Sheikh Ahmad-e Jami

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Statue of Sheikh Ahmad Jami, in Torbat Jam, Iran

Ahmad Ibn Abolhasan Jāmi-e Nāmaghi-e Torshizi (1048— 1141) was a Persian poet and Sufi writer.


  • چون تیشه مباش و جمله زی خود متراش
    چون رنده ز کار خویش بی بهره مباش
    تعلــیم ز اره گیر در امــر معاش
    چیزی سوی خود میکش و چیزی می پاش


  • Don't be like axe and don't offend anyone
    Don't be useless like a plane
    Just be like a saw in your life
    Do something for yourself and something for others
    • Nafahat al-Uns (Breaths of Fellowship)

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