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Secret Magic Control Agency is a 2021 English-language Russian 3D computer-animated spy fantasy adventure comedy film produced by Wizart Animation and released by Netflix. The film is inspired by Brothers Grimm's 1812 fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. It tells the story of two siblings who must work together as secret agents to track down the missing King before his birthday arrives. The siblings challenge the kidnapper, a powerful Witch of the Gingerbread House who is almost finished executing the grand conspiracy to marry the King. It stars the voices of Nicholas Corda and Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld as Hansel. Sylvana Joyce and Courtney Shaw voice the character Gretel. For the Russian release, Valery Smekalov voices Hansel and Irina Obrezkova voices Gretel.

Directed by Aleksey Tsitsilin. Written by Analisa LaBianco, Vladimir Nikolaev, Jeffery Spencer, Aleksey Tsitsilin and Alexey Zamyslov.
Saving the kingdom together, just like we dreamed when we were kids.(taglines)

Miscellaneous Quotes[edit]

  • Why are you standing still? Go and save the King.
  • The King has been kidnapped.
  • To fight against black magic, we must turn to the SMCA.
  • No potion can be brewed without their knowledge.
  • You’re keeping magical creatures in cages? This is forbidden.
  • If the King is not at his birthday celebration in two days, it will lead to panic, chaos and more panic.
  • She’s a ruthless professional and her dream is to become the best Agent.
  • May the power of the amulet protect you.
  • If you tell anyone that it was me who gave you these magic coins, they’ll turn into dust.
  • This is no way to treat family.
  • I’m also guaranteed one carrier pigeon message, it’s the law.
  • We need someone like you, someone who can see the situation from the thief’s point of view.
  • They are our friends, she has my pendant.
  • Never show up to a wedding without a present.


  • Only three more days until my birthday!
  • Guards save me.

Agent Stepmother[edit]

  • I am most certain they are bringing the kidnapper here right now.


Agent Stepmother: Something we are not noticing. Something with the naked eye.
Prime Minister: Then we should look at it from a different angle.

Hansel: You should have listened to me and asked for help. But you didn't. You've become a proud one.
Gretel: Self-sufficient, I'm the only person in history to have earned the Royal scholarship without parental help. I'm close to being the best agent by my own effort.

Gretel: I can't believe they're doing this to us. We are special agents.
Hansel: For them we are only children.

Hansel: Maybe you should stop resisting. Sometimes you have to accept what life gives you.

Agent Stepmother: I am agent Stepmother, head of the Secret Magic Control Agency.
Agent Stepmother: Hansel and Gretel, you two have to work together.
Hansel and Gretel: What we can't stand each other.
Agent Stepmother: Three days ago our King was kidnapped by magical means.

Hansel: How about our secret handshake?
Gretel: Ups, I missed.

Prime Minister: To fight against black magic, the Secret Magic Control Agency covertly watches all the magicians, so if anyone can find the King, they can.

Gretel: I don't want to be a child...going to school again! This is all your fault.

Gretel: I can easily make Baba Yaga take the spell off us.
Baba Yaga: Please come in.
Gretel: Told you she rocks.
Baba Yaga: My dear children.
Hansel: Told you, she rocks.

Gretel: We are not just some regular kids after all, we can deal with this on our own.

Gretel: There is a passage here. And careful, the passage is very narrow.


  • Saving the kingdom together, just like we dreamed when we were kids.
  • The fate of the Kingdom depends on you.


English cast[edit]

  • Sylvana Joyce as Gretel
    • Courtney Shaw (young)
  • Georgette Reilly as Agent Stepmother, the head of the Secret Magic Control Agency
  • Johanna Elmina Moise as Agent Stepdaughter, an inventor at the Secret Magic Control Agency
  • Mary O'Brady as Baba Yaga

Russian cast[edit]

  • Irina Obrezkova as Gretel
  • Valery Smekalov as Hansel
  • Alexey Makretsky as King
  • Regina Shchukina as Agent Stepmother
  • Kseniya Brzhezovskaya as Ilvira
  • Yuliya Zorkina as Baba Yaga

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