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Sidiq Koya (1924–1993) was a Fijian statesman of Indian descent, who played a leading role in the negotiations that led to independence from the United Kingdom in 1970.


  • ...I would now say something, which I never said before … It is the international convention, if it is not a law, that when independence is granted to a people of a country by a deed of cession, the sovereignty of that country is transferred to the people of the country that assigned the deed. If I were not the Leader of the Opposition and if I was not born in Fiji … and held a brief for the Fijian people in the 1965 London Constitutional Conference, I would have made the Britishers sit up and think what they were doing to the Fijian people in this country. It was their country in 1874, it was their country in 1965 … what was there to stop the Fijian people saying, 'Your Majesty give the country back to us.' The immigrant races - Europeans, Rotumans, Chinese, et cetera, would be looked after by us. They are our guests.
    • Parliamentary speech, 17 June 1970

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