too.
Henry Foss: I can do this. [pause, to Ashley] What, Gumby? I'm Gumby now?

Ashley Magnus: What would boys do without their toys?

James Watson: Does no one else see the madness in all of this?
Helen Magnus: You don't believe I can accomplish Nikola's task.
James Watson: One, he had the powers of an ancient vampire. Two, he fell asleep in Edison’s electric chair at full current – I don’t see your skill sets overlapping.

James Watson: It's not the mission, Helen. What worries me is that gleam in your eye.
Helen Magnus: Suck it up, Jimmy! We're going to India.

Helen Magnus: This is my father's worst nightmare, that we would try and retrieve the source.
Will Zimmerman: You going to tell him?
Helen Magnus: .If I find out where he's holed up, and if the time is right... no.

Will Zimmerman: We're about to see the ninth wonder of the ancient world, and I didn't even bring a camera.
Helen Magnus: You brought your mind, didn't you?
Will Zimmerman: Damn, you know, I knew I forgot something.

Revelations (Part 2) [1.13][edit]

Dana Whitcomb: Taming wild creatures is what we do best.
Ashley Magnus: You haven't even touched on me getting wild yet.

Will Zimmerman: I am seriously geeking out right now.
James Watson: As am I.

Nikola Tesla: I’m guessing that one of you must be a blood relative of Nigel Griffin otherwise why would you even be brought along. I hope you're up to the task.
Clara Griffin: Damn straight I am, skinny.
Nikola Tesla: You, I like. [to Will] You, I don't know.
Will Zimmerman: I'm Dr Zimmerman, I work with Dr Magnus.
Nikola Tesla: Protégé. Well. The mission's necessary disposable item.

Clara Griffin: What the hell was that all about?
Will Zimmerman: Well, the guy who invented radio just dissed Jack the Ripper.

John Druitt: If any harm comes to her, accidental or otherwise...
Nikola Tesla: I have no reason to do her any harm. But you? I'm finding more reasons by the minute.
Helen Magnus: Honestly! I'm surrounded by adolescents!

Nikola Tesla: Your father really didn't like me, did he?
Helen Magnus: You're an acquired taste.

Nikola Tesla: [to Helen] I guess your father liked us best as a couple.

John Druitt: Elementary, my dear Watson.
James Watson: Oh, shut up.

Nikola Tesla: You felt genuine concern for me. Admit it.
Helen Magnus: Nonsense.
Nikola Tesla: Oh. You still like me, it's so obvious.
Helen Magnus: You tried to kill me.
Nikola Tesla: Yeah, but, you know, we all hurt the ones we love.

Helen Magnus: Not much of a test...
Nikola Tesla: You're a total daddy's girl.

Clara Griffin: Thanks for taking off your pants.
Will Zimmerman: You never have to thank me for that.

Season 2[edit]

End of Nights (Part 1) [2.1][edit]

Assam: You must be desperate indeed.
Helen Magnus: [puts pistol down on table] Desperate was last month.

Nikola Tesla: Young love is so...heartbreaking to observe, as a scientist. So passionate, so innocent, and yet, so utterly doomed.
Will Zimmerman: Huh. So I'm guessing you've never been in love, then.
Nikola Tesla: Countless times, my friend. See, the difference is I recognize the emotion for what it is: An irrational, self-destructive impulse which is disguised as joy.

Nikola Tesla: Your shaggy friend is still refusing treatment and frankly, I’m insulted.
Will Zimmerman: Oh right, yeah, because I forgot - this is all about you.
Nikola Tesla: I have spent weeks creating a working treatment for the Lazarus virus, I spent weeks more traveling the earth disseminating it to the affected abnormals, effectively stemming an outbreak, and in the end the creep in the room with the hair doesn’t want to take his medicine! It’s personal and we both know it is.

John Druitt: If you're going to help, do try to remain sober.
Nikola Tesla: Half-vampire! Alcohol doesn't affect me. Though since you showed up, God I wish it did.
Helen Magnus: Explains why my wine cellar is now empty.
Nikola Tesla: Consider it payment for averting a global crisis.

Helen Magnus: Nothing personal?! They have my daughter! Now where was that boat headed?
Kate Freelander: Look, I have no idea!
Helen Magnus: [aims gun at Kate's leg] Get used to sitting more.

Kate Freelander: [about Helen] Must be fun asking her for a raise.

Will Zimmerman: You know, you might want to spend a little less time with Jack the Ripper. It's affecting your manners somewhat.

Dana's Doctor: You know, even if they put all the little pieces together, it would take them years to figure out what we're doing.
Dana: It's Helen Magnus and Nikola Tesla.
Dana's Doctor: ...[nods] Right.

Helen Magnus: Not a single genetic defect or latent abnormality in her DNA.
Nikola Tesla: Makes me sleepy just looking at it.

Henry Foss: Have fun... [Druitt appears, grabs Helen, teleports away with her] ...storming the castle.

End of Nights (Part 2) [2.2][edit]

Dana Whitcomb: [answering phone] Dana Whitcomb.
Helen Magnus: Is that your real name, or just the one we'll put on your headstone?

Helen Magnus: Nikola, did I ever tell you why my father founded the Sanctuary network all those decades ago?
Nikola Tesla: Because he was a crappy doctor?

Nikola Tesla: You'd think with all the resources available to her, she'd have a more updated facility. This place is as backward as Oxford before the war. The first war.
Henry Foss: Yeah, well, I think Dr. Magnus likes to keep the old stuff around for old times' sake. She trusts it more than the high-tech stuff I try to push on her.

Nikola Tesla: How to modulate the energy spectrum so that it has the desired benign effect...?
Henry Foss: While still taking her out.
Nikola Tesla: The reason I'm asking is because I don't know the answer. And I'm me.

Nikola Tesla: Oh, I'll be here working. Trying to save the world. Single-handedly. Ugh.

Nikola Tesla: We learn more from failure than from success. Or so I've heard.

John Druitt: What now?
Helen Magnus: We defend our home.

Helen Magnus: I recommend you get yourself to one of the safe-houses. Things are going to get very un-sanctuary-like around here.

Helen Magnus: [to the Big Guy] The others may question your choices, your beliefs. I don't. We've known each other too long. We've always understood the need for space, freedom to live as we want. It's the very thing that defines us. Once we let go of who we are, what we believe to be true, who the hell are we, for God's sake? Chattel for the fates like everyone else. I've always held that despite how complex this world is, compromise is for the weak. And the cost of that weakness is too high a price, no matter how dire the circumstances. Truth is, I've been wrong all along. [puts the antidote within his reach] I won't be visiting again.

Will Zimmerman: Once more into the breach, dear friends.
Helen Magnus: Once more, or close up the wall with our English dead.
Will Zimmerman: Or we could all just run away.
Helen Magnus: If only we were that smart.

John Druitt: Where's your courage, dear boy? We'll be fine.
Nikola Tesla: I'm not British. All that tally-ho crap doesn't work on me.

Helen Magnus: Do you remember when you were small? You used to come into my room in the middle of the night. You'd crawl into my arms and you'd say, "Mummy, I'm afraid." [sets the weapon aside, crying] Ashley, I'm afraid.

Eulogy [2.3][edit]

Helen Magnus: [to Bigfoot] Stop doting on me. It makes my teeth itch.
Bigfoot: Mine too.

Will Zimmerman: What do you think happens after we die? You've seen more lives end than anyone else that I know.
Helen Magnus: Kurt and Albert and I got into this discussion once at a Princeton football game, I think it was 1953. Albert argued that the concept of matter equaling energy, and vice versa, was far more ubiquitous than any of us could have imagined.
Will Zimmerman: That would be Kurt Goedel and Albert Einstein?

Helen Magnus: What do I think death is?
Will Zimmerman: Yeah.
Helen Magnus: Did you ever see Field of Dreams?
Will Zimmerman: Yeah, I loved that movie.
Helen Magnus: The cornfield. It's rather like that.
Will Zimmerman: I never understood what happened in the cornfield.
Helen Magnus: Nobody did. That was the point.

Henry Foss: Name your price.
Kate Freelander: Never say that to me unless you mean it.

Kate Freelander: Snares? Dude, it's a Steno! I say we set the phasers to eleven and fry the sucker! [clicks tongue]

Helen Magnus: Never stop doing that, being honest with me. Anything else and I will be insulted. Thanks.
Will Zimmerman: Sancho Panza had it easy.

Will Zimmerman: I need to know, are you searching for closure...or a miracle?
Helen Magnus: There are no such things as miracles.

Elderly Native Man: [offers Helen a necklace] It was meant for you. May it guide you through dark places and into the light.

Ashley Magnus: Nos must amitto vivo en. We must let go.
Helen Magnus: [turns to see Ashley behind her] I cannot.
Ashley Magnus: You have to, Mom.
Helen Magnus: But you''re my life. Without you--
Ashley Magnus: You'll never be without me, and I know that you will always love me. No matter what.

Hero [2.4][edit]

Will Zimmerman: If anyone needs me, I’ll be coughing up blood.

Helen Magnus: Nice shot.
Will Zimmerman: Well, he... he’s kinda hard to miss.

Helen Magnus: It does mean we’re going to have to do a far more detailed exam.
Will Zimmerman: Ah. Well, that doesn’t bode well for our “we’re not super villains” case.
Helen Magnus: Try to avoid the topic of total global domination.

Henry Foss: Did he say how he was able to fly?
Will Zimmerman: Yeah, three weeks ago he was hanging out on a friend's yacht off the coast of Africa when they got attacked by pirates called the "Singh Brotherhood". Somehow in the middle of it all he got pushed over the side and he swam to shore, and he found a cave, and in the cave there was this temple, and in the temple there was this ruby called [Henry joins in] the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. Yeah. How did you know that?
Henry Foss: [chuckling] This guy is good.
Will Zimmerman: What are you talking about?
Henry Foss: For real, you never read comic books as a kid?
Will Zimmerman: I mean, yeah... I was more of a Sherlock Holmes guy. Why?
Henry Foss: Okay, the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak? That's the stone Cain Marko found in the X-Men number 12; turned him into Juggernaut. The Singh Brotherhood is from The Phantom, and the yacht, well, if you don't know the story the Green Arrow, then there's no hope for you, pal. Dude, you got played.
Will Zimmerman: Crap.

Helen Magnus: Before you go knocking another hole in my wall know this; you are free to leave whenever you like.

Helen Magnus: I asked Henry to move your things into more permanent quarters.
Kate Freelander: You what?
Helen Magnus: I trust that meets with your agenda?

Pavor Nocturnus [2.5][edit]

Helen Magnus: More fun and games?

Helen Magnus: I'm Helen. Proper etiquette would be to offer your name in return.

Helen Magnus: It may be a shambles, but this is still my house.

Helen Magnus: You said we have five hours, maybe more; please, help me understand this.
Will Zimmerman: Magnus, if she turns, they'll come.
Helen Magnus: Then I suggest you leave. Because I will not let you shoot this girl.

Will Zimmerman: This is all a very bad idea. Which means you really must be you.

Will Zimmerman: I respect you trying to save this girl; it's even kind of nostalgic, but come on, this is all just more stuff for the archaeologists to find in the future after we're long gone.

Will Zimmerman: You're totally pissed, aren't you, that you came up empty.
Helen Magnus: [forced chuckle] Absolutely furious.

Will Zimmerman: Wow, look at that. What a beautiful day.
Helen Magnus: Mm. Not bad, Will.

Fragments [2.6][edit]

Kate Freelander: Trying to domesticate one of these things, that's like putting C-4 through the Play-Doh Fun Factory.

Will Zimmerman: Last time I saw Jack with Rachel, he was pretty docile. She was even teaching him sign language.
Kate Freelander: Well hey, I'm no scientist, but you teach a deadly abnormal how to talk and all you'll get is a deadly, talking abnormal.

Kate Freelander: Do the cops have one of these gizmos?
Henry Foss: They wish they did.

Kate Freelander: That's amazing... in like a total geeky kind of way.
Will Zimmerman: Wow, jealous much?

Will Zimmerman: I know what you're going to say. That if you could teach a lion to speak you still wouldn't understand him... your dad's favorite expression.
Helen Magnus: Because we often make the egocentric mistake of believing that abnormals think the same way we do; that their worldview and logic patterns are similar. In most cases even with the most intelligent species they simply aren't.

Will Zimmerman: In the real world forensics is under-staffed, under-funded and backlogged to the nines.
Kate Freelander: Oh. Well, score one for the criminals, then.
Will Zimmerman: Put it this way, if I had this tech to work with you'd have been behind bars years ago.
Kate Freelander: No, I wouldn't.

Veritas [2.7][edit]

Will Zimmerman: Who did this?
Declan Macrae: Look, it's too early to know for sure, but so far all the evidence I've gathered points to Helen Magnus.

Kate Freelander: I knew your freaky eyeballs would come up with something.

Kate Freelander: What would Magnus want with a bunch of Red-Listers?
Remy: Nothing legal.

Will Zimmerman: Come on, Magnus. Now, you already knocked me out once today. One per day, that's your limit.

Henry Foss: If you ever do that to me again, I will shoot you myself, you got it?

Next Tuesday [2.8][edit]

Will Zimmerman: What is it with you and flying, anyway?
Helen Magnus: Two crashes in 158 years, that's not bad.
Will Zimmerman: They only invented flying 110 years ago, so...

Will Zimmerman: She happens to be the foremost authority on deviant psychology in Scandinavia, thank you very much.
Helen Magnus: [laughs] Such an attractive element in a woman.

Will Zimmerman: If you get out, throw me down a sandwich - and an Uzi.

Helen Magnus: Honestly, Will, they are one of the most docile creatures in the entire ocean.
Will Zimmerman: You got to stop using that word to describe it, 'cause it is not docile.

Will Zimmerman: Okay, well, you must have been stranded at sea before.
Helen Magnus: Only once. April 14th, 1912.

Helen Magnus: I own a villa in Italy, on Capri, near Naples. I go there every seven years.
Will Zimmerman: Seven years?
Helen Magnus: Yeah, for a long weekend.
Will Zimmerman: Wow, I take it back. You really do know how to unwind.
Helen Magnus: That's about as long as I can stand doing nothing. British, remember?

Will Zimmerman: Let me get this straight; you own a villa in Italy, and you never told me about it?
Helen Magnus: I own a lot of things you don't know about.

Will Zimmerman: Okay, that is definitely not a baby vampire squid!

Helen Magnus: [seeing the squid surfacing] Hello, beastie.

Will Zimmerman: Wow! You blew the whole thing! It's just gone! You're crazy, you know that you're absolutely, certifiably insane!
Helen Magnus: That was pretty cool.
Will Zimmerman: Pretty cool? Yeah! That was like James Bond-Die Hard-cool!

Helen Magnus: Never let it be said that I don't know how to show someone a good time.

Will Zimmerman: It's hard, isn't it? Finding someone worth anything?
Helen Magnus: You're kidding, right? I mean, there's plenty of fish in the sea.
Will Zimmerman: No-no-no, no-no-no. You didn't just make that joke! You didn't just make that joke right here!
Helen Magnus: You laughed!
Will Zimmerman: No. I didn't. It was derisively, out of pity.
Helen Magnus: Nah, a laugh's a laugh.
Will Zimmerman: Yeah, no. I was just choking on helicopter fuel.

Penance [2.9][edit]

Jimmy: [to Helen] I love the hair.

Henry Foss: [on phone] Destroy your walkie right now!
Helen Magnus: [drops her walkie, stomps on it] Now, tell me why I just did that.

[Jimmy revives Kate with mouth-to-mouth]
Kate Freelander: What happened?
Jimmy: Oh, nothing much; you, uh, stopped breathing, so I, uh, took the opportunity to make out with you.

Jimmy: So, Cubs or Sox?
Kate Freelander: Seriously? If I wanted to fat guys running around I'd watch Reality TV.
Jimmy: Wow! And you say you're from Chicago. Next you'll be telling me you don't like pizza.
Kate Freelander: My dad was a Cubs fan; so I guess that makes me one too.
Jimmy: Yeah... See? I knew I should have left that bullet in.

Helen Magnus: Let me make one thing perfectly clear; if you have touched so much as one hair on Will Zimmerman's head, there is not enough real estate on this Earth to keep you safe from me.

Will Zimmerman: Yeah. Well, I'm off to see Sally. Hey, what kind of thank-you gift do you get for a mermaid?
Helen Magnus: Oh! She really likes it if you swim with her.
Will Zimmerman: Huh... I'll get my suit.
Helen Magnus: Ah... [smiles] No suit.

Kate Freelander: It's funny. I always wondered what I would do if I ever figured out who killed my father. Turns out it's not as black and white as I thought.
Helen Magnus: Life rarely is.

Sleepers [2.10][edit]

Will Zimmerman: Hey, you know, this would be a lot easier with Henry's help.
Helen Magnus: He's unavailable.
Will Zimmerman: Why, again?
Helen Magnus: [flustered pause] He's... on a mission of utmost importance, I was sworn to absolute secrecy.
Will Zimmerman: Wait a second... San Diego Comic Con? That's the mission of utmost importance?
Helen Magnus: You did not hear it from me.

Nikola Tesla: Wealthy parents ship their drug-addled teenagers to me. They arrive, their poor little bodies wracked by the best designer drugs trust funds can buy - it breaks your heart. But then, after one week of treatment, I send them home to mater and pater completely cured of all addictions.
Will Zimmerman: Woah woah woah, one week? That's impossible.
Nikola Tesla: Which part of "I am a genius" aren't you getting?

Nikola Tesla: [to Helen] I notice you do seem a bit on edge. Might I suggest one of our green tea detox massages? It makes you feel 100 again.

Nikola Tesla: The little bastard. [slams laptop closed] This was supposed to be my party! Nobody hijacks Nikola Tesla!

Darrin: Look, Chad, I'm starting to get a bad feeling about all this.
Chad: What, you're going to bail because of one screw up?
Darrin: [pointing to corpse on floor] That's what you call dead Steve?

Nikola Tesla [referring to the vampire race] There was a time when we sighed...and the world trembled.

Nikola Tesla [angrily] You turned what was supposed to be a symphony into rock 'n' roll! French Canadian rock 'n' roll!

Chad: You know I was hoping you'd be a bit more cooperative.
Nikola Tesla: Yeah, well, life's a bitch and then you don't die.

Kate Freelander: You call this a plan? Whatever happened to The good old stake through the heart?
Will Zimmerman: Doesn’t work.
Kate Freelander: What about all those movies, like Buffy
Helen Magnus: Misinformation propaganda. Spread by the vampires themselves— Confuse the enemy, preserve the race.
Kate Freelander: What about exposing them to sunlight or garlic?
Will Zimmerman: All you get is tanned vampires with bad breath.
Helen Magnus: Besides, we don’t want to kill them. We want to help them.
Kate Freelander: No, I’m thinking kill them.
Will Zimmerman: Yeah. Trust-fund vampires? I’m thinking she’s right.
Helen Magnus: Granted, but it wasn’t their choice. They may be rich, spoiled, insolent children, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t save them.
[Kate and Will look at each other skeptically.]
Helen Magnus: That’s a terrible sales pitch.
Kate Freelander: Yeah.

Kate Freelander: So it's just us against a bunch of bad ass bloodsuckin' immortals, huh? Well, it's a good thing we have our magic glass stick that we don't know how to use. Otherwise, I would be worried.

[Helen, Kate, and Will have been captured by Tesla's vampire lackeys]
Nikola Tesla: Well, well, well, the appetizers have arrived.
Helen Magnus: Well this is the last time I come to your rescue!

Nikola Tesla: I've often wondered what this moment would be like: me, you, tied up. It's a shame you brought the children.
Helen Magnus: Focus, Nikola.

Nikola Tesla: I call it... the De-Vamper!
Kate Freelander: You're a genius and that is the best name you could come up with?
Nikola Tesla: [Points at Kate] Watch it!

Nikola Tesla: Forgive me, Helen. It's just my soul-crushing depression talking. I'm not myself.
Helen Magnus: On the contrary; you are your real self again: human, mortal-
Nikola Tesla: Watch your language.
Helen Magnus: I'm sorry, Nikola, but it's true. I've tried everything I can think of. There's simply no way to "re-vamp" you.
Nikola Tesla: You see how this puts a crimp in my plans for world domination? Not to say I won't keep trying.
Helen Magnus: I would expect nothing less.
Nikola Tesla: Very well, if this is to be a wake, then lets do it properly. Join me in a toast: To happier times, to those halcyon times of blood lust, now gone. Plus you got to admit vampires are just plain cool.
Helen Magnus: [laughing] Amen.
Nikola Tesla: Here's to the glorious vampire race, once mighty, now extinct.

Haunted [2.11][edit]

Henry Foss: [about a sinking boat] Yeah, not so good. Celine Dion should start singing about now. Sorry, disaster joke, not funny.

Will Zimmerman: Molly?
Henry Foss: Modified O-wave Linear Expeller.
Will Zimmerman: Doesn't that acronym spell "mole"?
Henry Foss: Molly's hotter.
Will Zimmerman: Dude, it's a weapon, not a woman.
Henry Foss: Hey, clearly you and I have not dated the same girls.

Henry Foss: Your freeware media player created a conflict in the com port access base.
Kate Freelander: Henry, why is it whenever you talk all I hear is "blah, blah, blah, blah"?

John Druitt: I am who I am! It's high time you did something about it.

Helen Magnus: He wanted me to kill him.
Kate Freelander: No offense but you guys got a seriously messed up relationship.
Helen Magnus: It's complicated.

Helen Magnus: This is Whitechapel all over again.

Kate Freelander: Don’t you guys update your safety equipment?
Big Guy: Constantly.
Kate Freelander: Yeah? Well then why isn’t anything working? Where’s the disembodied voice saying, “Chill out, help’s coming”?
Big Guy: I’m that voice.
Kate Freelander: Is help coming?
Big Guy: ...No.

Helen Magnus: All of you, knock out your security cameras as... politely as possible.

Helen Magnus: You said you feel "different". What do you mean by that?
John Druitt: The darkness within me is...gone. Completely. Far more than when Tesla shot me, that was appeasement, but this...this peaceful.

Henry Foss: [regains control of a system] Yes! Suck it, electro! This is my town!

Helen Magnus: John, what's its agenda?
John Druitt: Chaos, death, suffering...sound familiar?

John Druitt: Let me go.
Helen Magnus: John, you don't have to do this. We could find a way--
John Druitt: I love you. Remember that... always.

John Druitt: [to Helen] For all eternity.

John Druitt: I need to leave now.
Helen Magnus: Where are you going?
John Druitt: I have no destination in mind.

Kali (Part 1) [2.12][edit]

Kate Freelander: [badly imitating Will] "We're going on a trip," he says. "It'll be fun!" he says.
Will Zimmerman: Please stop talking for two minutes, he says.

Ravi: Dr. Zimmerman, Miss Freelander. Namaste. I am Dr. Ganapathiraman.
Will Zimmerman: Hi, Doctor... [gives up] Doctor. I'm Will.
Ravi: Then you must call me Ravi.
Will Zimmerman: Thank God.

Kate Freelander: Armor-piercing 9 mil; steel-jacketed, Russian, pricey. [smiles at Ravi] You thought I was just a token Indian didn't you?

Declan Macrae: How was Egypt?
Helen Magnus: [sighs] Ah. Tiring... and what's the other word I'm looking for? Ah, yes, sandy.

Ravi: Body's downstairs. We're ready to start the autopsy.
Will Zimmerman: Wow, uh. I am jet lagged. I think I better turn in. But why don't you do the autopsy and we'll go over the results tomorrow?
Ravi: I thought he was a doctor?
Kate Freelander: He is... just not the kind that likes autopsies.

Edward Forsythe: Hmm... Magnus' people. It would be so crappy if they got to the bug before us.

Kali (Part 2) [2.13][edit]

Helen Magnus: The truth is, I broke the rules that I myself set into place. I knew it would come back and haunt me sooner or later.

Helen Magnus: It was my choice not to kill her. If I thought it would be popular I wouldn't have kept it secret.

Kate Freelander: You'd think a white guy wandering the street screaming about Kali would get noticed.
Ravi: Not really. It's Mumbai.

Kate Freelander: Did you...just make a pass at me?
Ravi: Warming up to it. Not that my parents would approve of you, of course. I'm joking. They'd love you.
Kate Freelander: Really?
Ravi: No.

Ravi: Suddenly such a delicate flower.
Kate Freelander: Oh, bite me.

Henry Foss: Dude, you cannot be serious.
Terrance Wexford: Don't interfere... dude.

Season 3[edit]

Kali (Part 3) [3.1][edit]

Helen Magnus: This is not a social call.

Rheka: It wasn't your fault. It was the fault of this pitnash.
Edward Forsythe: Ouch, Bibi.

Edward Forsythe: Troublesome Kali cult member, meet Dr. Helen Magnus.
Rheka: From the Sanctuary? Cha Kali maki.
Helen Magnus: Cha Kali maki.
Edward Forsythe: You guys know each other?
Rheka: She is well known among my people for protecting the special creatures of the Earth.

Helen Magnus: Thank you, Charles.
Edward Forsythe: Charles? I thought your name was Kyle.
Charles: Charles.
Helen Magnus: You know, you could help instead of lounging around like a frat boy.
Edward Forsythe: I gave you Carl, didn't I?
Charles: Charles.

Kate Freelander: Most ancient myths are designed to freak people out.

Will Zimmerman: In the bottom drawer of my desk, there's an envelope. I wrote some things down, and--
Kate Freelander: No. No, no way. We are not having this conversation.
Will Zimmerman: Yes, we are.
Kate Freelander: Because nothing's gonna happen.
Will Zimmerman: Yes, it is.
Kate Freelander: Look, I don't give a crap about your "last requests," okay? And if that pisses you off, then you're welcome to cross my name off of whatever is in that envelope when you get back.

Edward Forsythe: This is H.M.S. I-Don't-Give-a-Crap. If you happen to be an uptight amphibian martinet with a Napoleon complex, please bugger off. Otherwise, leave a message after the tone, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Beep!

Edward Forsythe: You can't blame me for dreaming big.
Helen Magnus: It's a rare quality these days.

Will Zimmerman: For all I know, I could have been chatting with Elvis.
Helen Magnus: Don't be ridiculous. Elvis is-- Never mind.

Firewall [3.2][edit]

Helen Magnus: Cheeky bastard!
Declan Macrae: I guess my work here's done.

Helen Magnus: Can you feel that?
Will Zimmerman: What, your finger in my ear?

Helen Magnus: Are you all right?
Will Zimmerman: Are you kidding? I love being the bait.
Henry Foss: He's out cold, and the crowd goes wild. Three words, please.
Helen Magnus: Well done, Henry.

Will Zimmerman: Whatever memories these guys are after must be from when I... you know.
Kate Freelander: Kicked the bucket? Bought the farm? Crossed over?
Will Zimmerman: Are you finished?
Kate Freelander: Pushed up daisies?

Helen Magnus: My father never gave me a gift without significance. He believed in the ancient power of crystals, and that Michelangelo had somehow tapped into an incredibly advanced mathematical formula.

Helen Magnus: I have no idea, but this is a power and technology beyond anything we've ever known.
Big Guy: Do you think it exists?
Helen Magnus: Well, if it does, we have to find it, wherever it is. Thank you, father.

Bank Job [3.3][edit]

Kate Freelander: Small towns make me nervous.
Will Zimmerman: Why?
Kate Freelander: Do I look small town to you?

Henry Foss: I already know your next question.
Helen Magnus: And I think I already know your answer.
Henry Foss: Why would I bring a retinal scanner to a simple bug pick-up?

Will Zimmerman: Surgery? Here?
Helen Magnus: I've operated in the trenches at Verdun. At least here I don't have to deal with the mud and the rats.

George: [about Helen] I knew that British accent was fake.

Henry Foss: No. No, no, no, I'm the geek. You're the doc. I do tech, you do drugs. You know what I mean.

Helen Magnus: There's just one thing that bothers me.
Kate Freelander: What's that?
Helen Magnus: All that money, and you didn't even take any.
Kate Freelander: I...
Helen Magnus: Isn't that depressing?
Kate Freelander: [sighs] Terribly.

Trail of Blood [3.4][edit]

Will Zimmerman: It's a set-up, Magnus, a trap. That's what he does, how he rolls, his modus operandi.
Helen Magnus: Yes. What if he's posing as the king of a lost mountain tribe and he wants me for his queen! Or what if he actually needs our help?
Will Zimmerman: Fine. I'll get my stuff together. The man comes with a hidden agenda, every time. Every time!
Helen Magnus: [softly, after Will leaves] That's what makes him so interesting.

Nikola Tesla: Look away. I'm hideous.

Helen Magnus: How long you been down here?
Nikola Tesla: Well, let's see now, nine days, seven hours. You know, I wish I'd stopped counting, but it's just not in my nature.

[Henry begins to cut Nikola's bonds.]
Nikola Tesla: [to Helen] Ah, you look fabulous!
[Helen gives him a demeaning look. Nikola laughs.]

Will Zimmerman: A whole lot of nothing. None of these connecting tunnels lead upward.
Henry Foss: Yeah, none of this stuff works down here.
Nikola Tesla: Yay team.

Nikola Tesla: You're aware of the iron deposits in these caves?
Henry Foss: Yeah, what about it?
Nikola Tesla: Highest concentration of natural lodestone in the western hemisphere. To you, it means nothing. To me: manna from heaven.
Helen Magnus: Your magnetic powers.
Will Zimmerman: Here it comes.
Nikola Tesla: Oh come on, I'm just looking for a way back on top. I mean, being a living magnet is not exactly on par with being heir to the greatest race in all of history. It even has a few drawbacks, like if you're not careful, your razor gets stuck on your face. So...what? I'm just looking for a way to turn this pointless ability into something extraordinary.
Henry Foss: So you went after the most powerful natural magnetic substance in the world.
Nikola Tesla: You're damn right I did.
Henry Foss: It makes sense, in an evil way.
Nikola Tesla: Oh, please. Can we stop with the value judgments? [to Henry] Hey, man, live and let live, I say.
Will Zimmerman: You know what I say? I say you got yourself into a little bit of trouble, and you dragged us into the mess too.
Nikola Tesla: So stop whining about it. I thought helping people was part of your job description.
Will Zimmerman: Yeah, people. You, Professor Hidden-Agenda, not so much.
Helen Magnus: We need a way out of here, and we need to keep moving. How's your strength?
Nikola Tesla: Carry me?

Will Zimmerman: I love our little field trips.

Nikola Tesla: I want my life back. Look at me Helen. [Points to Henry, whose back is turned] I'm reduced to parlour tricks, morse code. I can't even get out of a cobweb without help from these chumps. [Indicates Henry and Will] What am I now? Human with-with benefits? It's pathetic!

Nikola Tesla: Care to assist?
Henry Foss: Hell, yeah! I-I mean, you know, whatever.

Henry Foss: We're under the kids' bunk beds. No wonder the grownups want to eat us.
Nikola Tesla: We open that door, we get an angry PTA meeting swarming in here.

Nikola Tesla: Never bore your audience.

Nikola Tesla: [after an explosion] Fortunately, I can't hear what any of you are saying. It's very nice.

Will Zimmerman: He kept one of the larvae, didn't he?
Helen Magnus: Oh, definitely.
Will Zimmerman: You going to let him get away with it?
Helen Magnus: No. But let him enjoy his moment.
Will Zimmerman: Every time!

Hero II: Broken Arrow [3.5][edit]

Kate Freelander: [to Helen] True or false? Normandy. Allied invasion. You were on French soil when it happened.

Virgil St. Pierre: It's my suit, Magnus.
Helen Magnus: And that's a member of my team! Once she's out of danger, we will discuss the return of your suit, but until then, stay the hell out of my way!

Henry Foss: I promise I won't comment about how hot you look.

Helen Magnus: What are you doing up here? Thinking of places the suit could take you?
Kate Freelander: No. I'm just happy to be home.

Animus [3.6][edit]

Will Zimmerman: Let's take a road trip, just Butch and Sundance.
Henry Foss: What about Magnus and the magnet?

Helen Magnus: My wine cellar's depleted, and frankly, you need a shower.
Nikola Tesla: Where would science be today if I constantly stopped to bathe?

Declan Macrae: Tell me you're not thinking of doing anything foolish.
Will Zimmerman: Wha-- who, us? No, no, we're just a couple of blokes on our holidays.

Helen Magnus: They're on a mission. Won't be back until Friday. It's just the two of us, I'm afraid.
Nikola Tesla: Hmm... In this dark and lonely place?
Helen Magnus: Don't get any ideas. I'm too exhausted to even banter with you.

Helen Magnus: Go, fix my house.
Nikola Tesla: What am I, your house-elf?
Helen Magnus: Thank you, Dobby!

Helen Magnus: What are you doing in my bedroom?
Nikola Tesla: Well, I could think of a dozen answers, but I'll leave that to Oscar Wilde.

Helen Magnus: You are brilliant.
Nikola Tesla: Don't I know it?
Helen Magnus: Now get out.
Nikola Tesla: Okay.

Nikola Tesla: Ha! Surrender your secrets to the master of electricity!
Helen Magnus: Nicely done, Nikola.
Nikola Tesla: Thank you.

Helen Magnus: Whatever happens, we face it together.
Nikola Tesla: And we never even said vows.

Breach [3.7][edit]

Helen Magnus: Who are you?
Adam Worth: Helen. You look beautiful!

Helen Magnus: Stop. Hitting. Me.

Helen Magnus: Adam.
Adam Worth: It's nice to see you once again, love. It's only been what? A hundred years?
Helen Magnus: This is impossible. You're dead. I killed you.

Adam Worth: One thing I never got was you and Johnny Druitt. Helen...what in God's name did you ever see in that bull-headed mysogynist? I did like Tesla, though. At least he was honest. Always knew where you stood with him. Watson was the only one who really gave me a fair shake besides you. You were my favoirte...until you killed me, which, as you may have guessed, left me with some emotional scars.

For King & Country [3.8][edit]

Henry Foss: Who the hell is this guy?
Nikola Tesla: Not one person but two. Prepare to meet Jekyll and Hyde.

Nikola Tesla: But we were young, and, believe it or not, even a tad arrogant.

Adam Worth: [about Druitt] Good lad. So he carved up a few whores. We all have our quirks.

Helen Magnus: How old are you? Walking about with a gun like this, you should be ashamed.

Helen Magnus: You need a group of independent agents.
Nikola Tesla: With special talents.
James Watson: Who are acquainted with his past.
Helen Magnus: How certain are you of this threat?
Prime Minister: The stakes could not be higher.

Henry Foss: Man, that is so James Bond. Except it's before there was a James Bond, so it's... cooler.

Henry Foss: No nasty comments, no sarcastic cracks... you okay?
Nikola Tesla: [slams drawer] No, I'm not okay. It took me - me, mind you - days to-to crack that holographic piñata up in the library, and then, after several bottles of Chablis, I finally get over my humiliation - and now this shipment of fresh hell arrives!
Henry Foss: Okay, find your happy place.
Nikola Tesla: I mean, this is technology… that-that I've never seen before, much less imagined, and… to be brutally honest - and I don't want this getting out - I find it rather humbling, and I don't do humble.
Henry Foss: Copy that.

Helen Magnus: As much as I can never forgive you for what you've done, I can never forgive myself for not seeing it sooner.
John Druitt: When this is over, you and I will begin our dance anew.
Helen Magnus: Count on it.

Nikola Tesla: Kill Worth just because his lordship says so?
James Watson: He's not a lord, he's a King. And, no. Go to hell, Mr. Prime Minister.

Adam Worth: The others?
Helen Magnus: Are close by.
Adam Worth: I love these alumni gatherings.

Vigilante [3.9][edit]

Will Zimmerman: How does Magnus do this every day?
Big Guy: Stayed off Twitter.

Will Zimmerman: Fine. I'll get you the money.
Nikola Tesla: Wow. You’re even easier than the U.S. Congress.

Abby Corrigan: Abby Corrigan.
Nikola Tesla: Nikola Tesla.
Abby Corrigan: Wow. Like the scientist.
Nikola Tesla: Remarkably so.

Helen Magnus: John...Take me to London.
John Druitt: It's been a long time since I've heard you say that.

Henry Foss: All right, I have good news and bad news. What do you want to hear first?
Will Zimmerman: The good news, please.
Henry Foss: The good-- oh... Yeah, it doesn't really make sense if I tell it in that order.

Henry Foss: Son of a... It bit me!
Big Guy: What did you do to it? Cypher beetles aren't aggressive.
Henry Foss: I know they're not aggressive. Tell that to the Cypher beetle that bit me!

Nikola Tesla: [with a bottle of wine and two glasses] Drink?
Will Zimmerman: No, thanks.
Nikola Tesla: Oh, come on. "Shoot Your Employee Day" comes but once a year. Lighten up, you did what you had to do. Magnus woulda done the same thing.
Will Zimmerman: Really? You really think so?
Nikola Tesla: Oh, absolutely. Magnus has shot me more times than I can count.
Will Zimmerman: Yeah, well, that's you.
Nikola Tesla: You're right, bad example. The point is, you acted decisively when necessary and, you know, kiddo, keep that up and someday, you're gonna be worth something to this organization. [smiles and Will takes the offered glass]

The Hollow Men [3.10][edit]

Nikola Tesla: Really, I have to say, when I imagine the splendor of the entry hall, an architectural site thousands of years old...A veritable marvel of art and design, and to think that the first witnesses to this spectacle will be Huey, Dewey, and Screwy? Really, Helen, my heart sinks you chose them over me.
Helen Magnus: Don't be bitter.
Nikola Tesla: But I do it so well.

Henry Foss: Eeny, meeny, miny...
[Helen walks inside]
Will Zimmerman: There goes mo.

Helen Magnus: Use your phone. The blank screen acts like a mirror.
Will Zimmerman: Why would I bring my phone to hollow earth?

[Druitt and Adam Worth are going to Hollow Earth after Helen, Will , Kate, and Henry. Tesla is insisting on going with them.]

John Druitt: You're absolutely determined to come with us?
Nikola Tesla: Yes!
John Druitt: Okay. [holds out his hand, then zorts away before Nikola can take it]
Nikola Tesla: SON! OF! A! BITCH!

Kate Freelander: Ugh... What the hell did they shoot us with, a hangover gun?
Henry Foss: Some sort of energy blast. Knocked out our electrical system.
Kate Freelander: Are you saying we got rebooted?
Henry Foss: Uh-huh. I am definitely having a vista moment. All right, where do you think we are, the city?
Kate Freelander: Well, it ain't Kansas.

Helen Magnus: You're making a huge mistake. We came here in peace.
Ranna Seneschal: And in doing so, you condemned yourselves.

Pax Romana [3.11][edit]

Ranna Seneschal: I will ask the questions. You will answer them.
Helen Magnus: Or you'll kill me again?

Henry Foss: All right, so, they reanimated us, which effectively makes us zombies, and I-I'm really not comfortable with that.

Ranna Seneschal: We both believe that harmony is preferable to conflict.
Helen Magnus: Then let's return the favor, shall we?

Helen Magnus and Ranna Seneschal: Bloody hell.

John Druitt: [to Worth] You and I have unfinished business, old boy.

Helen Magnus: You'll contact me?
Gregory Magnus: The first chance I get.
Helen Magnus: When you do, could you be a bit less cryptic?

Hangover [3.12][edit]

Henry Foss: So it's Thursday? What the hell happened to Wednesday?

Big Guy: I've dusting to do.
Will Zimmerman: But filing is... [Big Guy walks away] He's a big hairy liar.

Henry Foss: Aw, dude...
Will Zimmerman: No, no, no, do not "dude" me, okay? Do not use the word "dude" in reference to me ever again!

Will Zimmerman: What is that smell?
Big Guy: Uh... me.
Will Zimmerman: Why?
Big Guy: Garbage compactor tried to eat me.

Big Guy: I'm not getting in that elevator. This building's possessed again.

Kate Freelander: What's a little gunfire between friends?

Helen Magnus: The sex inhibitor pheromone of the red bollworm.
Will Zimmerman: Pfft. Why didn't I think of that? Ow.
Helen Magnus: Obviously this is a hastily engineered synthetic, but it should do the trick.
Kate Freelander: No sex?
Henry Foss: I don't need a shot for that.

Helen Magnus: Dr. Lee, this is a Sanctuary. It's not a zoo. We deal with abnormal creatures, and, yes, sometimes they're dangerous. That's why we're here. It's what we do, it's our job, and quite frankly, we're good at it. We've been good at it for 149 years.

Lillian Lee: What the hell am I doing?
Helen Magnus: Well, I believe you're trying to kill my colleagues, but I'm willing to overlook it.

One Night [3.13][edit]

Kate Freelander: Guys... Thinking out loud here, but maybe his date with Abby got off to a good start.
[Declan and Big Guy look at each other in confusion]
Kate Freelander: As in, a really good start. As in they never left her apartment! Work with me, people!
Big Guy: No. Not a chance.
Declan Macrae: Mate, the food's that good?
Big Guy: Yes.
Kate Freelander: Better than spontaneous pre-date nookie?
Big Guy: Yes.

Helen Magnus: Using my name to get a table at my favorite restaurant? Incredibly low-brow, Will.

Will Zimmerman:Is the food really that good?
Helen Magnus: Oh... it's that good.

Metamorphosis [3.14][edit]

Helen Magnus: Interesting.
Kate Freelander: I used a different word while scraping scrambled eggs off the floor. Something with four letters.

Henry Foss: Dude, this is amazing! You're like Spider-Man, but without the tights. Thankfully.

Henry Foss: He was changing a light bulb on that chandelier.
Helen Magnus: It's on a winch! There's a control panel under the staircase.
Henry Foss: Yeah, I probably should have known that.

Helen Magnus: There's an underscore here at the end of the first sentence. Why would she do that?
Henry Foss: I don't know. Maybe she's a bad typist.
Helen Magnus: She typed it in cuneiform.

Wingman [3.15][edit]

Helen Magnus: I have a diprotodon who's about to go into labor. Unless you'd like to stay and monitor his cervix?
Henry Foss and Will Zimmerman: No!
Helen Magnus: Thought not.

Will Zimmerman: What Henry means is that we were transporting the abnormal in an alternative... temperature-controlled container.
Helen Magnus: A refrigerator?!
Will Zimmerman: Well, yes, I believe it's also known by that name--

Henry Foss: It was just a few minutes to the docks. What's going to happen?
Helen Magnus: You do realize that question has now ceased to be rhetorical?
Henry Foss: Yes, I do now.

Erika Myers: In fact, the whole Sanctuary team seems like more of a family.
Will Zimmerman: If not a little dysfunctional.

Abby Corrigan: What's going on now?
Henry Foss: Yeah, still don't know. In the same van as you, so...

Awakening [3.16][edit]

Nikola Tesla: You know, this reminds me of when we were in Egypt looking for Tut's tomb, huh? Ah... those wild early days. No ground-penetrating radar, no satellite imagery.
Helen Magnus: We were barely better than grave-robbers.

Nikola Tesla: Do you remember the leaves of autumn that time we met at Oxford?
Helen Magnus: You need to stay focused. Your body's going into shock.
Nikola Tesla: That crimson dress you were wearing...
Helen Magnus: You'll start to feel cold, and then you'll want to sleep.
Nikola Tesla: Yes.
Helen Magnus: You can't give in to it. You need to keep that magnetic field going. Any more blood loss, and--
Nikola Tesla: Any sensible woman would have worn black, you know, to fit in, but not Helen Magnus. Oh, no.

Nikola Tesla: Helen... You're going to have to find another date to the prom.

Afina: Animal plasma, that's what you eat?
Nikola Tesla: Well, it's not as bad as it sounds.
Afina: It sounds terrible.

Helen Magnus: You're familiar with the fox and the chicken parable?
Nikola Tesla: I am. Which are you in this story, the chicken or the fox?
Helen Magnus: The farmer!

Nikola Tesla: You have a Sasquatch for a butler and you travel the world with history's most notorious murderer, and now you don't feel safe? Helen, green is not a good color on you.
Helen Magnus: Don't be ridiculous.
Nikola Tesla: She's intelligent, powerful, remarkably well- preserved for her age, everything I look for in a woman, and unlike someone I know, she's actually interested in me.
Helen Magnus: I'm not engaging in this childish conversation.
Nikola Tesla: The more you deny it, the truer it is.
Helen Magnus: Oh, that's an excellent scientific method.
Nikola Tesla: Thank you.
Helen Magnus: Really, really good--
Afina: I can hear you, you know. Vampire, remember?

Afina: You need to learn to trust me.
Helen Magnus: And if I don't?
Afina: That's when bad things start to happen.

Afina: When I repopulate my species, I plan to do much better than a mixed-blood mongrel. You, though, will be... quite useful.
Helen Magnus: How? I'm less vampire than he is.
Afina: Exactly. A blood donor that stays young and fresh forever, but without the bitter aftertaste.
Helen Magnus: I hope you choke on it.

Afina: I would have shared everything with you. All the wonders of a new age.
Helen Magnus: While keeping me as your personal canteen?
Afina: In my time, it was an honor to serve the Queen.
Helen Magnus: I'll pass.
Afina: Suit yourself.

Afina: Nikola. You're out of your depth, mongrel.
Nikola Tesla: I'd rather be a mongrel than a stuck-up inbred bitch.

Afina: Once we've conquered the world down there, we'll be back.
Helen Magnus: I don't doubt it. We'll be waiting.
Afina: I would have so liked to have had you for my court.

Nikola Tesla: Thanks for consulting me about the suicide pact.

Nikola Tesla: We mustn't forget our most important achievement of the day. My resurrection.
Helen Magnus: Oh, here we go...
Nikola Tesla: Sweet, sweet resurrection.

Normandy [3.17][edit]

Helen Magnus: More violent than I expected...
James Watson: Ah, bad luck.

James Watson: Ludicrous. Traipsing around Nazi France, alone. We should have brought some bloody SAS lads for safety.
Helen Magnus: More men means attracting more attention.
James Watson: Kind of like blowing up a checkpoint with a tank.
Helen Magnus: Well, if your German sounded more Bavarian...
James Watson: Pish posh.

Helen Magnus: You should know, we deal with monsters.
Jeanette Anais: I deal with Nazis. I say we're even.
Nigel Griffin: Ah, I like this girl.

John Druitt: You're with her now. Aren't you? I know you, old friend. Your passion. Your passion for her it just comes off you like a bad smell.
James Watson: You leaked intelligence and had us ambushed by the SS just so that you could see her one more time. You are like a pathetic schoolboy with a crush!
John Druitt: I leaked no such information but it is very telling that you would think I would!
James Watson: John, do not dig too deeply. You don't know how much you hurt her.
John Druitt: Hurt her? Or you?

Nikola Tesla: Take this to Eisenhower. And if he says it's cryptic, I'll knock his teeth in.

Nikola Tesla: You were good, but I was better.

Helen Magnus: James, there's one part of the legend that's actually true. There's no way to really kill a fire elemental. It’s kind of why they call them elementals.
James Watson: You're telling me this now?

Helen Magnus: John, what have you done?
John Druitt: What I always do. What you can't. Treat her well, James.

Carentan [3.18][edit]

Helen Magnus: Waiting for a call back.
Will Zimmerman: I got a bridge I want to sell ya.
Helen Magnus: Precisely.

Will Zimmerman: So, sixty-five years later, a little different without the barbed wire and swastikas?
Helen Magnus: Ever so slightly.

Ravi: This used to be an old Nazi bunker.
Helen Magnus: Fond memories.

Will Zimmerman: Is there something I can help you with?
Helen Magnus: Yeah, I could really use a computer. Or a proper pen and paper or a bloody slide rule!

Will Zimmerman: And yet here we are, trying to recreate it using pieces of old laptops and, and iPods and what is that?
Helen Magnus: Thermostat from a toaster.
Will Zimmerman: Ah. Sorry I asked.

Will Zimmerman: You’re not blaming yourself, are you?
Helen Magnus: Until I know differently.

Out of the Blue [3.19][edit]

Helen Magnus: When I want you in my house, Doctor Zimmerman, I will invite you into my house. Don’t expect that invitation any time soon.

Abby Corrigan: Scottish shortbread. You’re Scottish so…
Helen Magnus: English, actually.

Helen Magnus: What do I want to do instead? I don’t know. I want to travel.
George: [on phone] Travel?
Helen Magnus: I want to help homeless children, work with animals, go on safari... God, something more!
George: Listen to yourself. Helen...
Helen Magnus: [hangs up, throws phone] Bloody agents!

Helen Magnus: Please don’t have any more shortbread...

Helen Magnus: Coffee?
Will Zimmerman: Do you have any tea?
Helen Magnus: ...I think I’ll join you. Far more civilized. Don’t know why I bother making coffee.

Helen Magnus: You know I hate the term happy. Like it's the be-all, end-all of life. Like if we don't achieve perfect happiness we somehow failed.

Helen Magnus: I married a man I hate. I drink coffee, for God's sake.

Kate Freelander: Sorry about the mess, we’ve been living like bachelors.
Henry Foss: Which we are. Which is sad.

Kate Freelander: I guess you guys really don’t like living in bliss.

Into the Black [3.20][edit]

Henry Foss: Ah, what the hell just happened?
Will Zimmerman: The word railroad comes to mind.

Henry Foss: This latest situation could be an opportunity to show the world what we do around here.
Helen Magnus: Even so, I’m not sure the world is ready.
Henry Foss: Well, when will they be?
Helen Magnus: I tried something similar to this in the late 1940’s. Henry, it did not go well. Opinions are still the same as they were in the dark ages. So, in answer to your question, maybe never.

Helen Magnus: We are not meant to be together.
John Druitt: You do not believe that.
Helen Magnus: I do. We’ve never been able to make it work, ever. And when this is over, I don’t want to see you again.
John Druitt: All this because I didn’t kill Worth for you? how hypocritical.
Helen Magnus: What?
John Druitt: You claim to revile my blood lust until you need it. Then you’re more than happy for me to step in and do all your dirty work.
Helen Magnus: If I’d been inside that transport module I’d have taken care of things myself, thank you.

John Druitt: He promised to take me with him. Back to Oxford. Before... before we injected the Source blood
Helen Magnus: Why would you want to do that?
John Druitt: You know why. If I could have prevented us from taking that damnable blood things would have been so different. You and I could have been together. Raised children.
Helen Magnus: Why would you think... you would have been altering the course of history.
John Druitt: That was the point.

Helen Magnus: You'd really wipe out the last hundred years without so much as a second thought?
John Druitt: To be with you, oh yes.
Helen Magnus: If who I am now is so meaningless to you that you would sacrifice it in order to bed me in some other time... John, that's not love.

Adam Worth: Well, if it isn't my favorite dysfunctional couple.

John Druitt: Can't blame me for the dream, no?
Helen Magnus: The hell I can't.

Season 4[edit]

Tempus [4.1][edit]

Inspector Lestrade: Been as gentle as a debutante, despite all the weapons we found on her. Never seen anything like 'em. I would say Miss Magnus' reputation as odd remains intact.

Helen Magnus: I am Helen--
James Watson: Oh, you definitely are Helen Magnus, just not of this era. I'm a... detective.

James Watson: John Druitt? Dear God, does everyone from our era live on to the 21st century?
Helen Magnus: Not everyone.
James Watson: ...oh.

James Watson: Time travel is actually possible. H.G. would be ecstatic.

John Druitt: You sound just like James. How much time have you been spending together?
1898 Helen Magnus: And now jealousy. For whom?
John Druitt: How dare you question my motives? My... feelings? You... you hunt me like an animal. After all we've been through. My heart... is yours. Look... in my face. Look at my face.

Adam Worth: Is that a revolver under your bustle, or are you just happy to see me?
Helen Magnus: Oh, it's a gun. Any last words?
Adam Worth: Well, 'don't shoot' never seems to work with you.

Helen Magnus: Bustle or no, I'll be out that door before your head hits this table.

John Druitt: You're insane.
Helen Magnus: Oh, very much so. Fancy some more?

Helen Magnus: How does it feel? Cold steel against your jugular? In the hands of someone who knows how to kill you slowly and has the will to do it?
John Druitt: H-Helen?
Helen Magnus: Are you paying attention? Stay away from me.

Helen Magnus: I never meant to burden you, James. All this knowledge you have to keep secret.
James Watson: Oh, I love it, you know that. What, all the deductive reasoning I'll be able to do with the little tidbits you've left me? It's going to keep me occupied for decades, if I have that long.

Helen Magnus: A vacation?
James Watson: From what I gather, you've... rather earned one.

Uprising [4.2][edit]

Will Zimmerman: Are you saying you're better than me because you're a werewolf? I resent that.
Henry Foss: Better. Faster. Stronger. But let's not argue semantics, Will.

Will Zimmerman: Have fun storming the castle.

Henry Foss: Take me to your leader. Yes, I just said that.

Helen Magnus: What's it take to get a decent cup of tea around here?

Helen Magnus: Well done, you. And you.
Abby Corrigan: We do make a good team.
Will Zimmerman: Yes. Yes, we do. You, me, and, uh, all your friends.
Helen Magnus: It's good to be home.

Will Zimmerman: Magnus, you were out of communication for hours.
Helen Magnus: More like... years, actually.
Will Zimmerman: Years?
Helen Magnus: 113, to be precise.
Will Zimmerman: I need to be sitting down for this, don't I?
Helen Magnus: Mmm, with a '56 Bordeaux, I should think. Shall we?
Will Zimmerman: Don't tell me. It's a long story.
Helen Magnus: Ah, you have no idea.

Untouchable [4.3][edit]

Henry Foss: Oh, shouldn't you be resting? You know, in your...?
Erika Myers: If you say "delicate condition", I'll bite you. Task me. You know I have serious game at coding.
Henry Foss: Which I call foreplay.

Will Zimmerman: If you call me "Sport" once more, I'm going to knock your teeth in. Welcome to the Sanctuary.

Helen Magnus: This is not a menagerie, Mr. Addison.
Craig Addison: What else do you call the place where they keep the monsters and the freaks?

Craig Addison: Any chance you'll call me Craig?
Helen Magnus: None whatsoever.

Helen Magnus: I'll keep an eye on the Geek Squad. No offense.

Big Guy: Addison asked for coffee.
Helen Magnus: Uck. Philistine.

Helen Magnus: We could waste a lot of energy fighting this battle, but there's a long war ahead.
Will Zimmerman: If you start calling me "young grasshopper," I'm quitting.

Helen Magnus: I have given five lifetimes to this work. I have seen everyone I love die for it. Do you really think you can begin to take that on?
Craig Addison: This is insane. [to Will] Would you please talk some sense into her? [to Helen] Your research has been bought and paid for over the years by the people I work for. You turn me away now, you're out in the cold for good.
Helen Magnus: [calmly] You come near us again, and I'll arrange for you to be eaten.

Henry Foss: We're going to need to fortify our defenses, aren't we?
Helen Magnus: Very much so, my friend.

Helen Magnus: There are changes coming that the world is not ready for. So from now on, we make our own rules.

Monsoon [4.4][edit]

Henry Foss: Lawless island. That sounds dodgy.
Will Zimmerman: Aw, come on, for "bullets and leather" Magnus? She can handle it.

Boss: I don't like women with secrets.
Helen Magnus: You'll hate me.

Feodor: You know, this woman, she is more than just someone with cash. She's got you all scared.

Helen Magnus: Sorry about your men. My guess is, they tried to hit it with an EM pulse to get on board. Bad idea. Makes it explode.

Helen Magnus: I'm fine. I've been through worse.
Charlotte Benoit: You keep saying that. You've been through worse, you've seen worse. You sound like an old woman.
Helen Magnus: I am an old woman.
Charlotte Benoit: What's your deal, anyway? You're being totally cryptic about being here, and you went Die Hard on these guys. What are you, a spy, an agent, or something?
Helen Magnus: A doctor.
Charlotte Benoit: Of ass-kicking.
Helen Magnus: Something like that.

Charlotte Benoit: Are you sure you can't stay for a day or two? Relax, hang out?
Helen Magnus: See, the thing about me is I rarely just hang out. [Charlotte kisses her] Dear God.
Charlotte Benoit: Mad?
Helen Magnus: On the contrary, I just... I haven't been kissed like that in a very long time. [Helen returns Charlotte's kiss]

Resistance [4.5][edit]

Helen Magnus: The middle of the New Mexico desert. Interesting.
Henry Foss: I'm not getting why.
Helen Magnus: Oh, Henry. It's Area 51.
Henry Foss: What? What about the one on Google maps?
Helen Magnus: Decoy, aimed at conspiracy theorists, I'm afraid. Much like the Pentagon.
Henry Foss: Really?
Helen Magnus: No.

Big Guy: If you're caught, you could be charged with espionage.
Helen Magnus: That never sticks.

Henry Foss: Bloody hell.

Helen Magnus: The decor in this place. Something about it is very familiar.
Henry Foss: Like "I had that lamp in my dorm room" familiar? Or, um, "I dreamt I was going to be executed by the federal government" familiar?

Nikola Tesla: Now, before you go off on some high and mighty diatribe--
Helen Magnus: Do you have any idea how many innocent creatures have been dragged here against their will?
Nikola Tesla: Too late.

Helen Magnus: Did you notice anything unusual about Nikola's behavior?
Henry Foss: Other than the knife in your back with his fingerprints on it?
Helen Magnus: He's hiding something. He needs our help, but he's too stubborn to ask.
Henry Foss: Oh, I did not get that.

Henry Foss: What do you mean, it just disappeared?
Nikola Tesla: It vanished. It evanesced. It went poof.

Nikola Tesla: What is it about you and me and dark, narrow corridors?
Helen Magnus: You know, it does seem to be a recurring theme, doesn't it?
Nikola Tesla: Hey, how about we leave the kid [meaning Henry] and find a dark, isolated supply closet?

Helen Magnus: It won't be long before it extends beyond the facility.
Nikola Tesla: Yes, yes, yes, but more importantly, I did it. I invented wireless electricity.

Helen Magnus: Fortunately I brought the world's foremost expert on taking things apart. Henry?
Henry Foss: [smiling] I'm on it.

Henry Foss: He's working on his Nobel speech. Wants to call his invention Tesla-tricity.
Helen Magnus: Blimey.

Nikola Tesla: You're unpleasant when you use rhetoricals.

Helen Magnus: Hello, beastie.

Big Guy: My instincts need to be better.
Will Zimmerman: Why, because you're an abnormal?
Big Guy: Because they're all I've got.

Helen Magnus: Ah, Nikola. You are full of surprises.

Homecoming [4.6][edit]

Will Zimmerman: I'll meet you later this afternoon with the cash.
Yusuf: Cash?
Will Zimmerman: It's untraceable. It's how we roll now.

Helen Magnus: If these Red Listers do exist, my priority is to make sure they don't fall into the wrong hands.
Bruno Delacourt: Obviously, sure.
Helen Magnus: And I'll be keeping a very tight leash on you.
Bruno Delacourt: Meow!

Yusuf: Can you self medicate?
Will Zimmerman: How do you think I got through college?

Bruno Delacourt: You! Look at your... the way the streetlight, the lamp--
Helen Magnus: Don't...speak.

Sheila Delacourt: And we use that money to pay the black marketeers.
Bruno Delacourt: And save the orphans from being sold into slavery. Ta dah! Cue the violins.
Henry Foss: I got nothing.
Helen Magnus: It's stunning.

Bruno Delacourt: That's not gonna fly. Pardon the pun.
Sheila Delacourt: Technically, that's not a pun.
Bruno Delacourt: Throwing your correspondence school diploma in my face again?

Helen Magnus: So you flew off and left us to fend for ourselves.
Bruno Delacourt: You... wanted us to stay and help?

Henry Foss: My head is about to explode.

Henry Foss: I am collating here.
Helen Magnus: Well, either do it silently or tell me something.

Helen Magnus: How's your head?
Will Zimmerman: Were you always a brunette?
Helen Magnus: Not always.

Icebreaker [4.7][edit]

Declan Macrae: Could you two just...?
Henry Foss: What, HAP? In this? Dude, I need these clothes!

Henry Foss: Suck it, Tesla. Let there be light!

Will Zimmerman: I am never, ever flying with her again! I think she took flying lessons from Yoda in her time off! The dials are all going like this. [spins fingers in circles] She's got her eyes closed! She's got this whole Force thing going on!
Declan Macrae: None of the ice pilots at Longyear were prepared to go out in this, then?
Helen Magnus: I practically had to buy the plane to get the keys out of their hands.
Will Zimmerman: The tower never gave us clearance to take off, and we almost crashed, twice!

Henry Foss: Ah, badass pilot. Not-so-badass passenger probably screamed like a little girl the whole way.
Will Zimmerman: No. Not the whole way.

Henry Foss: If I have a boy, I'm going to name him Alistair, Will.
Will Zimmerman: William Alistair Henry Foss, son of two HAPs. Nobody will ever make fun of him for that.

Henry Foss: I'm frozen, on a sinking ship full of dead people, taking the body of my friend out into a snowstorm, and I don't know if the guy standing next to me wants to kill me or not!
Declan Macrae: No offense, mate, but I'm in exactly the same position, except the guy standing next to me that might want to kill me is a werewolf.

Helen Magnus: Bloody hell! Am I always that stubborn?

Fugue [4.8][edit]

Declan Macrae: Music?
Will Zimmerman: Yeah, sure. Nothing too loud, though.
Declan Macrae: Don't worry, mate. My Sex Pistols days are long gone.

Helen Magnus: Because her DNA is being over-written, she can only perceive certain harmonic frequencies.
Will Zimmerman: Music?
Helen Magnus: Music!

Helen Magnus: [singing] Your body's been taken/Something new and deadly/Something we've never seen.
Abby Corrigan: [singing] Have I become a monster?
Helen Magnus: [singing] We never use that word.

Will Zimmerman: My mom used to sing to me. In fact, when I... when I can't remember her voice, I just think of all those cheesy songs she used to sing to me. If I... if I fell down or if I couldn't sleep. If I had a nightmare, she'd sing to me. And then after she died... So thanks for contracting the one condition that makes me do something I hate.

Gregory Magnus: [singing]
I will go wherever you lead me
On rivers of roses or rain
I will follow the signs that you leave me
The mysteries of joy and of pain
I will search for light in the darkness
Though I stumble through shadow and shade
Oh, if you are with me, of whom shall I be afraid?
You have lifted me up when I've fallen,
And driven the ghosts from my door
You have comforted me in my sorrow,
Wiped my brow when I've been sick and sore
You have shared in all of my triumphs
And blessed the crops that we laid
Oh, if you are with me, of whom shall I be afraid?
Oh, if you are with me, of whom shall I be afraid?
Helen Magnus: Of course. It makes sense.
Gregory Magnus: Do you see it now, sweetheart?
Helen Magnus: Thank you, father.
Gregory Magnus: Never lose faith.

Abby Corrigan: You okay?
Will Zimmerman: Traumatized. But too much singing will do that to a person.

Helen Magnus: You've been a wonderful soldier, Will. You have done everything I've asked you, and more. You could run this Sanctuary, hell, the entire network, brilliantly. Because you always fight for what you believe is right. Even when we disagree. I'm not too proud to admit that I am very used to getting my own way. Sometimes to a fault.
Will Zimmerman: Right. Don't think you're going to melt me with that British charm of yours.
Helen Magnus: Perish forbid. You never compromise, Will, and that's the man I hired to be my protégé.
Will Zimmerman: How am I doing?
Helen Magnus: Honestly? I couldn't be more proud. [Will walks away from her]

Chimera [4.9][edit]

Helen Magnus: Got you, beastie.

Henry Foss: A hidden sector?
Big Guy: One you didn't create?
Henry Foss: Would I be this surprised if I created it?

Nikola Tesla: Berate me if you must--
Helen Magnus: I must.

Helen Magnus: What did you expect?
Nikola Tesla: I don't know, something cooler, like The Matrix, or Vienna in springtime. [Helen is taken aback] Remember?

Nikola Tesla: So if an immortal vampire dies in a virtual world...
Helen Magnus: Does he make a sound?

Adam Worth: Anything for you, sir?
Nikola Tesla: Um, ah, what the hell? I'll have a glass of '92 Lafite.
Adam Worth: 1992 or 1892?
Nikola Tesla: I love it here.

Adam Worth: Ashley.
Helen Magnus: I beg your pardon?
Adam Worth: Ashley... makes you sad.

Helen Magnus: I am going back to bed.
Nikola Tesla: I'll walk you.
Helen Magnus: I know the way.
Henry Foss: [to Nikola] So out of your league.

Adam Worth: On second thought, maybe I'll read you a story. Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Helen with a happy smile. And she had long, beautiful hair. One day, Helen discovered Source blood.
Helen Magnus: Adam, don't.
Adam Worth: No, wait, this is the really good part. Bet you can't guess what she did with the Source blood next.

Helen Magnus: How's your magnetism in here?
Nikola Tesla: You tell me.
Helen Magnus: Really? Even now?
Nikola Tesla: Sorry. It's automatic.

Big Guy: What do you call it?
Henry Foss: I don't know, un-deading device.

Nikola Tesla: Elvis has left the building, my man.
Helen Magnus: I'm running the show from here on.

Nikola Tesla: I've got my body, and you've certainly got yours.
Helen Magnus: [laughing] Oh, dear Lord.

Acolyte [4.10][edit]

Will Zimmerman: We need another way around.
Henry Foss: This is the way around.

Will Zimmerman: Oh, man, business class is not what it used to be.
Kate Freelander: Try riding a giant Yurka beetle for 12 hours in search of an active gateway.
Will Zimmerman: Do they serve meals?

Henry Foss: So I hacked into the SIS database...
Helen Magnus: SIS?
Henry Foss: The Portuguese security intelligence service. It's a lame acronym, I know, especially when you got a "P," an "I," and two "S"s to work with--
Helen Magnus: Onward.

[Helen is standing over a group of security officers and casually tucks her hair behind her ear]
Helen Magnus: Sorry, but I did warn them it was urgent that I see you.

The Depths [4.11][edit]

Henry Foss: Oh, wow. I hope you're not watching this after the zombie apocalypse. But if you are, you remember, they are very slow, and they can't climb trees. Also, a good cricket bat to the head works wonders, so... Oh, man, you're going to grow up in England! You're going to actually have a cricket bat, and an accent. My kid is gonna have an accent. That is awesome! [pause] This is going really well.

Will Zimmerman: Fine, so it's standard operating procedure, Helen Magnus style, I guess!
Helen Magnus: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Will Zimmerman: You know, "Once more into the breach, for England," et cetera, et cetera. No matter how stupid dangerous it is! I'm saying this is not the first time I've been stuck in a bad place with you.

Will Zimmerman: I'm sick of being the expendable human on the ticket!

Will Zimmerman: This is war for you. Living under combat conditions.
Helen Magnus: Imagine doing it for five lifetimes!
Will Zimmerman: Imagine having one lifetime to do everything that matters to you. Magnus, you could give a hundred years to the Sanctuary and still have hundreds more to go. I only get one set of days. I think you need to appreciate what it means if I give them all to you.
Helen Magnus: [watches him walk away, then softly] I think about it every day.

Will Zimmerman: You can't get close to anybody, because you're just going to lose them, right?
Helen Magnus: Would you blame me if that were true?
Will Zimmerman: Magnus, what good is your lifetime if you don't allow yourself to connect with anyone? You surround yourself with people who would do anything for you, and then you turn your back on them when they don't live up to your standards.
Helen Magnus: That's ridiculous--
Will Zimmerman: John Druitt.
Helen Magnus: You can't even begin to judge that--
Will Zimmerman: Griffin, Watson, and now me. Are we all just expendable in your mind? Is that how you cope? [pause] Ashley?
Helen Magnus: [crying] You bastard.

Will Zimmerman: You have to keep me moving, no matter what you have to do or say to me.
Helen Magnus: Said one junkie to the other.

Henry Foss: See, the thing is, I, uh, I don't really remember anything about my parents. I don't even know what happened to them. The world can be a pretty dangerous place for folks like us. I thought it was getting better, but, uh, now, not so much. So I just, I wanted you to know, you know, if something did happen to me, and I wasn't able to take care of you... I just didn't want you to go through life wondering what kind of guy I was.

Helen Magnus: Believe me, Will. If I could control life like a bloody chess game, a lot of things would have turned out very differently.

Helen Magnus: Will, you need to understand, you were never part of some master plan. I may have a long view of things now, but the first time 'round, I was taking chances, just like anyone. When I asked you to come here, I had no idea if it would turn out to be a brilliant move or a total disaster.
Will Zimmerman: And?
Helen Magnus: Many disasters, most brilliant.

Sanctuary For None Part 1 [4.12][edit]

Richard Feliz: There's only one monster that I'm worried about.
Helen Magnus: Please... I haven't bitten a guest in decades.

Richard Feliz: About that wine...
Helen Magnus: Ah.
Richard Feliz: Do you have anything that is a little naughty?

Nikola Tesla: I was unappreciated, unacknowledged and unhired.
Helen Magnus: You were fired.
Nikola Tesla: If you want to get coarse about it, yes.
Helen Magnus: From SCIU.
Nikola Tesla: Apparently, their bean counters were a little more on the ball than I gave them credit for. I believe one chap even had opposable thumbs.

Nikola Tesla: Go. Go. In the end, they all leave me.
Helen Magnus: Oh, dear Lord. [walks away]
Nikola Tesla: Even the pigeons left me. New York, 1943. The white dove. I loved her. More than the hottie at SCIU.

Will Zimmerman: Looking for a depressed, Serbian, electromagnetic vampire?
Helen Magnus: Oh please, tell me he's left.
Will Zimmerman: Last seen heading towards the wine cellar looking for something 'ostentatious, yet obsequious'.
Helen Magnus: Oh, well good, that should keep him occupied for a while.

Helen Magnus: Are you going to restrain me?
Will Zimmerman: Should I?
Helen Magnus: Oh, definitely.

Craig Addison: What the hell is that crazy broad doing now?

Helen Magnus: It's time the world knew the truth. This district is full of strange beings who have lived among us for hundreds of years. I call them abnormals. You know them as monsters. And they very much exist.

Sanctuary For None Part 2 [4.13][edit]

Helen Magnus: I was in Poland in 1943 when the Nazis entered the Warsaw ghetto. I watched them raze it to the ground. Thousands dead, the rest sent to death camps. Walling people in is always the first step. They will not allow this Homeland to exist, Henry, and trust me, history always repeats.

Henry Foss: Nikola, could these be turned into a giant electrified web?
Nikola Tesla: Yes, they could. No incursion, no riots, one switch, hundreds of bodies.
Henry Foss: ...Dude!
Nikola Tesla: It's not what it was meant for...It's not what it was meant for!

Helen Magnus: If you want to help, please... Just do as I ask one final time.
Will Zimmerman: I got your back.
Helen Magnus: I'll see you when all this is over, Will. I promise.

Caleb: I greeted you like a brother, and this is the thanks I get?
Big Guy: You're not my brother.

[Henry is speaking on the phone]

Nikola Tesla: Who is that? William?

[Henry gives him the phone.]

Nikola Tesla: Hey. Listen here you little creep: we're working as fast as inhumanly possible, so...what?...yeah...yeah, we can do that.

Caleb: Mind if we drop by?
Helen Magnus: By all means. Welcome to my home. [she opens fire on his men]

Helen Magnus: My house. My rules.

Helen Magnus: What if I offered you the chance to explore a world that you've been trying to see since you were a child? Oh, right, you already have a job.
Will Zimmerman: Had a job. I quit SCIU last week.
Helen Magnus: Well, then you might want to see this.

Helen Magnus: Shall we begin?


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