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Seconds is a 2014 graphic novel by Bryan Lee O'Malley.



  • Have you seen this like skinny, white-haired, maybe-homeless girl hanging around the restaurant lately? She kinda has… red eyes. Reddish.
    • page 88


  • Is that weird? It’s my little ritual. You know, keeping the house spirit happy.
    • page 65
  • We make things good for them… They make things good for us. It’s so simple.
    • page 66
  • Keeping the house spirit happy— I mean, from a historical perspective— It was probably like some kind of justification for the endless amounts of housework the women had to do, right?
    • page 67


  • Lis’s mushrooms. Lis’s house. Very old. There are rules.
    • page 127


Lis: If things
Katie: If things what?
Lis: Go wrong.
Katie: If things go wrong what?
Lis: Don’t forget.
  • page 8
Katie: You feed her bread every day? Just bread? Wow.
Hazel: Yeah... Why wow?
Katie: I mean... Uh... Will she get fat?
Hazel: Wait... Bread makes you FAT?
  • page 135

Instruction card[edit]

An “immaculately printed instruction card”
  • A second chance awaits.
    1. Write your mistake
    2. Ingest one mushroom
    3. Go to sleep
    4. Wake anew
    Events must occur on these premises
    • page 46

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