Shaikh Jalaluddin Tabrizi

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Shaikh Jalaluddin Tabrizi a famous Sufi who was born at Tabriz, Iran and came to Bengal during the early period of Muslim rule. He was a disciple of Shaikh Abu Sayyid Tabrizi, but after the latter's death became a disciple of Shaikh Shahabuddin Suhrawardi. The date of the death of Shaikh Jalaluddin Tabrizi is a subject of controversy. Two dates are put forward: 623 AH/ 1226 AD, and 642 AH/1244 AD.


  • Shaykh Jalaluddin Tabrizi came to Bengal after Bakhtiyar Khilji conquered Bengal defeating the Hindu King Lakshman Sena in 1205. He settled in Devtala near Pandua (Maldah, West Bengal). He is said to have "converted large number of Kafirs" to Islam but the method of his conversions is unknown. According to Syed Athar Abbas Rizvi, ‘a kafir (Hindu or Buddhist) had erected a large temple and a well (at Devtala). The Shaikh demolished the temple and constructed a takiya (khanqah)...’
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