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Sex Education (2019–2023) is a British comedy-drama television series, released by Netflix, about a teenage boy with a sex therapist mother who teams up with a high school classmate to set up an underground sex therapy clinic at school.

It's more art than science.
Experience is overrated.

Season 1


Episode 1 [1.01]

Jean Milburn: [to her son] Otis, it's perfectly normal for a younger man to be sexually attracted to a mature woman. In fact, when you stigmatize his choice, then you feed into an unhealthy narrative on masculinity in middle age.
Dan: That's why I say you should never date a shrink, huh?
Jean Milburn: Sex and relationship therapist, thank you very much.

Adam Groff: Are you new?
Otis Milburn: No. No, no, no. I've been here since first year. We had chemistry together last term. You set my desk on fire.

Eric Effoing: He still calls me "Tromboner". It's been four years. Four years!
Otis Milburn: You did get an erection on stage, in front of the entire school.
Eric Effoing: It was a semi!

Olivia: Yuck. Is that ham? We're vegan now, remember?
Aimee Gibbs: Oh, right, yeah, I forgot.
Anwar: Have you been smoking again?
Aimee Gibbs: No, I haven't.
Ruby: Good. Because smoking is definitely not vegan.

Jean Milburn: [about marijuana] It has been linked to early onset impotence. Nothing conclusive yet... but you have to be careful with how much you smoke. I only bring it up because I have a number of clients who were heavy users at your age, and now they have trouble with sexual performance.
Adam Groff: Sexual performance?
Jean Milburn: They have trouble finishing. Ejaculation. Jizz, spunk. Man milk!

Eric Effoing: Everyone has had sex over the summer. Everyone except you.
Otis Milburn: And you.
Eric Effoing: Excuse me, I gave two and a half hand jobs to that guy I met in Butlin's.
Otis Milburn: Why the half?
Eric Effoing: We got interrupted. Stupid surprise karaoke.

Episode 2 [1.02]

Eric Effoing: Lose the tie. You look like a Mormon.

Harry: I thought maybe we could pop and get a bit of breakfast together. i had a good time the other night. It's so rare to find a woman who really listens, you know?
Jean Milburn: I see. I'm about to teach a vagina workshop. So... no?

Maeve Wiley: What the hell did you do?
Otis Milburn: Um... I might have said something about chinchillas giving blow jobs.

Episode 3 [1.03]

Lily Iglehart: Black Jesus is much sexier than White Jesus.

Nurse: And have you considered the possibility of adoption?
Maeve Wiley: I don't think anyone would want a pregnant 17-year-old.

Otis Milburn: I had a... sex dream... about Maeve.
Eric Effoing: That's brilliant! Was it ALS challenge or just your basic dick sneeze?

Otis Milburn: I can imagine it's hard when you're comparing your lack of experience to someone's sexual history.
Pro-lifer: What? No, I have experience.
Otis Milburn: You do?
Pro-lifer: Yeah. Hand jobs, fingering, oral, 69ing, a bit of anal stuff.
Otis Milburn: That's... extensive.
Pro-lifer: Yeah, but no sex. That's sacred, between a man and a woman on their wedding night.

Eric Effoing: [about sex] It feels good to wank, so it must be like that, but better. And doing it with someone who likes you must be awesome, because they really get you. Maybe the two of you become one, like the Spice Girls said.

Sarah: Don't worry, love. I got three kids, and I feel way more guilty about the ones that I had than the ones I chose not to. It's better not being a mum at all than being a bad one.

Episode 4 [1.04]

Otis Milburn: I might have a mild to moderate crush on Maeve.
Eric Effoing: Yeah, no shit. What gave it away?
Otis Milburn: She, uh... she touched my eyebrows, and now I have an erection.

Adam Groff: [about his dog Madam] She's like the Kim Kardashian of tiny dogs.

Tanya: When we're having sex, I feel like I've never seen a vagina before. But I have seen one, because I've got one, and I've looked at it a lot.

Jackson Marchetti: You know, it's weird. You're my age, but wise. You're like my mum... in a little man's body. Like a little mum man. No offense.

Otis Milburn: Sorry, who are you?
Lily Iglehart: Whoever you want me to be.
(awkward pause)
Lily Iglehart: Also, I'm Lily.

Episode 5 [1.05]

Maeve Wiley: Do you know how long I've been called Cock Biter? Four years. People I've never met call me Cock Biter to my face. I bit Simon Furthassle's scrote. I had sex with four guys at the same time. I fucked my second cousin. I'll give you a hand job for a fiver if you like. Do you know how it started? Simon tried to kiss me at Claire Tyler's 14th birthday. I said no. So he told everyone I'd given him a blow job and bitten his dick, and that was it. This kind of thing sticks. And it hurts, and no one deserves to be shamed, not even Ruby.

Maeve Wiley: You know Glen Jacobs, right? Where does he live?
Aimee Gibbs: In his parents' garage. There's loads of bean bags in it.
Maeve Wiley: Okay, where is it?
Aimee Gibbs: Oh, I don't know. I just sort of arrive places.

Ruby: It's my vagina!
Maeve Wiley: What?
Ruby: It's mine, okay? And I need your help. You and that weird sex kid who looks like a Victorian ghost.

Episode 6 [1.06]

Lily Iglehart: To be clear, I don't want to have sex with you specifically. Just a human man with a penis.
Otis Milburn: That's... great for my self-esteem.

Maeve Wiley: [about her essay] How did you know it was mine?
Otis Milburn: Well, Adam thought "As You Like It" was a song by Jay-Z. And only you could turn the topic of dreams into existential angst.

Aimee Gibbs: Steve says his "thing" is girls properly enjoying sex. He says he can tell I'm being fake.
Otis Milburn: Well, are you?
Aimee Gibbs: Yeah. I'm always fake.

Otis Milburn: What I'm saying is, before you talk to Steve, you... you should probably figure out, you know, what works for you... and your body.
Aimee Gibbs: So you're prescribing a wank?
Otis Milburn: ...Yeah.

Lily Iglehart: We've been holding hands for 45 minutes. I know how to hold hands. I'm here to fornicate.

Aimee Gibbs: I've been wanking all night. I ate four packets of crumpets, and I think my clit might drop off.

Jean Milburn: Intercourse can be wonderful, but it can also cause tremendous pain. And if you're not careful, sex can destroy lives.

Episode 7 [1.07]

Liam: I'm gonna jump!
Otis Milburn: Stop, Liam, don't. Don't do this.
Liam: Oh. Hi Otis.
Otis Milburn: You don't wanna jump.
Liam: No. I think I do.
Otis Milburn: You don't. Look... sometimes, the people we like don't like us back, and it's painful, but there's nothing we can do about it.
Liam: You don't understand.
Otis Milburn: I do. I do understand. I know what it's like when someone doesn't feel the same way about you. It's... someone you can't stop thinking about. It hurts. But you can't make people like you.
Liam: I don't like her - I love her!
Otis Milburn: I know. But love isn't about grand gestures, or the moon and the stars. It's just dumb luck. And sometimes, you meet someone who feels the same way. And then sometimes you're unlucky. But one day, you're gonna meet someone who appreciates you for who you are. I mean, there's seven billion people on the planet. I know one of them is gonna climb up on a moon for you.
Liam: Really?
Otis Milburn: Yeah, you're brillian! You're very dedicated. You're gonna make someone really happy one day.
Lizzie: But it will not be me!
Otis Milburn: Not Lizzie, definitely not Lizzie, but someone. And it won't happen if you fall off that moon and die.
Liam: Okay.

Episode 8 [1.08]

Maeve Wiley: You're not in any trouble. I sorted it.
Otis Milburn: Okay, what... what happened? Are we... are we not gonna talk about this? Is that it?
Maeve Wiley: I trusted you, Otis.

Lily Iglehart: My vagina has betrayed me.
Otis Milburn: How, exactly?
Lily Iglehart: I finally find someone who's DTF, and he can't get his average-sized dick in my stupid vagina. Why is this happening to me? It just doesn't make any sense. I've worked so hard. The set, the costumes, the makeup. Everything was perfect. I couldn't even get my finger in there. It's like my vag has lockjaw. What do I do?
Otis Milburn: Well, you used the word "perfect." Maybe it's a way of staying in control. In... in your fantasy, you're in charge. And reality can be... just, quite different.
Lily Iglehart: Nah, I just like aliens.
Otis Milburn: Do you like being out of control?
Lily Iglehart: I guess not. Like, I hate roller coasters.
Otis Milburn: Me, too. I do not like simulated danger.
Lily Iglehart: I guess I am kind of type A.
Otis Milburn: Well, maybe... you're unconsciously halting your progress to stay in control.
Lily Iglehart: But I want to have sex, so why would I do that?
Otis Milburn: I don't know.

Season 2


Episode 1 [2.01]


Episode 2 [2.02]

Rahim: As if you were on fire from within, the moon lives in the lining of your skin.
Eric Effiong: Pardon?
Rahim: It's about finding beauty in the world.
Eric Effiong: Ohhh.
Rahim: It's a poem - by Pablo Neruda.
Eric Effiong: Ohh. I don't know her.

Episode 3 [2.03]

Aimee Gibbs: Cum is kind of like a penis having a sneeze.

Episode 4 [2.04]


Episode 5 [2.05]

Adam Groff: Dreams aren't real. That's why they're called dreams.

Episode 6 [2.06]


Episode 7 [2.07]


Episode 8 [2.08]



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