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Sandra Nadege Uwayezu (born in 2003) is a Rwandan author and poet.


A Dialogue with Sandra Nadege (2022)[edit]

A Dialogue with Sandra Nadege, (March 18,2022)
  • Tell your story. I can see you are fighting yourself over it.
  • If you cannot accept yourself, you live in a fog forever, trying to figure out who loves you or does not.
  • Love yourself and if there is something you do not like about yourself, change it.
  • Self-acceptance is a bittersweet remedy for many mental health issues that people face nowadays.
  • I just realised that I could make a difference through something else instead of loathing myself.
  • I had always loved writing and reading and so I decided to make a change.
  • There are fewer chances of knowing if someone else truly accepts you.
  • I was young and telling my story, baring myself.
  • The crucial thing I learned is that writing is a process and one may have to do some rewriting and countless edits to get it to the level they want.
  • I am more open to socialising with people, whereas I used to be a soft-spoken and quiet person.
  • It takes a lot of conviction to release your thoughts and ideas to the world.
  • The only thoughts we have control over are our own.
  • I learned to be patient and collaborate with others.
  • It is a journey that one never ends. I just have to keep on learning and growing in literature.
  • It is hard to do, but the best things in the world do not come easily.
  • Writing is not for the faint-hearted; one should be able to stand by their writing.
  • I learned to be patient and tried to excel at things even when I did not want to.
  • High school life taught me to choose my friends carefully and how to deal with my emotions as a teenager.
  • There were things that I could not deem worthy of my time, but then with the situation there, there were some things I had to go through.

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