Santos Dumont

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Santos Dumont
Santos Dumont
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Alberto Santos Dumont (20 July 1873 - 23 July 1932) was a Brazilian inventor and aviation pioneer, one of the very few people to have contributed significantly to the development of both lighter-than-air and heavier-than-air aircraft.


  • "How often have things been proved to me impossible! Now I am used to it I expect it. But in those days it troubled me. Still I persevered."
- My Airships, Chapter 4

"... For the moment I was sure that I was in the presence of death. Well, I will tell it frankly, my sentiment was almost entirely that of waiting and expectation.

"What is coming next?" I thought. "What am I going to see and know in a few minutes? Whom shall I see after I am dead?"

The thought that I should be meeting my father in a few minutes thrilled me. Indeed, I think that in such moments there is no room either for regret or terror. The mind is too full of looking forward. One is frightened only so long as one still has a chance."

- My Airships, Chapter 8