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Shaun Monson is an American filmmaker and activist. He is best known for writing, directing and producing the 2005 documentary Earthlings, which covers animal rights issues within industries such as pets, food, fashion, entertainment and animal testing.


  • I got the idea [for Earthlings] because I was filming some public service announcements. It was mostly domestic animals, dogs and cats, and when they were killed on the street or euthanized in the shelters, they were put into this room that resembles a large refrigerator. But when I saw them piled up in there, it suddenly made me think of meat in a refrigerator. Even though they looked nothing like meat, there was this parallel – dead animals kept in a fridge – and that made me think of cows and chickens and pigs and eggs and milk, and so on. That was the beginning of Earthlings really, the first spark of inspiration.

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