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Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, 2012

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad (Urdu: شیخ رشید احمد‎; born 6 November 1950) is a Pakistani politician who is the current Federal Minister for Railways, in office since 20 August 2018. Ahmed has been a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan since August 2018 and is the current leader of the Awami Muslim League. Previously, he was a member of the National Assembly between March 1985 and May 2018. He launches his second book "Lal Haveli Sey Akwaam-e-Mutahidda Tak" (From Lal Haveli to UNO).


  • Jihad is a duty in Islam. ... Those who avoid jihad are not Muslims.
    • Rasheed Ahmad. While speaking in Pakistan’s Parliament.
    • Quoted from “Shocking: Pak minister talks of jihad and Kashmir,” Times of India, March 1, 2019 [1]

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