Sebastian Star Bear: First Mission

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Sebastian Star Bear: First Mission (original title Beertje Sebastiaan: De Geheime Opdracht) is a Dutch animated film released on October 11, 1991.

Directed by Frank Fehmers. Written by Richard Felgate and Michael Jupp.


[Draco, Moxie, and Maestro have crash-landed their vehicle in the ocean and are fished out of the water by McGrath and Cuddles on a boat]
McGrath: So, Draco, ya thought you could cheat McGrath, eh? Well, you, the piano player, and that bungling bear trapper are all goin' on a little boat ride. Cuddles here likes shark-fishing, and he ain't got any bait! [points to Draco, who moans miserably]

Voice cast[edit]

Character Original English
Sebastian Olaf Wijnants Unknown
SOUCI (Speech-Operated Universal Computer Intelligence) Angelique de Boer
Griselda Margriet van Lidth
Sniffy Frits Lambrechts
Draco Tom Meijer
Muggsy Jaap Stobbe
Maestro Paul van Gorcum
Ha So Hein Boele
Sheena Maria Lindes
Mackerel Edward Reekers
Hug Hero Muller

Additional Voices[edit]

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