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Sheila E., 2008

Sheila E. (full name: Sheila Escovedo; born December 12, 1957) is an American percussionist and singer.


  • …The first girl I ever saw playing drums on television was Karen Carpenter, so I thought I play drums how come I don't have a television show?
  • People don't understand how important it is for funk to be funky, the only way to do that is to allow space to happen. Space is the most important part of music, it's the space that allows the song to breathe that's so important.
  • …We had a great life together, we really did, good and bad, the ups and the downs, there were a lot of downs. But at one point I told him, “I’m not here to play your music to get paid because it’s money, money has nothing to do with it, I’m here because I love you. I don’t care about your money.”…

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