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Seven Days (1998 - 2001) was an American television show, originally airing on UPN, about an NSA project in Area 51 called Operation Backstep, which used salvaged technology from the Roswell crash to create a time machine that could send one human being back in time seven days.

Season 1[edit]

[Frank is on the phone reporting in after completing a backstep.]
Frank Parker: Oh, is Ballard there?
John Ballard: Uh-huh, yeah, I'm here.
[reveal of the time sphere in a park in Washington, DC, near many picnickers.]
Frank Parker: When things quiet down, uh, you and I have to get together. There's still some bugs in the navigational system.
Male Picnicker: Hey, what the heck is that thing?
Frank Parker: Publicity stunt for a movie. So, uh, what'd you think?
Male Picnicker: That was spectacular.
Frank Parker: You should see the effects in the movie.
Female Picnicker: What's it called?
Frank Parker: "Mars Needs a Tax Break."

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