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Sayonara, Zetsubō Sensei (English: So Long, Mr. Despair) is a Japanese 2007 television comedic anime based on the manga of the same name. The story is about suicidal high school teacher Nozomu Itoshiki and his students, most of whom display a variety of extreme personality quirks.

Anime first season[edit]

Episode 1[edit]

(In the beaming spring day, Kafuka stopped Nozomu from suicide forcibly)

Nozomu: What if I had died!?
Kafuka: Eh?
Nozomu: Oh?
Nozomu: Once again, I didn't die... Why did you stop me?
Kafuka: You just said "What if I had died?"
Nozomu: I am a man whose life is worth nothing.
Kafuka: You didn't intend to die, right?
Nozomu: What are you talking about!? I was fully prepared to die!
Kafuka: Of course not!

(Nozomu despairs of a world which solves everything with money)

Nozomu: I'm in despair! This money-grubbing world has left me in despair!


A "man" who can only see things in a negative light.
A "girl" who can only see things in a positive light.
A meeting that was never meant to happen.

(Nozomu is introducing himself to his students. Nozomu says that the stroke number of his name is unlucky)

Kafuka: Since stroke number is a Japanese thing, writing your name horizontally would eliminate the problem.
Nozomu: Horizontally... W-Wait a second! Anything but that!
(When his name 糸色望 is written horizontally, it resembles "DESPAIR" 絶望 in Kanji)
Kafuka: Mr. Despair!
Nozomu: Don't squeeze them together!

Episode 2[edit]

(Nozomu is telling a stalker student that true deep love is commiting suicide together)

Nozomu: The meaning of love is found through death!
Matoi: Oh...
Nozomu: If you truly love each other, then die together. Red lead, sleeping pills, and a will, along with other items. This is my travel kit, which I always carry on me. I'll leave it here.
Matoi: (The ultimate form of love... You love one another so much that you wish to die together?)
Nozomu: Tsunetsuki-san. If you'd like, I'll die with you whenever you want. Then bon voyage.
Matoi: (That was a confession of love)

(An accident in the infirmary, a massive misunderstanding, and more girl trouble for Nozomu...)

Chiri: As a man and a woman, now that it's come to this, we have no choice. Please do a proper job of it.
Nozomu: A proper job?
Chiri: Properly register me as a family member! Properly meet with my parents!

Episode 4[edit]

(Nozomu is communicating with a shy student who can only talk through e-mail)

Nozomu: "Hello." Send.
Meru: Mail. Mail. Mail. Mail. Mail. Mail.
Piroriparopirirora (onomatopoeia of Meru's mail)
Nozomu: Looks like I got a reply. Let's see. Uh...
"Moron You're annoying Don't wear it creepy-looking kimono"
Nozomu: Wha- There must be some kind of mistake, right?
Meru: Mail. Mail.
"Me Right here The person in front you. Damn four-eyes."
Nozomu: She's abusive in her e-mails!? People like you badmouth me on the Internet! But then they behave properly in person, so I can't get mad at them! You no longer get preferential treatment!
I'm in despair! The Internet has left me in despair!

(Meru's abusive e-mails sweep through the class)

"You're just a panty shot character Show your panties already Flash"
Kaere: I'll sue!

(Kafuka is sending messages somewhere)

Kafuka: This is Earth, this is Earth. Is everyone doing well?
Really? Planet Pororoca is currently experiencing a spring that comes once every fourteen years.
The fields are covered with next life grass and raw meat flowers for a year,
shaky grasshoppers and dream-colored stink bugs and dark scarabs have gathered for an insect conference!
Nozomu: Where are your messages being sent!?

Episode 10[edit]

(Chiri is delivering a gag)

Chiri: This is where the contest parts.

Anime second season (Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)[edit]

Episode 1[edit]

Chiri: You're probably surprised. This class is full of troublemakers with a teacher like that. But I'm relieved that you're normal.
Nami: Normal!?
Normal, normal, normal... Normal is never meant in a good way!

Episode 2[edit]

Kafuka: Everybody in this class belongs to Sensei, so you have no chance.
Nozomu: Don't make me sound like a bad person!

Episode 7[edit]

(Zetsubou sensei drawing song)

Jun: Zetsubou sensei drawing song, let's begin!
Chiri: Let's sing along and draw properly.
A tulip has fallen sideways due to the wind
Lightning Flash!
Rain pours down
The rain leaks through the cracks and makes two round puddles
Let's go fishing, it's a fishing hook
We made some dried fish with what we caught
It's Zetsubou sensei!
Jun: Did you all draw well?
Jun & Chiri: Bye bye!

Episode 23[edit]

Taro Aso- Apparently a politician

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