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Sgt. Frog is an anime acquired by FUNimation Entertainment about a group of alien frogs and their wacky mishaps on Planet Pekopon.

Episode 1[edit]

Keroro: Keroro Presents: Meet the Sergeant!

Keroro: Surrender your world and make me pie!
Keroro: The Keroball could destroy your planet with a single press of a button. It's the one next to dance party.

Aki: Our house was build over a feudal prison, which was built over a cemetery, which was built over a dark cavern which may lead to the Underworld. Or some junk like that.

Keroro: Keroro Presents: The Episode That Should Have Come First!
Keroro: An alien? that's ridiculous! I'm just a normal Pekoponian frog creature that talks because of magic wonder dust.
Natsumi: Okay, its not a toddler, its not smart enough.

Episode 2[edit]

Keroro: Keroro Presents: Bag Of Secrets!

Keroro: Keroro Presents: Cow Flesh Of Love!

Tamama: (in subtitled version) I drink a lot of cola, so that's why I fart a lot.

Momoka: (in subtitled version, punching Tamama) Shut the hell up!

Episode 8[edit]

Keroro: Alright private, initiate initialization
Angol: Hey, where are the lights?
Keroro: Relax. I set them to turn on gradually. It's more dramatic that way.
Giroro: Just to be clear these lights serve no actual purpose right.
Tamama: That is correct.

Episode 9[edit]

(Tamama and Angol being asked to rate Keroro)
Tamama: Well he's smarter than a jellybean or most of them.
Angol: He tries his best when he's not busy not trying
Tamama: A jellybean can try but I'm still go'a eat it.

Episode 10[edit]

Keroro: Stupid *bleeping* Kululu!

Episode 15[edit]

Paul: Mr. Tamama, my mustache compells me to ask if this is too much for the miss.
Tamama: Spin chair workouts make me the well adjusted unrepressed frog you see today!
Paul: If weird space frog training will help her, then space frog training she will do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 18[edit]

Natsumi: This isn't exactly what I had in mind. Now I look like a flapper.

Keroro: It would seem that when the ray gun made you older, it also made your speech patterns more grandpa-like.

Dororo: (reading a letter left by Keroro) Went to Doinaka Beach, Natsumi has weird lady body.

Dororo: Clearly your ninja skills have improved, but even ninjas love innertubing.

Episode 20[edit]

Keroro: It's like licking all the cookies on the cookie plate. Whoever gets there first gets to keep all the cookies.

Giroro:WHAT!! But Our torpedoes are 500 percent more lethal than necessary!!!!!!

Episode 21[edit]

Koyuki: What is wrong with you Natsumi? Are you lactose intolerant but drink milk anyway?

Koyuki: Ninjas only need three things: Heaven, Earth and hand gestures.

Guy 1: It's the Red Comet!
Guy 2: Yeah, that means nothing to me.
Guy 1: It's a drift racing legend man. That driver lives life one quarter miles at a time.
Guy 2: What!? Is that a "Fast and the Furious" reference?

Tamama:Sarge, truth or dare.
Keroro: Um dare, no wait truth.
Tamama: So, who do you like?
Giroro: Besides himself you mean?
Keroro: I like. . . Hey! Why shouldn't I like himself? I'm amazing.

Episode 33[edit]

Narrator: Your temper problems will get you nowhere.

Episode 42[edit]

Keroro: I'll admit soccer is redonk. It's not nearly as cool as ultra-ball, fire hockey, foot blast or shooting men at velcro walls.

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