Shenaaz El-Halabi

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Shenaaz El-Halabi is a former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Wellness. She retired from the civil service on the 30th November 2017 to join the World Health Organization after working for the Ministry for 24years.


  1. Educating young girls to adopt a healthy lifestyle by taking onboard cancer screening to reduce the development of new cases and to identify early diseases that can be effectively treated,
  2. Prevention should be the number one priority in Botswana, getting people exposed to messages that will educate them to avoid going into the risk factors. The idea is to start early behavioral healthy living from an early age.
  1. Healthcare is the key to economic prosperity and development. For investors, Botswana offers political stability, commitment, accountability and value for money.
  2. I want to boost prevention; ensure sustainable, high-quality health services; and provide universal healthcare coverage.
  1. As Africans we need to actually improve on the quality of the service that we provide.
  2. There is an issue of resource mobilization making sure that we actually allocate resources, domestic resources towards health.
  3. We need to make sure that our surveillance systems are on board because without good quality data you cannot actually plan properly.


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