Screwball Squirrel

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Screwball Squirrel is a 1944 Screwy Squirrel cartoon directed by Tex Avery and released by MGM.

Screwy Squirrel[edit]

  • Now, let's see, what's the next thing I do to that guy? What is that next scene? [lifts corner of screen to peek at next scene] Oh, yeah!


Screwy Squirrel: Hello, Meathead?
Meathead: Uh, yeah?
Screwy Squirrel: Do you chase squirrels?
Meathead: Nope, n-nothing but birds, I'm a bird dog, registered, p-pedigreed b-bird dog, I chase nothing but birds, that's all, just birds.
Screwy Squirrel: Aw, you're probably too slow to chase squirrels. You're yellow. Why you... Oh, pardon me.
[Screwy closes phone booth door so that audience cannot hear; blows raspberry through phone; Meathead arrives instantly]
Screwy Squirrel: I knew that'd get him. Ha ha ha ha!

Screwy Squirrel: Well, that's the end of him. You people want in on a little secret? You wanna know how I tricked that guy all through the picture?
[A second Screwy Squirrel appears]
Screwy Squirrel: [both of them] We was twins all the time! Ha ha ha ha!
[Two Meatheads appear, each taking a hold of one of the Screwys]
Meathead: [both of them] So was we. Ha ha ha ha!
Sammy Squirrel: My cartoon would have been cuter.
Screwy Squirrel and Meathead: Oh, brother, not that!
[They all beat up Sammy]

Voice cast[edit]

  • Wally Maher as Screwy Squirrel. (uncredited)
  • Dick Nelson as Meathead. (uncredited)