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Shenmue is a series of adventure games made by Sega set in 1980s Japan and China. A major selling point was the sheer magnitude of characters with whom the player could interact. Among other things, the shocking variety of poetry, philosophy, vulgarity, politeness and amusing idiosyncratic translations gave the English versions of Shenmue a reputation for memorable quotations.

Shenmue I[edit]


He shall appear from a far eastern land across the sea,
A young man who has yet to know his potential,
This potential is a power that could either destroy him or realize his will,
His courage shall determine his fate,
The path he must traverse, fraught with adversity, I await whilst praying,
For this destiny predetermined since ancient times,
A pitch black night unfolds with the morning star as its only light,
And thus the saga… Begins…



Iwao Hazuki: Stay back, Ryo.
Lan Di: For the last time: Where is the mirror?
Iwao Hazuki: I've no intention of telling you.

Iwao and Lan Di fight, with Lan Di being the victor and Iwao laying on the ground.
Ryo steps in, but Lan Die defeats him with ease and threatens to kill him.

Iwao Hazuki: No Don't!
Lan Di: Hand over the mirror... or else... your son!?
Iwao Hazuki: Wait! ... The mirror. It's... burried... under the cherry tree.
Lan Di: Do you remember Zhao Sun Ming?
Iwao Hazuki: Zhao?
Lan Di: That's the name of the man you killed in Meng Cun.
Iwao Hazuki: It can't be... You!?
Lan Di: Get up, I'll allow you to die like a warrior.

Iwao attacks Lan Di, who hits him with a powerful strike and subsequently leaves the dojo.

Iwao Hazuki: Forgive Me... for... leaving... you alone.
Ryo: Wha... What are you saying...? Father!
Iwao Hazuki: Your friends... Keep friends... Those you love... close to you...

Iwao dies in Ryo's arms.

Ryo: No... Father! ... NOOOOOO!!!

Ryo screams in sorrow as a heavy thunderstorm comes up.

Hazuki residence[edit]

Fuku-san: Ryo-san, Where are you going?! You're not going after them! Please don't, Look what they did to Hazuki-sensei!
Ryo: They killed my father right in front of me. I will have my revenge!


Iwao Hazuki: That boy you fought with - What is he to you?
Young Ryo: A friend from school.
Iwao Hazuki: And what is a friend?
Young Ryo: Well... a friend is... a friend.
Iwao Hazuki: That's right. Just as a parent is a parent, a friend is nothing other than a friend. But listen, Ryo. Parents often die before their children.
Young Ryo: Oh...
Iwao Hazuki: That's the law of nature. Friends will be there for you even after parents die. So treasure your friends. And friends you can trust are true friends indeed. Understood?


At the corner of Sakuragaoka and Dobuita, two innocent-looking girls in school uniforms, who are chatting with one another, betray shocking and unsolicited antagonism when the player says hello.

Girl 1:

Get out of my face schoolboy! Man! Jack off!
Man, shut up, go home to mommy!
What's with you, I'm not in the mood for this, kiss off!
Man jack off! Get out of here before I hurt you!
Man...what's with you, I'm not in the mood for this!
Don't make me hurt you boy!

Girl 2:

Who the hell do you think you are!
I'll slap you silly you pansy!
What you want twit, pansy ass geek!
You're asking for it jerk!
What do you want, twit, what me to kick your ass!
Ok bastard!

Ryo being very non-specific as usual.

Ryo: Have you seen any men wearing black suits?
Ryo: Did you happen to see a black car that day?
Nozomi: A black car?
Ryo: Yeah, it wasn't the kind of car you'd usually see around here.
Nozomi: You know, a car like that splashed mud on me when it sped past.

Nozomi: Why are you asking about that car?
Ryo: No reason.

Ryo: I'm looking for a Chinese man who calls himself Lan Di.
Liu-san: I gather by his name that he is most likely a member of a Chinese black market cartel, or perhaps even the Chinese Mafia.
Ryo: What?


Do you know anything about chinese people?


Do you know where sailors hang out?

Working out[edit]

Ryo: Let's get sweaty


After spending an entire day playing Hang-On in the arcade, just when you are getting good at it

Ryo: I should go home. Ine-san will be worried about me.

Yokusuka Harbour[edit]


Ryo to a bunch of thugs

Ryo: Don't you know that blackmail is way uncool?

Tery to Ryo and Guixang

Tery: You like me that much? Let me invite you to hell!

Bad Ending[edit]

Fuku-San: I'll never tell you Ryo-San is?

(Lan Di's Henchman beats Fuku-San up as Ryo comes to the Dojo)

Ryo: Fuku-San! (He sees Lan Di inside the Dojo) Lan Di!

(Lan Di Turns Around his attention to Ryo)

Fuku-San: Ryo-San, Don't do it! (As the men in black suit kicks him again)
Lan Di: I heard there's another mirror.
Ryo: What?!
Lan Di: Give it to me now!
Ryo: Not a Chance!
Lan Di: That's the way you want it, I'll just take it from you!

(Lan Di does a fighting stance)

Ryo: (As he readies to fight Lan Di) I will avenge my father's death!

(Ryo and Lan Di Fight and Ryo tries to punches Lan Di, but he palms him and killing him)


Shenmue II[edit]

Ryo: A winning can. I didn't know they had one in Hong Kong.
Ren: If you're lucky, it means fate is on your side.

Ryo: Do you know the four wude?

Ryo: Do you want to play a game of lucky hit?

Ryo: I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to the master here!
Ryo: Damn!

Wong: It wasn't me, I swear!
Ren: So, she collects knives. Shes so weird!
Ren: This way!
Yuan: I've seen you before.....

About Shenmue[edit]

  • Certainly “Shenmue” is a very important IP, as well for SEGA, it is a title that has affected a lot of games. In a closed world, you can go anywhere, it can be anything, and It was a pioneer the open-world genre.
    • Hideki Okamura [1]

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