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Shadow Raiders is a Canadian animated television series produced by Mainframe Entertainment (now known as Mainframe Studios) and syndicated by The Summit Media Group, that aired from September 16, 1998 to June 23, 1999. It aired on YTV. The show was loosely based on the Trendmasters toy line, War Planets. The original character designs were created by ReBoot designer, Brendan McCarthy. It is related to the film, Starship Troopers. And the television pixel show developed by Len Wein and Dan DiDio. For all the children can watch it on TV.

Season 1[edit]

Episode 01 - Behold, The Beast[edit]

Tekla: Father, I will not fail you.

Graveheart: Hey! Don't get mad at me, I'm only work here.

Captain: Let's go.

Cryos: Men of rock! You have gambled and lost! You have raided our world for the final time. And now you must pay the price!

Graveheart: King Cryos, you stand ready to condemn us. And yet, your people have done the same to our world.

Cryos: Who dares?!

Graveheart: Me? I'm just a miner.

Cryos: A thief you mean!

Graveheart: No, a miner. Just someone out to help his world.

Cryos: Then, you should have stayed off ours.

Graveheart: You know we can't do that, we need your water to survive.

Cryos: So you steal it?

Graveheart: Yes. Yes, we do. Just as you steal from us and we both steal from Planets, Fire and Bone. We need each other's natural resources to survive, and you know it.

Cryos: That is our way of life.

Tekla: [Graveheart picks her out of her ship] Run.

Graveheart: First, let's see if you can stand.

Tekla: No. Run! [Points at the Beasts' Ships when shooting]

Tekla: Promise me, man of stone, complete my mission. Won the worlds of this system, stop the Beast Planet.

Graveheart: Me, I'm just a miner, not a warrior.

Tekla: You have a warrior's strength and the leader's heart. Bring your worlds together, combine their forces, lead them against the Beast.

Graveheart: But, I'm only one man. How can I-

Tekla: Your heart will show you the way. [Faints to death]

Graveheart: Tekla?

Vox: Princess Tekla is currently offine.

Episode 02 - On The Rocks[edit]

Graveheart: Jade? It's good to see you. I was hoping but-

Jade: Graveheart. In the name of Lord Mantle, you are under arrest!

Episode 03 - Born in Fire[edit]

Grand Vizier: Ice and rock standing together?! Treachery! GUARDS! [Guards surrounding them and threatening them with a dagger]

Cryos: Vizier! And already played the scene?

Graveheart: Please, lower your weapons.

Pyrus: Do as he says. Who are you, man of rock? And why are you here?

Graveheart: Name's Graveheart, I'm traveling with King Cryos.

Pyrus: Why you? And not your king?

Cryos: You know King Mantle? Nothing can pry him on his throne.

Jade: [Scoffs heavily] We've no time for this! Let's go!

Graveheart: What are they?

Cryos: I believe- they're called lava dogs.

Episode 04 - Bad To The Bone[edit]

Pelvus: [Clearing throat] Kneel and bow, lesser beans! Before they are some power that awaits you. Drimble, before the savage mites that conquered the thousand planets. Prostrates yourself before him- whose need me spoken only whispers. Behold, the infinite terror it is... FEEEMURRR, EMPEROR OF BO-O-O-ONNNNE!!! Yay...

[Opens tongue entrance with crowd cheers and applause sound effects and Femur slides the tongue and leap into the air]

Pyrus: Now this is the way of king should live.

Cryos: I find it. It's excessive. Even by Femur's standards.

Femur: [Lands to the ground with pyrotechnics] Oh, what can I say, I love the big entrance!

Cryos: Femur, this is not the time for theatrics.

Femur: Well, well, well, if it ain't that frosting himself! What's he doing here, Cryos? Slummin'?

Cryos: [Felt embarrassed] Obviously.

Graveheart: Emperor Femur, your planet is in grave danger.

Femur: Excuse me, do I know you?

Graveheart: Name's Graveheart.

Femur: Sorry, I ain't ringing any bells!

Cryos: You may not know my comrades, but you would be wise to listen: the Beast Planet is a threat to us all.

Lamprey: No greater threat this Bone's enemies united.

Pyrus: Beast drones...? We've been burned!

Jade: [Furiously to drag Femur in his warts] AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!

Femur: [Suffers] Help...

Jade: If you think you can trap us, toad?!

Femur: Uhhh- Trap... No trap. Uhh- Lamprey's the guest. Just let go!

Lamprey: Indeed. I offered my own alliance to help defend this fine planet from your constant dreads.

Graveheart: Your own alliance?!

Pyrus: You gotta be kidding!

Femur: Heh heh... Uh- Think you and me can make a deal in private, toots?

Jade: Your hand. Remove it... [Hits Femur away from her] or lose it.

Femur: Ooh feisty! Like that the dame.

Episode 05 - Wolf in the Fold[edit]

Episode 06 - Mind War[edit]

Episode 07 - J'Accuse[edit]

Episode 08 - Blood is Thicker[edit]

Episode 09 - Rock and Ruin[edit]

Episode 10 - Against All Odds[edit]

Episode 11 - Uneasy Hangs To Head[edit]

Episode 12 - Ragnarok Part 1[edit]

Episode 13 - Ragnarok Part 2[edit]

Season 2[edit]

Episode 01 - Worlds Within Worlds[edit]

Episode 02 - This is The Way The World Ends[edit]

Tekla: Computer, are you online? Computer? Computer!

Graveheart: Forget it, it's fried.

Grand Vizier: Farewell, Prince Pyrus: Ruler of the Planet Fire, Lord of the Golden Light.

Pyrus: [Tries to reach each other and Vizier fades away] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Grand Vizier: It is my glory to serve you. And you, eater of worlds! May you taste of the righteous fire and choke on it. FOR MY PLANET SAKE, I SSS-PIT MY LAST BREATH AT THEE!!! [Controls the Planet Fire with his rod to ram the Beast Planet for his sacrifice]

Episode 03 - Period of Adjustment[edit]

Episode 04 - Blaze of Glory[edit]

Episode 05 - Sandstorm[edit]

Episode 06 - Girls Night Out[edit]

Episode 07 - Time Bomb[edit]

Episode 08 - Embers of the Past[edit]

Episode 09 - Divided We Stand[edit]

Episode 10 - Nor Iron Bars a Cage[edit]

Episode 11 - Death of a King[edit]

Episode 12 - Long Road Home[edit]

Episode 13 - Ascension[edit]