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Scott McNealy

Scott McNealy (born 13 November 1954) was the chairman of Sun Microsystems, the computer technology company he co-founded in 1982.


  • [...] the only thing I'd rather own than [Microsoft] Windows is English or Chinese or Spanish, because then I could charge a $249 right to speak English. And I could charge you an upgrade fee when I add new letters like N and T.
    • Testimony before U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on market power and structural change in the software industry, 1998-03-03 (transcript at
  • What we offer is good enough. It's like my haircut: It ain't pretty, but it's good enough.
  • I am very liberal on social issues, but I don’t believe we can have personal liberty, which is what that means, without having economic liberty. We have economic tyranny when you add in Obamacare, we have about 50 percent of the U.S. GDP in the public sector. That means that you have a tyrannical and overregulating, and politicized economy, not a market economy, not the invisible hand.

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