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Sheep in the Big City is an American animated television series which ran on the Cartoon Network from November 2000 to April 2002.


Be Still My Bleating Heart [1.1][edit]

Ranting Swede: It-a makes me so mad! (takes out a meatball) Why do people call these meatballs? (throws the meatball off-screen) They're not balls! (starts bouncing a basketball) A ball, you can play with! A ball is fun, and bouncy, bouncy, bouncy! (takes out the meatball again) This, it just goes to pieces if you try to hit it with a tennis racket! It doesn't even hurt if you kick it! (the meatball splatters on the floor, and he kicks it) These are meat-LUMPS! These are lumps, not balls (a beach ball appears, and he throws them off-screen) I can't understand it! (saddening up) And it's my own people doing this. I hang my head in shame.

To Bleat or Not to Bleat [1.2][edit]

Angry Scientist: What is it with you? Are you in the getting of the craziness thing?
General Specific: Now is not the time to discuss this, Mad Scientist.
Angry Scientist: First of all, I am not mad! I am angry! I am an angry scientist! That is what it is saying on my card of businesses!

Private Public: The men are very excited about taking a day off from sheep-capturing to play this softball game, sir.
General Specific: I'm happy to allow it, Private Public. Of course, seeing how we're members of a secret military organization, security was a priority. But I ensured that no one would know about today's game.
Private Public: Except the opposing team.
General Specific: Uh... There might be a slight change of plans, Private Public.

Belle of the Baah [1.3][edit]

(the Sultan's guards reach for the diamond to play catch)
Sultan: Wait a second! Look, I like a good game of catch as much as the next sultan, but can't you use a softball, instead of my super valuable diamond?
Tall Guard: But the diamond is so pretty.
Sultan: That's why I'd hate for something to happen to it. Come on, use a softball.
(pulls out a softball)
Short Guard: But we really, really want to use the diamond! We'll be so careful. Please?
Tall Guard: I'll be your best friend.
Sultan: Okay, but no more than five minutes. I'm timing.

Going Off the Sheep End [1.4][edit]

The Narrator(ending the episode): Sheep is a total failure. ("The End" appears on the screen)

Can't Live Without Ewe [1.5][edit]

General Specific (being led away by Farmer John): But I'm not a sheep! I'm just a guy in a costume!
Farmer John: A lot of sheep feel that way.

15 Muttons Of Fame [1.6][edit]

Home For The Baa-lidays [1.7][edit]

Citizens of The Big City(singing): Clearance Day, Clearance Day! Twice the gifts for half the pay!

Agony of De-bleat [1.8][edit]

General Specific(utterly shocked): I... caught...(sheep) him...

Baa-ck in Time [1.9][edit]

Angry Scientist: So, I have invented something that will guarantee be catching that sheep -- a time machine.
General Specific: I already have one. See? (shows his watch) The big hand's on the 6, and the little hand's on the 2.
Angry Scientist: Not a watch, you imbeciliated general person! I am talking about a time traveling machine that is abling us to travels anywhere in time.
Private Public: If you can invent a time machine, why can't you invent a ray gun that works without a sheep?
Angry Scientist: I am an artist, okay? Did anyone be telling Picasso how to be dancing? (General Specific & Private Public look confused) Okay, painting, whatever, you are getting my pointedness.

Fleeced to Meet You [1.10][edit]

General Specific: I don't want an ex-agent,I want a current agent!
Private Public: The X is put in to indicate mysteriousness.

A Star Is Shorn [1.11][edit]

Mistaken Identi-sheep [1.12][edit]


To Sheep, Perchance to Dream [1.14][edit]

Ranting Swede: You know what really makes me mad? EVERYTHING!!!


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