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Shorties Watchin' Shorties is an American adult animated comedy television series that aired on Comedy Central from April 28 to December 16, 2004. The show is made up of various short animated clips with audio from comedians' stand up routines. It also features two "shorties," a pair of babies voiced by Nick DiPaolo and Patrice O'Neal who watch and comment upon the routines on TV. For many of the episodes, the babies only stayed in the house, but in later episodes, they were shown walking around the city.


Baby Nick: Hey, what's a vagina?
Baby Patrice: You don't know what a vagina is?
Baby Nick: Of course I do! I was just testin' you!
Baby Patrice: Man, I've got a great vagina!
Baby Nick: Are you kiddin'? My vagina's bigger than yours!
Baby Patrice: Yeah right, man.


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