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Scary Go Round is a webcomic written and illustrated by John Allison. The comic set in the fictional town of Tackleford, England, and follows the adventures of several major characters as they battle zombies, travel through time, and offend strange creatures.


  • Tim: Management is all about appearing to be awake while actually asleep [1]
  • Mayor's hallucination: It is almost impossible for me to tell you just how cool everything is going to be right now. [2]
  • Investigator (after finding a wallet at a crime scene): Its leather exterior suggests a man of substance. The copious identification within implies a man who knows exactly who he is — and why. [3]
  • Esther: It's dynamite when you aren't the one being stalked by the Death-Beast! Whose name suggests that it is a beast who makes you die. [4]
  • Erin: I mind my own business! And any other business that needs minding. [5]
  • Shelley: I've got a milkshake with an umbrella in it! It cannot be diluted by rain! Not any more! [6]
  • Hugo: Powers be inside, friend, like your kidneys. You cannot lose them. Well. Except maybe in a grisly accident where part of your head and brain be lost. Ha ha! [7]
  • Shelly: Oh moon, oh troublesome orb. Staring at the earth with envious eye. Wishin' it was wet, for it's parlously dry. [8]
  • Ryan: Dang. So drunk contracts don't count? If I'd known that, I could have saved the Merchant Navy a lot of trouble. And by "trouble," I mean "seafaring vessels".[9]


Ryan: Faster means make the number on the speedometer go up to a higher number.
Hugo: Ryan, you overestimate the awesome powers of Ronny B's van. Yes, it is tricked out to the max. But this was achieved by attaching plastic spoilers and hella trim, not upgrading the "engine" so to speak. [10]
Tim: There's something about you, Fallon, encourages a man to behave like logic's most hated enemy.
Fallon: It is my good manners and the insane wiggle when I walk. [11]
Esther: Shouldn't we go after her?
The Boy: Yes, sure, because nothing fixes bad news like having it explained in more detail.[12]
Erin: What were we thinking? We let a minotaur loose! It'll eat someone! AIIIIIIIEEE!
Esther: Erin, you need to calm down. We'll call pest control in the morning. Pretend we caught it stealing hay bales.
Erin: What if it gets out in the night? What if it eats war vetrans or little babies?
Esther: Listen, he's 7ft tall, nude and terrifying. We can claim coercion, temporary insanity, or just misguided girlish high spirits. [13]

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