Sexual Witchcraft

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Sexual Witchcraft is a 2011 American made for cable erotic film directed by Fred Olen Ray.


  • Beauty secrets... hmm. What have women wanted to know for ages... and hasn't been discovered. [sees a head statue of Cleopatra on top of a fireplace mantel] That's it! Cleopatra, the most beautiful woman in history. [picks up the head statue and looks at it] I guess if I found out, that would be a very fitting gift for Sheri and David. [Abigail Turnbull watches from outside the window while Carrie recites a magical spell and waves her hand around the Cleopatra head statue] Cleopatra, Cleopatra, queen of the Nile, drop in and see me and stay for a while. [Cleopatra magically appears in front of Carrie. Abigail Turnbull is shocked at what she sees and faints on the sidewalk] Oh! Wow, I'm good!


Sheri Williams: [wakes up after a peaceful sleep and yawns] Wow. Must've been the champagne.
Carrie: [magically appears in front of Sheri] Hungover?
Sheri: [turns her head and sees Carrie] What are you doing here?
Carrie: Well, I thought I would drop in to... check out your new digs.
Sheri: People usually wait for an invitation first.
Carrie: Why would I do that? We're practically family. Why pick knits?
Sheri: What do you really want?
Carrie: Me?! Nothing! But your absolute happiness. After all, that's why I am your best friend.
Sheri: You were never really a great friend. You didn't even give me a wedding gift!
Carrie: Well, not yet. I feel bad about that, but I'm working on it. By the way, does your husband know you're a witch yet? Was that not in the vows: "I will take this witch to be my lawfully wedded hag"?
Sheri: No, he does not know yet. Didn't seem important to mention it at the time.
Carrie: Well, I'm sure he'll be surprised when he finds out.
Sheri: And how would he find out?
Carrie: I... I don't know, but I'm sure it'll slip out sooner or later.
Sheri: I'm sure with you, it'll be sooner.
Carrie: Perish the thought.
Sheri: Well, if you don't mind, I've got things to do.
Carrie: I can take a hint. Catch ya later, BFF. [magically disappears into thin air]

[Abigail Turnbull rings the doorbell and Carrie opens the door]
Carrie: Can I help you?
Abigail Turnbull: You're not Mrs. Williams!
Carrie: Wow, you're quick. Uh, now what can I do for you, Mrs...?
Abigail: Turnbull. Who are you?
Carrie: Well, I'm Carrie, Sheri's girlfriend.
Abigail: I never saw you come in the house today!
Carrie: Well, I didn't know anyone was watching!
Abigail: Well, I...
Carrie: Okay, listen... listen, it's okay. I understand.
Abigail: Is Mrs. Williams here?
Carrie: Well, she is, but she's in the shower. Okay? I'll tell her you stopped by.
Abigail: All right. I'll come back later.
Carrie: Thank you.

Cleopatra: What... is this? Where am I?
Carrie: Well, it's the 21st century, baby! Like it?
Cleopatra: Everything seems so strange... so different.
Carrie: Well, I know, but if you help a girl out, I'll shoot you right back to whatever sand dune you came from.
Cleopatra: I am Queen Cleopatra! No one speaks to me in this manner!
Carrie: Oh! I'm sorry, Queen. No disrespect intended. I just haven't rubbed elbows with royalty before.
Cleopatra: I see. And what is it you wish of me?
Carrie: Well, I'd really like to know what your beauty secrets are. Clearly, you're doing something that works, and girls this day and age would love to know what it is.
Cleopatra: My beauty secrets... Now, why should I tell you my beauty secrets?
Carrie: Uh... 'cause you're a nice person?! [laughs] Listen, what can it hurt? I mean, you've been dead for thousands of years.
Cleopatra: I can never grant a wish without being paid tribute. What is it you offer?
Carrie: Uh... I, I don't know. I mean, what would make you happy?
Cleopatra: You are quite beautiful yourself. Your tribute would be... to please me.
Carrie: Please you? [laughs] You mean, like... please you?
Cleopatra: You may begin now.
Carrie: Well... the price certainly is right. [laughs, walks up to Cleopatra and kisses her on the lips, then they go to the couch, sit right down and begin seducing each other]

[Sheri Williams comes into the living room and is shocked to see Carrie and Cleopatra kissing each other on the couch]
Sheri Williams: Carrie! [Carrie and Cleopatra stop kissing, turn around and are surprised to see Sheri] What the hell is going on here?!
Carrie: [putting her clothes back on] Uh... I, um, well, uh... this is your wedding present!
Sheri: What?! Who is that girl?
Cleopatra: I am Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt.
Sheri: Right. What is going on here?
Carrie: Well, um, it's like this: Uh, I overheard you and David talking on the phone about the cosmetic line and you needing a new idea!
Sheri: Keep talking.
Carrie: Well, who has better beauty secrets than Cleopatra! So I brought her here from ancient Egypt so that she could tell me, and I could tell you as a wedding present. But she wanted a tribute before she would tell me, so I was just pouting up. That's all.
Sheri: That is an incredible story.
Carrie: I know it's an incredible story, but it's true!
Sheri: Okay. What is Cleopatra's big beauty secret?
Carrie: Well, I don't know. Cleo?
Cleopatra: June bugs.
Sheri: June bugs?!
Cleopatra: June bugs. You take the tiny little wings and crush them into a fine powder and mix them into your base makeup. It gives the skin a brilliant glow.
Sheri: I'm supposed to tell David that he needs to grind up the wings of June bugs and place them in Maribelle's beauty products?!
Cleopatra: Works for me.


  • Christine Nguyen as Sheri Williams
  • Billy Chappell as David Williams
  • Vanessa Brink as Cleopatra
  • Michelle Maylene as Elaine
  • Michelle Bauer as Abigail Turnbull
  • Randy Spears as Jack
  • Eric Masterson as Steve
  • Ted Newsom as Cooper
  • Michael Gaglio as Mr. Turnbull
  • Holly Sampson as Carrie
  • Jessie Lunderby as Cop