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Sarah Lois Vaughan (March 27, 1924April 3, 1990) was an American jazz and torch singer.


  • My dream is to do whatever I want without any interference from the record company.
    • Interview Los Angeles Times (1948)
  • I've always been a Democrat, it runs in my family.
    • Interview The Washington Post (1964)
  • Judy Garland was the singer I most wanted to sound like then, not to copy, but to get some of her soul and purity. A wonderful young voice.
    • Interview Los Angeles Times (1969)
  • There are notes between notes, you know.
    • Interview Los Angeles Times (1969)
  • There's a category for me. I like to be referred to as a good singer of good songs in good taste.
    • Interview The Hollywood Reporter (1974)
  • They always ask me the same questions. Where was I born? When did I start singing? Who have I worked with? I don't understand why they can't just talk to me without all that question bit.
    • Interview The Montreal Mirror (1976)
  • I dig Doris Day.
    • Interview The New York Times (1983)
  • When I sing, trouble can sit right on my shoulder and I don't even notice.
    • Interview The New York Times (1988)

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