Saps at Sea

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Saps at Sea is a 1940 film about two factory workers who accidentally set sail.

Directed by Gordon Douglas. Written by Felix Adler.
Anchors Away for Their Funniest Comedy Hit!  (taglines)


Oliver Hardy: Don't you realize the effect the sound of a horn has on me? It makes me fighting mad. In fact, it gives me the urge to kill. I could take a body and break it in two and throw it. The very thought of it makes me tremble all over!
Stanley Laurel: Well I wouldn't get excited...
Oliver Hardy: WHO'S EXCITED!?

Harbor Patrol Captain: [at the jail after Hardy beats him up] What cell is Nick Grainger in?
Officer: Twenty-four.
Harbor Patrol Captain: Well, here's two more for him.
Oliver Hardy: Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into...
Stanley Laurel: But I couldn't help it...


  • Anchors Away for Their Funniest Comedy Hit!
  • They'll Scuttle Your Blues To the Bottom of the Sea!
  • Anchors Away for Their Funniste


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