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SeaChange is a popular Australian television show that ran for 39 episodes from 1998 to 2001 on the ABC. It was created by Andrew Knight and Deborah Cox and starred Sigrid Thornton, David Wenham, William McInnes, John Howard, Tom Long and Kerry Armstrong.

Season 1[edit]

Something Rich and Strange [1.1][edit]

Gwenda: Oh look, Jack called, give him a ring will you? Here.
Laura Gibson: Ugh, every time he goes interstate he calls me a dozen times a day.
Gwenda: Ah, that's so sweet.
Laura Gibson: Yeah, well it is when you're not busy.

Laura Gibson: What is that scratching noise?
Daniel Della Bosca: Oh, mud crabs. I've got five beauties in the bucket!
Laura Gibson: Well can they escape?
Daniel Della Bosca: I wouldn't brake suddenly.

The Official Story [1.4][edit]

Laura Gibson: This oven should be heating up by now, I think it might be broken. What do you think?
Daniel Della Bosca: Oh I don't know, I'm an expert on cakes not ovens.
Laura Gibson: It's brand new, I bought it from Bob Jelly
Daniel Della Bosca: Oh well, in that case I do know......It's broken.

The Fellowship of the Suit [1.5][edit]

Simmo: He said green. This is black.
Griff: Green. Black...
Simmo: It'll show dandruff.
Griff: So use a conditioner!

Laura Gibson: [chanting] Slow down...keep calm...slow down...keep calm...
Miranda Gibson: [chanting] I want to go home...I want to go home...

Phrani Gupta: Every day you draw an extra bit closer to forty and then, hey presto! You're history.
Trudi Gibson: Thanks. I'll remember that.

Trudi Gibson: I've seen a lot more of the world than you have!
Laura Gibson: So what?! So you can have better slide nights?!

Daniel Della Bosca: [offering wine] I thought this might go with what you're cooking.
Laura Gibson: Sausages.
Daniel Della Bosca: Mm. It was made for it.

One of the Gang [1.6][edit]

Laura Gibson: In the old days your father and I used to go skinny dipping. We'd play in the waves, run naked along the beach and we made love in the sand. [Off her children's looks] We were married at the time. Deeply in love. There was no one around.
Rupert Gibson: Yuck!

Laura Gibson: I think I might go for a swim.
Miranda Gibson: Now?
Laura Gibson: Well I'm not going to go to sleep with Heather doing her salute to The Platters. Do you want to come?
Miranda Gibson: [reading] Nah. Princess Daisy's getting married.
Laura Gibson: Hm...I think perhaps the television's not such a bad idea after all...

Laura Gibson: (Notices Dan is fishing as she is skinny dipping) Have you been here long?!
Diver Dan: No I um... arrived a couple of minutes before you did ... yeah.

The Accidental Activist [1.10][edit]

Rupert Gibson: Where're we going today?
Daniel Della Bosca: The other side of the river. Where did you think?
Rupert Gibson: Well yesterday you took us to the Sea of Tranquility.
Daniel Della Bosca: Well that was yesterday. I had more fuel.

Robert Jelly: You people are morons! All of you, pig ignorant!
Daniel Della Bosca: Oh, don't try to sweet talk us Bob. It won't work.

Angus Kabiri: Do you reckon you'll ever have another serious relationship?
Daniel Della Bosca: What, in percentage terms?
Angus Kabiri: Yeah, if you like.
Daniel Della Bosca: Zero...Oh, well, maybe 5%...8%! 8% tops.

Craig Jelly: Broken down?
Miranda Gibson: No, we're giving the engine a suntan.

Daniel Della Bosca: [after Laura has turned up at 3:30am to say she cannot go on a picnic with him] Hm. Maybe 23%...

Love Me or Leave Me [1.11][edit]

Daniel Della Bosca: You know that goldfish only remember five seconds into their past?
Ray: Really? It's like politicians.
Daniel Della Bosca: Yeah. They basically swim round and round in a bowl and every five seconds one of them says "Crikey. Would you take a look at that?"...Did you know that goldfish only remember five seconds into their past?
Ray: Really? It's like politicians.

Daniel Della Bosca: Closing the eyes...relax...loose buttocks...Now, say after me; "I can be appalling...I can be appalling...".

Laura Gibson: And how is the word used, please?
Daniel Della Bosca: Usual way. John can claque. Betty can claque. See John claque.

Daniel Della Bosca: You let her lie. You just gave up.
Sergeant Graham Grey: No. I was only going to make matters worse.
Daniel Della Bosca: Oh, what, too much bloody paper work?
Sergeant Graham Grey: No, Dan. I'd be forcing her to give evidence she didn't want to give. I would be putting her away for perjury and the boy ends up with the father. She's the victim, mate. In the end I would have just been prosecuting a victim.

Laura Gibson: I'm sorry. I really am.
Daniel Della Bosca: Oh, look, I'd like to blame you but I can't. You, Graham, Maggie...everyone's trapped.
Laura Gibson: Including your mother.
Daniel Della Bosca: Oh, yeah. At least she tried to break free.

Sex, Death and Bridges [1.13][edit]

Laura Gibson: What about you? Where's your stuff?
Daniel Della Bosca: I'm the teacher, I don't have to look stupid.

Daniel Della Bosca: [after Laura and Dan spend a passionate moment] Oh, well, I'm glad we got that out of the way.

Daniel Della Bosca: Monday school crossing began with the usual bad jokes and neurotic asides but that's all behind us now. Tuesday school crossing will be filled with anticipation for Wednesday's crossing where we expect blissful weather and an absolutely perfect journey...

Karen Miller: Angus?
Angus Kabiri: Mm.
Karen Miller: I know these last fifteen days have been a bit difficult for the both of us with, uh, finally breaking up and everything. But I feel that we've both learned a lot about how we both...feel.
Angus Kabiri: Hm. Yeah?
Karen Miller: I know that I am a very different person than I was two weeks ago. That's for sure. I was wondering how you would feel about getting back together again?
Angus Kabiri: wanna have a relationship?
Karen Miller: No. I just thought we'd, ah, go back to the way it was - the "having a cooling off" period - before we go back officially.
Angus Kabiri: Yeah...I don't know. I mean, you kinda hurt me a bit.
Karen Miller: I know. It was just something I had to do.
Angus Kabiri: [long pause] Yeah. I guess.

Doctor: In all my time as a doctor I still can't get used to the idea of having to tell a mother that the child she carries has died.

Laura Gibson: [picking up the phone] It's me. Life is swings and round-a-bouts, isn't it? It's hard to make sense of some things. But, um, all I do know is that I am alive and you're alive and, ah, I do not want to look back when I am ninety and think that I let something important slip by. I've got two hours now. Can you meet me?
Daniel Della Bosca: Yeah. I'll see you there.

Laura Gibson: What was that? (Said while her and Dan are in bed together)
Diver Dan: I think it was a knock at the door?
Laura:Oh! (Laura starts to move)
Diver Dan: You're not seriously considering getting that.

Diver Dan: It helps if you walk backwards (in flippers).
Laura Gibson: Yeah sure! (Laura continues to walk forward)

Season 2[edit]

If Fish Could Fly [2.1][edit]

Laura Gibson: If you change your mind, you know where to find me, all alone ... naked.

Vaya Con Dios To All That [2.2][edit]

Laura Gibson:Dan, if I could start my life again I would start it with you.

The House that Jack Built 2.4][edit]

Laura Gibson: Life is a complete cock up.

Manna From Heaven [2.8][edit]

Laura Gibson: What do you believe in, Karen?
Karen Miller: Oh, I'm Catholic, I'm lucky, I don't have to think about it.
Laura Gibson: So, what do you believe?
Karen Miller: Uh, I believe what Catholics believe.
Laura Gibson: All of it? The virgin birth, the resurrection, creationism?
Karen Miller: Yeah, all that.
Laura Gibson: Without question?
Karen Miller: Well, there’s not much point in believing in something if you question it all the time. It’s not like I’m obsessed, or anything. I don’t go to church that much since it got washed away.
Laura Gibson: What about eternal damnation for not attending weekly mass?
Karen Miller: No, no. I don’t believe that one!

Laura Gibson: Oh, every family's got a few skeletons in the closet.
Miranda Gibson: So you don't mind me telling everyone that your sister's about to have my father's baby, and that my brother and I will have a cousin that will also be our half-brother or sister?

Kitty Litter[edit]

Rupert Gibson: Why does the cat have to die just because two silly old people fight all the time?

Season 3[edit]

Love in the time of Coleridge [3.11][edit]

Max Connors: I've been shooting albatrosses all my life. I was ... only hoping that this time the wound wasn't fatal.

Half Life [3.13][edit]

Max Connors: We could name the baby Rex.
Laura Gibson: I am absolutely not naming our child after your kelpie!
Max Connors: He was a very good dog!
Laura Gibson:Mmmm... anyway it might be a girl.

Main Cast[edit]



  • Bruce Alexander as Sergeant Graham Grey
  • Kate Atkinson - Karen Miller
  • Alan Cassell - Harold Fitzwalter
  • Paul English as Jack Gibson [episodes 1 - 13]
  • Patrick Dickson 0 Jack Gibson [episode 14+]
  • Jill Forster - Meredith Monahan
  • Alice Garner - Carmen 'Lois Lane' Blake [episodes 3 - 13, 18 - 30, 39]
  • Kevin Harrington - Kevin Findlay
  • Tom Long - Angus Kabiri
  • Christopher Lyons - Trevor Findlay
  • Cassandra Magrath - Miranda Gibson
  • Kane McNay - Rupert Gibson
  • Georgina Naidu - Phrani Gupta
  • Cameron Nugent - Craig Jelly
  • Bryony Price - Jules Jelly
  • Brett Swain - Griff

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