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Seanan McGuire (born January 5, 1978) is an American author and filker, known for her award winning urban fantasy novels.

Seanan McGuire (2018)


Wayward Children[edit]

Every Heart a Doorway (2016)[edit]

All page numbers are from the hardcover first edition published by Tor ISBN 978-0-7653-8550-5
Won the 2017 Hugo, Nebula, and Locus awards for best novella
  • “Hope hurts. That’s what you need to learn, and fast, if you don’t want it to cut you open from the inside out. Hope is bad. Hope means you keep on holding to things that won’t ever be so again, and so you bleed an inch at a time until there’s nothing left. Ely-Eleanor is always saying ’don’t use this word’ and ’don’t use that word,’ but she never bans the ones that are really bad. She never bans hope.”
    • Chapter 1, “Coming Home, Leaving Home” (p. 30)
  • Her accusations had been met with reality, and they didn’t have anyplace else to go.
    • Chapter 5, “Survivors, For a Time” (p. 94)
  • You know, sometimes I almost forget how creepy you are, and then you go and say something like that.
    • Chapter 7, “Cocoa” (p. 129)
  • Then Angela turned on Kade, and said, “I meant what I said. It’s sick, how you pretend like you’re something you’re not.”
    “I was about to say the same thing to you,” said Christopher. “I mean, you always did a pretty good job of pretending to be a decent human being. You had me fooled.”
    • Chapter 9, “The Broken Birds of Avalon” (p. 152)
  • Time resumed.
    Time had a way of doing that.
    • Chapter 11, “You Can Never Go Home” (p. 164)

Down Among the Sticks and Bones (2017)[edit]

All page numbers are from the hardcover first edition published by Tor ISBN 978-0-7653-9203-9
  • Hope only got you hurt. Hope was her least favorite thing, of all things.
    • Chapter 3, “They Grow Up So Fast” (p. 43)
  • “There might be spiders,” said Jacqueline. She wrinkled her nose, less out of actual distaste and more out of the knowledge that she was supposed to find spiders distasteful. She really found them rather endearing. They are sleek and clean and elegant, and when their webs got messed up, they ripped them down and started over again. People could learn a lot from spiders.
    • Chapter 3, “They Grow Up So Fast” (p. 43)
  • Of course this was all real. She had had her share of wild and beautiful dreams, but never anything like this. And if she hadn’t dreamed it, it had to be real, and if it was real, of course they were still there. Real places didn’t go away just because you’d had a nap.
    • Chapter 4, “To Market, to Market, to Buy a Fat Hen” (p. 62)
  • The first man—the Master—raised his goblet in a mocking toast. “To the future,” he said. “It’s on its way now, whether we’re prepared or not.”
    • Chapter 5, “The Roles We Choose Ourselves” (p. 81)
  • There are moments that change everything, and once things have been changed, they do not change back.
    • Chapter 8, “The Skies to Shake, the Stones to Bleed” (p. 124)
  • Time is the alchemy that turns compassion into love.
    • Chapter 12, “Everything You Never Wanted” (pp. 179-180)

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