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Sandi Toksvig (born 3 May 1958) is a comedian and TV presenter from Copenhagen.

  • "I don't want anybody to say to me, 'I'm fine with it, I accept you.' You think, wow, thanks so much, because if you hadn't I would have killed myself."


Season N Episode 2 North Norse[edit]

  • (Guests have been asked to say their favourite thing about Denmark).
Lucy Beaumont: My favourite thing to come out of Denmark is em Saga Norén the character.
Sandi Toksvig: Oh played by the genius eh Sofia Helin in The Bridge so the only trouble with that and I'll forgive it 'cause she's Swedish...
(Audience laughs)
Lucy Beaumont: It's very similar though isn't it?
Sandi Toksvig: Yep. (Looks disgusted and then looks away)
(Jason Manford grimaces and makes cut gesture)
Rhod Gilbert: You're very particular about what's Danish and it doesn't really matter.
Sandi Toksvig: You do know there was a murder on that bridge don't you?
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