Shola Allyson

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Shola Allyson

Sola Allyson-Obaniyi popularly known as Shola Allyson or Sola Allyson, is a Nigerian soul, folk, and gospel singer and songwriter. She came into limelight with the hit album Eji Owuro (2003), which was the soundtrack album for a film of the same title.


  • "Stories can change. Stories change. Let nothing rob you of hope, stories change!"
  • "My kind, you have to work on yourself extra in following the laws of GOD in building the right core values, having SENSE, emotional intelligence, appropriate body language towards situations, use of words, generally growing in the Spirit’s things! Wisdom. Knowledge. Understanding. Be extra."
  • "We were all influenced by some people; even when we might not remember their faces, the godly values they lived by stay with us for life."
  • "The bible is words of people of time past under the influence of the Holy Spirit, so if the Holy Spirit wants to talk through me, I can say them based on my words without quoting the bible."
  • "When you have a deeper understanding of your life you know whatever happens is pre-destined."
  • "Been Born again is an event been broken is a process."
  • "There's greater honor in been humble."

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