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Secret Squirrel was an American animated television series that aired on NBC.


Secret Squirrel: Agent triple-zero, Secret Squirrel, reporting for duty sir.
Morocco Mole: Likewise me, Morocco Mole.

Morocco Mole: Hey, look at me, for once I am bigger than all of you! I am all powerful, I AM OMNIPOTENT!
The Chief: Shut up, Morocco.
Morocco Mole: Ok.

Morocco: Because he's evil! It all started when we were babies...
[flashback to baby Scirocco hitting baby Morocco with a rattle]
Baby Morocco: Why are you hitting me!?
Baby Scirocco: Because I'm evil! It all started when we were embryos!
[flashback to Morocco and Scirocco as fetuses and Fetus!Scirocco is smacking Fetus!Morocco with his tail]
Fetus Morocco: Why are you so evil, big brother!?
Fetus Scirocco: It all started when our parents met!
Secret Squirrel: Hold on, sport. I think I get the picture.

Morocco Mole: I’ll be your bestest executive assistant, Chief! And I’ll start by reorganizing these files.
Chief: Penny always kept them in fine order.
Morocco Mole: Whoopsee! I found a boo-boo! “Goldflipper” is filed under “G”.
Chief: Yes. Well perhaps that’s because his name begins with a “G”.
Morocco Mole: He should be under “C” for “criminal".

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