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Shadow Hearts (シャドウハーツ, Shadōhātsu?) is a series of role playing games for the Playstation 2. The sequel, Shadow Hearts: Covenant (or Shadow Hearts II), was also made by the same group, although Sacnoth reformed itself into a company called Nautilus for the project. It was released in October 2004 in the United States.

Playable Characters[edit]

Yuri Hyuga[edit]

  • "Hey there, spike boy! You couldn't catch a cold if you wanted to! Now bite me!"
  • [upon seeing Andre] That is one giant pussy!
  • "If there really is a God, and he could grant me just one wish, I'd go back to the day we met..."
  • "The future I want is the one that I create for myself. Even if it costs me my own soul.
  • “You can’t be serious… Not in such a pure, clean, mega-hit RPG as this…!”

Karin Koenig[edit]


  • [To Yuri regarding his cure of the Holy Misletoe] I think you're screwed.


Joachim Valentine[edit]

  • "When the forces of darkness descend, in the name of justice, this fist! In the name of truth, these muscles! In the name of honor, this blood! Ha ha! Champion of truth and justice, Grand Papillon! Ready to fight all evil-doers!"


"And here comes your fortune..."

"You can't fight fate."

"Well, I suppose I'll have to help."

"Eww, I'm all sweaty."

"This is where you all die!"

"Andre... Go on ahead and get them... Huh? Wait a minute! Stop! I'm your master! Did you forget who I am!? Stoppp!"

Princess Anastasia Romanov[edit]

Kurando Inugami[edit]

Non-Playable Characters[edit]

Nicolas (Nicolai) Conrad[edit]

  • "Go after it and kill it!"
  • "Karin, come with me. I'll give you the love you want."
  • "You can try your best, but no matter how much you fight, the age of darkness is nigh!"

Lenny Curtis[edit]

Veronica Vera[edit]

"You're all my slaves!"

"Your new master doesn't like pathetic slaves that struggle."

"That was just a taste. Did you like it?"

"More volts!"


  • Alice: I'll never forget taking this journey with you? and meeting you. Being with you.
  • Asmodeus: I am the winner! I have done what he could not! Henceforth, the world will be indelibly changed in my image! Humanity will live in fear and darkness for thousands of years! And when the final human dies, I will still be here, laughing!


Karin Koenig: I knew it...
Nicolas 'Nicolai' Conrad: What is it?
Karin Koenig: I'm not sure, but when I met that demon in Domremy, I didn't sense the malevolence that I feel from the people in this tower.
Nicolas 'Nicolai' Conrad: Could it have been because you were so afraid then?
Karin Koenig: That may be part of it, but... he was beautiful.
Nicolas 'Nicolai' Conrad: Interesting word to use.
Karin Koenig: Also...
Nicolas 'Nicolai' Conrad: Also?
Karin Koenig: He seemed sad...

Karin Koenig: Is he human? Or maybe...
Gepetto: [laughs] He's human, but he's a strange one all right.

Gepetto: The Mistletoe is a powerful item. The church has used it for centuries as a tool for guiding lost souls. Well..that's what it says here, anyway. It's now being kept in Vatican.
Yuri: So it's going to guide my soul too?
Gepetto: I supposed so.
Yuri:: That's bull!
Gepetto: It is not bull!
Yuri:: Is there some way to fix it? Well you got to do something!
Gepetto: I think your screwed!
Yuri:: [Silence for a few seconds and then Yuri gets so angry that he tries to uses his anger out of Gepetto]
Gepetto: [grunts] Ow! Stop! Let Go! I know it's...
Yuri: Why you old man?!

(After both Yuri and Gepetto gets slapped by Karin)
Gepetto: She packs quite a wallop, eh?
Yuri: Yeah.
Gepetto: All I could see was stars.
Yuri: That's all?
Gepetto: Hey! You mean you saw something else?! What did you see?!
Yuri: Paradise.

Joachim Valentine: A hero has to have one or two weak points, you know. Nobody loves a perfect superhero.
Yuri Hyuga: Your brains are enough of a weak point if you ask me.

Gepetto: That's amazing!
Yuri Hyuga: Yeah...
Karin Koenig: I wonder how she's doing that.
Yuri Hyuga: Yeah...
Joachim Valentine: She's not using any wires.
Yuri Hyuga: Yeah...
Blanca: [whimpers]
Yuri Hyuga: Yeah...

Carla:I want you to go with Lucia here and get me a flower to use in my incantations. A very valuable flower. What do you say? Should be a piece of cake for you, right? ...Or maybe you'd rather perform a sexy dance or two...? [looks at Karin]
Karin: A sexy dance?! Wh-who, me?!
Carla: Of course, you! Do you think anybody else here would look good in a see-through outfit?
Yuri: S-see-through?! [Everybody, even the wolf, Blanca, minus Joachim looks at Karin]
Karin: Hey! Quit trying to imagine it!

Gepetto: Don't worry. Blanca will save us.
Yuri Hyuga: What, that stupid wolf?
Karin Koenig: He's smarter than you.

Gepetto: Well, how is he?
Karin: He's sleeping. But I don't think he's getting any better.
Joachim: We've come all the way to Japan and yet there's nothing we can do.
Lucia: What if... What if he dies on us?!
Karin: Why do you always have to say things like that?!
Anastasia: Oh c'mon! Show me somebody that's in danger of dying from seasickness?!
[As Yuri is seen lying on a mat with an arrow pointed at him]

Astaroth: It cannot be avoided. My soul has been revived! The age of mankind is coming to an end. Joy, sadness, desire... all of it is finished now. I will usher in a glorious new future!
Yuri: Before you do, can I ask a favour?
Astaroth: What do you wish, human?
Yuri: I wish you'd shove it. You know where.

Princess Yoshiko: What's your name, boy?
Blanca: Awroo, awroo! (Just call me Blanca the Whirlwind.)
Princess Yoshiko: Okay...You're white, so I'll call you Snowball!
Blanca: [faints a bit]Awroo!! (What are you saying?!)
Kurando: I think he likes it.
Princess Yoshiko: Yeah!
Blanca: Awroo! (Wrong!)

Kato: So you fight because of your beliefs?
Yuri: No. Because of... my destiny.


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